Monday, April 2, 2012

Continued Torture Despite Petition for Habeas Corpus

I am still being tortured, in violation of the U.S. laws.

I guess it's bc someone thinks the habeas corpus petition is not going to happen.

They are fucking wrong.

If I have to spend $200 to buy bottles of water and dump all the water out just to do a massive bottle refund to get the cash for a bus to Eugene federal district court, that is going to happen.


God damn the FBI and Department of Defense for thinking they are going to obstruct justice, kidnap and torture citizens, and get away with it.


Anonymous said...

Can you write a blog post about who Chris Rozollo is? When I googled "Chris Rozollo" nothing came up except for your blog. Thanks.

Mama said...


Was I not in a good mood when I wrote this post or what? (!)

I think I was in the middle of being tortured bc that will do it to you.

To answer your question, I don't know fully who he is because I am not positive he was telling me the truth. I say this because he was originally from FL (so he said) and I met him in the Wenatchee area.

After my fiance left, I had no one torturing me or doing anything for about 3 full months. Then after I met this guy, I mean, right after, I started having bizarre computer problems and was tortured while using the same laptop that had no problems before. So I wondered if he had done something while I was in another room or what. Or if someone just decided to start torturing me.

I believe he is connected to police and military and he was a scuba diver. I think he's connected to police bc of the strange way I was treated by police after I met him, where they were slipping me razors at the courthouse and telling me to be quiet. ?? It was SO WEIRD. Not only that, then this DEA guy came around and I wasn't sure I was getting the best vibe from him (his name was Mike).

When I met Chris later at different times, I was tortured everytime he was near me.

I started to get this feeling there was something seriously wrong. Once he was driving me to another part of town and there was something riding on it. I don't know what, a bet or what, but I had a bad feeling bc it had nothing to do with my best interests or showing me something he thought I'd like. It was more of an impetus to drive me to some location and then I got scared, like was he going to kill me and where was he taking me?

I was literally afraid of him enough to joke around and say let's go back.

Maybe that's bc he tortured me around him, but something else was giving off warning signs.

He showed me photos of his mom on beachfront property in FL. That is what he said, it was his mom and it was FL.

I feel he's the kind of person who would assault someone, even a child, if he felt it would accomplish something.

He was also in Seattle, WA--moved there after Wenatchee. I have wondered if the blond woman in Bainbridge who assaulted me with technology knew him, or those women that gave me a poisoned cigarette.

My voice has been ruined ever since. I mean, significant damage to my singing voice and my voice was very good, even for age, as voices do not tend to go downhill with age (any opera singer will tell you it's true).

I have wondered who he is connected to. He made this statement about not being worried about my son, just ME, in a sarcastic way. I felt this manner was really disrespectful of how important my son is and how bad things have been for him.

I thought maybe he knew Justin Titus, bc of the way my legal matters were obstructed by Justin.

I don't know.

If you find out, let me know.