Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Saul: Torture Today Against Me and My Parents

My parents and I have been tortured today.

Both my Mom and Dad's eyes got visibly darker because of something. And then on my Mom's face, on one side she has a new faint mark from a burn mark (hyperpigmentation) and on the other cheek, it's a white (hypopigmentation).

Someone tortured my mother and made fun of the "v" "^" thing or the parallels I made to things.

This is sheer hatred and jealousy.

They tortured me and my brother, to the point of head injury and creating a swelling on one side of his head and then did the same to me with the exact opposite side.

And today, in the daylight, I could see my mother's face better and she has marks on either cheek, with one being hypo and the other being hyper.

It happened today or yesterday.

And then for me, all day I've been tortured and all night again so I couldn't sleep. It was centered on my house the entire night. I didn't sleep at all. And then today, all day, and then coming in horrible and painful waves and I left a couple of times to help my Dad unload some wood from the truck and it stopped until we were about 3/4 through the first full load and all of a sudden, someone retargeted over to where we were and I could feel it affecting my neck again.

I told my Dad about it and last night showed my Mom where.

My Dad told me, since I brought something up, about a man who was beat up every single day in Iran. I mentioned some political things and then he said this guy was accused of being a spy and put in jail and guys came in each day to physically beat him up. Every single day, to the point that he wanted to commit suicide. He just wanted to die and even though he was a christian, the pain was bad enough he wanted to commit suicide. But supposedly he still loved them or something, who knows, and a couple of the guards became Christians because they couldn't believe all these things were done to him and he still loved them. I said, "That was in Iran?" and he said yes and I said, "Sounds like the Catholic church to me." Supposedly, they beat him and beat him and did this to anyone who wasn't part of their regime or way of thinking. They wanted to rule the world basically, and anyone who saw something different, was taken as prisoner and brutally tortured every day.

I saw this as an immediate parallel to what the Catholic church has done to my family in the U.S.

My Dad said, "Now that's torture." And I have already included in my OIG complaint how, because of the torture used against me, I had a suicide attempt. Every single day, triggering migraine deliberately and then getting friends to refuse to give me any kind of painkiller.

That's torture.

Beating up my Dad or brother with use every single day of technology to keep them in control...that's torture.

Then I said, "I've tried everything. And when I dropped things, and they didn't let up. Then I would still pray and promoted love, peace, and they still didn't quit. It doesn't matter what I do, or what I've tried to do, I've tried everything in 10 years, and they never change."

What. They change for a few months, for a marriage to someone they want in the country and then go back to all the same things?

How is that change. So my Dad something about my talking about suing and how that wouldn't get me anywhere and I said all I need is one win.

For whatever reason, he looked afraid when I said that and said no, that's the last thing that I wanted.

How would winning one lawsuit, to at least restore my name or provide for compensation for torture, or for the return of my son to me...how is that bad? Someone has threatened that if I am allowed to win anything they'll kill us or torture us worse?

I was also talking about the U.S. and how it was impossible to live here anymore. My Dad said this is the best country and I said I still believed the foundations and structure and many of the people are good but criminals are running it.

I said there are so many bad people in positions and in the justice system that it is impossible to get them out now that they're there and have been giving their friends a hand up. My Dad said cronyism is common with anyone and I said yeah, I know that's true, of people in every religion, but that this was different and it was so bad it was impossible to fix it. I said the people have no power and that is impossible for anyone to fight the country with a militia or any kind of group trying to vote people out.

So my Dad said something which I wrote a paper about once (on my own, my own ideas) about "they wanted a king and asked for one so they got one and it was Saul." Then he added, look at Obama.

So just now, it's just an aside, but I got out my Bible to read a little bit and turned at random to Psalms and it was Psalm 150 and then I looked up at the top of the page above it and it says "He has raised up for his people a horn..." and I saw it had a notation for footnote and read below where it said, "horn here symbolizes strong one, that is king." To the side of that note to the right it says "l, hebrew hallelujah, also in verse 9" so then I thought to read something from the New Testament and randomly opened up, from thinking about this idea of "king" to "Saul's Conversion." Acts Chapter 9.

And I took this to my table and then needed paper to insert and save my place in the 2 spots and only had a couple of envelopes there so I grabbed them and put on in the section for Psalms about horn and king, raising up a king, and then in the section in the NT about Saul.

Then I thought, "I wonder what envelopes these are?"

Because they were facing down and not showing the addresses when I took them off the table and then put them face down, same way, into my Bible.

I turned over the first one for Saul, wondering who symbolizes Saul, and it's from Washington D.C. It is from the U.S. Department of Justice, Washington D.C.

Then I wondered what the other one is from and turned to look. Washington D.C. It's another one from the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington D.C.

Both of them I got in a stack of mail and threw them on my table days ago and hadn't opened them because I've been in the middle of torture and stressed out over my son.

So guess how I am addressed, in both of these letters from the U.S. Department of Justice?

As "Mr. Cameo L. Garrett."

They continue to ridicule and mock me and allow persecution of me, even after knowing who I am, and having me write out letters with my name and gender and a certificate of identity.

They are identical and have the exact same code or reference number stamped on both of them. The only difference, when I look at them now, is that one is blank and the other envelope had ginko tea spilled on it to stain yellow and then I had used it as paper to write on the back, in black ink: FAFSA today.

We were in the truck today and there was a black and yellow bee in the floor of the truck. I said I wonder what kind of bee that is.

My Dad said get rid of it and I said "It's already dead" and he said no it's alive. So he started to kill it and I said Dad! don't do that! and he said why and I said, "I don't want to look at that." and he said "I'm allergic to bees." I said what do you mean, you have to go to the hospital? and he said no, they cause really bad swelling.

Who is responsible for targeting me and my brother for assault?

Who is responsible for the torture of my entire family.

Who is our King Saul.

anyway. Then I was just now about to leave and looking for my keys and there is a yellow tag on them. They were next to this black shirt with a little bit of white, that said "heart" and it's for a brand called derek's heart, made in kenya.

I think Washington D.C. is responsible, ultimately, for torture against my family.

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