Tuesday, January 3, 2012

English 1993-1994

I forgot. I met a man from England in 1993.

I wrote about it but just remembered. He married one of my then-best friends.

She and I were both nannies in Bedminster, NJ and she met him out there and then he moved to the Pacific NW and they got married and he worked at Pamplin music.

It was the same place that my housemate Shirina worked at.

The Whos Who of 1994.

Maybe that's when another group got nervous about me.

Maybe someone heard about me and didn't feel comfortable with the British connection.

I know use of technology started in 1992, before I met him though.

And then most recently my friend Kelly was dating a Catholic Irish guy. Who showed up in her life about the same time the other Catholics popped up next to every person, friend and family member I had ever mentioned, after I met the Mt. Angel monks.

I know Monica wouldn't steal my blue towel, and I don't really think Melissa Curtin would either, but Shirina might. She was fond of taking and keeping "mementos" of things that belonged to others. Then she changed her last name from Edwin to Grimaldi, telling me it was "Italian royalty." I wasn't into anything royal, and never talked about anything like that, or any person connected so I remember I thought, "Uh huh. Hmm. Well nice for you then." Like, who CARES.

And then all of a sudden, the Jewish wanted to get close to me too.

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