Monday, April 2, 2012

Crime & Obstruction at Federal SSI Offices Coos Bay, OR & U.S. Post Office in Nashville, TN

I made an appointment to be reviewed for SSI for physical disability and other, which is what is required for getting presumptive healthcare insurance.

I had to do a phone interview and I got set up with Roman Catholic who used the phone interview to mix up dates, ask irrelevant questions, and then attempt to insult me on a record.

I then called to talk to a Supervisor and they refused to tell me who the Supervisor in charge of this office is, in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Then they sent me to VM for an unknown person.

This woman Sylvia, said, 5 minutes into the interview, that she needed to call another woman, from a different department, about me, without first getting my consent or permission. Then she didn't ask me a question at all, and just made this snide comment, which had nothing to do with my trying to file a claim now for emergency medical conditions. She said, sarcastically,

"I think the last time you had a FT job was in 1997."

As if I couldn't hold down a job and never have and only worked prior to 1997. It had nothing to do with my claim and was not anything that I wrote or indicated in any form or interview with another person. 1997 or work prior to 2011 was not even mentioned by me, and her comment isn't true either.

It was harassing.

Not only that, right after I took her call, I had not been tortured all day today until I did, and then I wasn't until she said she had to put me on hold.

While she put me on hold, I was lasered in my house, and it continued and then when it quit she decided to get back on the phone with me again. Then, she got back on the phone and started mixing up answers and wanted to have me correct her on everything while I was being recorded for the interview.

After I answered coherently, then she insulted me and said they couldn't finish the interview and she was going to have to reschedule. I said let's move forward and finish this and instead, she tried to provoke me by making harassing comments.

Then I called over there and "Chrystal" answered the phone and as soon as it was picked up, she said: "Security, this is Chrystal."

She didn't answer with "Social Security" but "Security". And then she lied and said she must have cut out or been disconnected but it was a lie because the same second the phone quit ringing bc she picked up the phone to take it off the hook, she answered with "Security" and there was not enough time to add the first part.

I was assaulted in that Social Security office the first time I ever went in, to get a SS card, and Chrystal changed my name on the card. She was trying to give me a Social Security card with different information on it and I had to correct her and have her fix it.

I have been assaulted with use of technology in federal Post Offices and then this Social Security office in Coos Bay. The federal Post Offices were in Nashville, TN and it never occured at such an office prior to TN. The Post Offices I was assaulted at are immediately next door to Brad Uhl's workplace at the Department of Justice building which houses the DEA.

In Wenatchee, WA I was assaulted by use of technology but never at the federal Post Office or inside that building. In Nashville, TN, I was assaulted with use of technology while inside the U.S. Post Office, next door to criminal Brad Uhl. Who is getting paid a salary by the governent to "bust" criminals while he and his own wife commit crime.

Then, the next time I was assaulted inside a federal building (aside from a detention facility or other) was in Coos Bay, Oregon when I went to the Social Security building to request a new SS card. There was a guard, a woman named Chrystal, and Curt, the office manager who kept his eye on me.

I was trying to get things together to process my financial aid before 2 p.m. today and this woman Sylvia called to distract and tie me up to keep me from doing this. As soon as it was past 2, which is when EOU processes financial aid for disbursing funds, she insulted me and said they couldn't finish their job or the interview. It was deliberately stalling and trying to interfere with when I am paid monies through college.

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