Tuesday, January 3, 2012

U.S. Catholics Commiting Crimes of Treason

For the last few weeks I have not slept or been able to attend to legal matters or do anything.

I don't sleep at all at night, and then walk to the store to get food today bc I have no energy from being tortured all day.

FUCK ALVARO PARDO. He and his Catholic friends have been getting away with high crimes and misdemeanors and that goes for the local Catholics as well.

I went to a healthfood store today, and it was the only place I went except for another grocery for a minute, and the entire time I was there people were coming in and out of her store knowing I was there and using the same technology.

I am pretty sure the owner is Catholic but I never knew before she was the owner.

I knew I didn't like her and that something was wrong with her though. I told my own family a couple of the women there seemed okay, in general, but there was one (or two sometimes I wondered about one of them) that had something going on and then tonight I found out she is the owner. So I probably won't be shopping there as much anymore.

Everytime that owner has been there, is when I have had someone target me with either laser or something affecting my neck and teeth, specifically the metal in my neck and teeth.

It has NEVER happened with the either two employees, both who have dark brown hair. It has ONLY happened when the one woman is there and then tonight I found out, great. She's the owner. And I just turned in an application to work there and know now that I will never work there as long as she runs the store.

Basically, she allowed people into the store all afternoon and evening who were using the technology that affecting my neck.

And this is out of control.

First it's laser and infrared and things to heat and fry us, then the entire time use of something that causes twitching all night and sometimes during the day, and now for the last couple of weeks, they have been getting OFF on deliberately causing pain and suffering by targeting the metal in my neck.

I think they don't like getting caught by me for using technology to trigger seizures and specifically, migraines. They criminally used technology to trigger migraines.

I KNEW they were coordinating the hearing dates and times according to when they thought I wasn't at my best or when my period was and therefore migraines, but I thought at first that it was just that they looked at a calendar and figured it out. And I told Christa I was horrible in the afternoons and forgot everything, and how I hoped my hearings wouldn't be in the morning. So all of a sudden, all of them were scheduled for afternoons. My hearings were in the morning sometimes at first. But not after I lied and told Christa I was really sluggish in the afternoons and I hoped my court hearings wouldn't be then. I told her over the phone. I didn't tell her everything even in the start, just in case. So I figured if she is informing for someone or if someone is listening in on my phone line, I want to see if these lawyers or Judges start catering the hearings to times they think I'll lose because I'll be "so fuzzy headed and tired, I forget everything." Sure enough. It happened.

All of my hearings were suddenly in the afternoons.

Which was GREAT! :) (beaming, still got you even though you have tried so hard to beat me up like a bunch of cowardly half-witted bullies).

I got exactly what I wanted. I got hearings in the afternoons....sigh...after I had slept in, had time to prepare up, and had my coffee and was FIRED UP! RARIN' to go.

You fucking bastards.

They illegally taped or surveilled my lines and used Christa as an informant. And they had hoped I was going to drag my feet into court, having forgotten my file, and being so tired and memory-deficient.

THAT is what helped me to catch up criminals later. I first lied about when I was best in court, morning vs afternoon. I made a big deal about it and then I watched, as they plotted and coordinated those hearings to be in the afternoons as I wanted, but lied and said I didn't want.

So I knew if these people would schedule hearings for times of the day they thought worked to my advantage, when I noticed how they were also coordinating hearings to coincide with my migraines, I figured, now they have a calendar and are hoping, as the Reader's Digest ad says "to KNOCK me OUT" on an important hearing with migraine.

Understanding how their devious corporate collusion minds worked, and how they conspired even with clerks and Judges, gave me a little clue later, that something wasn't right about this whole "migraine around time of hearing" business. Sure, it would be normal for a lawyer, pro se or not, to figure out their adversaries were trying to get them at a disadvantage.

But then to deliberately CREATE pain for that advantage?

It was something about how they were too much on-cue. And when I started having problems with even getting treatment for my migraines, when their friends were creating pain and suffering by refusing painkillers or treatment...

That's when I knew, okay, now they're crossing a line. Or at least, I finally noticed they crossed the line. So when I saw that it wasn't a sincere belief from doctors that I didn't have migraine, and was instead an attempt to torture me for their friends, that showed me they were the kind of people who commit assault and battery, torture, defame, anything to get what they want.

So it came to mind, these migraines are maybe even triggered on purpose.

Not just, hearings are being made on dates they thought they'd be around my period. No, I realized,, these migraines were possibly being triggered intentionally.

They had friends intentionally refusing to treat my migraine. That's illegal.

So why wouldn't they be capable of almost anything? If they didn't care that my migraines created horrific suffering, they sure didn't care that they were started for this purpose.

So that's when I lied about when I was having my period. I dropped enough cues to make it sound like I was having it at a different time with the move and all. Great reason me, by the way, pat yourself on the back. You know, the whole thing of periods changing to follow after the "dominant" woman. Women know what it means.

And that's when I caught them.

Sure enough. 100% confirmed. It wasn't just that the hearings were made to coincide with court dates. No. The shocking fact was that my MIGRAINES were triggered on purpose! My migraines were being triggered to apply a natural-appearing form of torture on me.

They made it look natural by triggering them when they thought I had my period, or within a few days of this, and then scheduled the hearings. It looked natural because it looked like menstrual migraine and that this was the trigger.

When all of a sudden, the excuse of menstrual migraine was stripped away, it exposed that some group was intentionally triggering migraine, and it wasn't natural, and had nothing to do with periods and everything to do with illegal obstruction of justice.

This LARGE GROUP of people COLLUDED to do this to me. It included religious clergy, police, lawyers, Judges, Department of Justice and probably some FBI personnel knew, and medical professionals.

They did NOT want to get caught.

How do you explain to America and the rest of the world that all these people conspired to torture a young woman to keep her from protecting her good name? or that some of this was first done to me on a trial basis even before that?

When you have huge law firms like the ones I dealt with, and the Catholic church and all their friends in the medical and justice field, it's dangerous. They hated me.

They were willing to go to any lengths to keep me from winning my lawsuits.

That is CRIME.

It's not, "Ms. Garrett you might have a civil lawsuit."

It's, "Mr. Cameo L. Garrett, you have grounds to put a lot of people in jail, including some of our employees."


Anonymous said...

This is not possibly happening. If the U.S. has the technology that you are describing then we would never need to send anyone to war because we would just hit the enemy with the technology. Take this for whatever its worth but I think you would do well with an inpatient commitment to get your head on straight with some medication in a supportive environment. Your blogs have become more and more concerning in terms of your grasp on reality. It is slipping and it is so sad. You seem bright and you certainly have a talent for writing. It would be so sad for you to waste that potential. Good luck.

Mama said...

It is the truth and my entire family can testify to the truth for the UN and any number of international humanitarian groups, and we will.

The only reason we can't now is because the only people here are U.S. officials and authorities who have targeted and tortured us worse if we say anything.

My son is being sexually and physically abused and has been ever since CPS took him and gave their friends access to him. Before that, they tortured him.

Yes, it is possible to hit the enemy with this technology, but instead of starting a war in another country, we have hate crime alive and well here, and their excuse is that it's research in case they need to do something similiar overseas. The U.S. laws and regulations only allow such torture and experimentation to happen to their own citizens first, before they try using it with uncertain results in another country and end up at a disadvantage if the expectations don't match reality.

That's the excuse. The real reason for torturing my family however, is religious hate crime.

Any country that ignores what the U.S. is doing to us now, is setting themselves up to be "hit" by the U.S. on a larger scale. If the U.S. allows this to happen to supposedly protected citizens, why would they be more kind with internationals? Any country who thinks about it knows that this also signals lack of respect for life and the justice system, and a new tolerance for hate crimes and revenge. If that's the case, it shows those in control have lost all discipline and control of themselves.. Rather than think about how their vendettas affect everyone, they have narrowly pursued their own aims. Which means other countries have an unpredictable and unstable leadership and "gang" within this justice system to look forward to.

It indicates lack of reserve, lack of foresight into how this damages the reputation of the entire country and weakens us, and shows a face that is careless and demonic.

Any leader, internationally, would and should be concerned with this new trend, that has only become worse in the last decade.