Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Canada and Bill Gates Oral Amphotericin B

It's great. I just found out Canada needs guinea pigs too.

Great how Canada Catholics work with U.S. Catholics.

They just came out with a new "oral" treatment for the specific systemic yeast I had, which conveniently disappeared while I was in D.C. and with my ex eating food they gave me and then voila! pops up again after he leaves. I was being experimented on with a treatment for tinea versicolor and also given birth control. I don't know what else but those two things I am positive about.

So in 2010, noting great success, having tried out treatments on people without their knowledge or consent and using them to make money for themselves, they announced they wanted to share their "good news" with the "poor".

Canada and Washington State's Bill and Melinda Gates did.

New breakthrough treatment for what Cameo had! by oral application! It worked for her in 2008 and a few others so we came out with something to take orally as of 2010.

While we continue to torture and exploit her family.

My Ex, I would never touch him with a 10-foot pole. He and the people he worked with were not good people and they tried to use me and set me up at the same time.

What kind of fiance happens to know exactly who is responsible for torturing you and your son and family, and keeps it to himself? he negotiated some kind of treaty for himself and co., and then if I wasn't with him, he didn't feel the need to explain to higher authorities and the public how he knows who has done these things to me and my son.

Why? because he has no problem giving people medications in their food without telling them about it. Because he works for a government group and a bunch of Catholics.

No, he didn't want to share with the world who is torturing us. He was too busy dancing the salsa in Washington D.C.

Catholics in Canada colluded to defame me and start a file against me in their country. They wanted to do the same thing there that their friends in the U.S. did here, so it wouldn't look like their friends had been lying.

They illegally changed my lawful request for political asylum to one of "trying to be an illegal alien".

They had as much motive to screw me and my son over as their friends in the U.S. did.

This kind of lack of respect, to the point of forcing me to sign false confessions over in Canada and false arrests in the U.S., shows these are the same kinds of people who would drug and medicate me for their own research purposes, while keeping my son from me.

My low potassium levels even, when I was seen at Virginia Mason, could have been the result of torture or even of side effects of drugs I was given. Drugs and medications that target tinea versicolor (which was originally thrush and then mutated for both me and my son while we lived in a moldy house), supposedly target the membrane cell and then cause it to leak potassium. So you end up with lower potassium levels.

Here are these people, from D.C. to Washington state, taking blood samples from me and just using me. Then they inject me with things in Tennessee and it's really convenient to excuse this by claiming I'm mentally ill. First they target me with migraines and get friends in the medical community to refuse treatment. Before that, a guy was sneaking and hiding my X-ray that showed I had broken my knee (in 2003 when I was in the middle of litigation).

They are guilty of kidnapping, collusion, experimentation on a non-consenting woman, and attempting to entrap me on something so they can discredit me.

They know exactly who is responsible for torturing me and my son.

My Ex knew. How did he not know? He knew what was going on and then went in and then he was gone and how did he leave Wenatchee?

Not without carefully shaving his pubic hair first.

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