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Chris Dabney Criminal & Central Authority--Seattle, Washington

This just gets slimier and worse.

According to what I found on the USC's, it is a group called the "Central Authority" that is designated to handle and process all Hague petitions regarding international abductions.

The main offices is Department of Justice, on "L Street".

They apparently contract with a group to process their business and as of January 2009, they chose to go from ??? to Seattle, Washington.

Which is where I was tortured in 2009.

So you have Laura Laughlin in Seattle, the Department of State, the Children's Services (located in Washington D.C. with offices elsewhere), and Hague moves to Seattle, Washington, where they spent billions to cover up the grossest international abduction of the century, committed by government hands.

So basically, knowing I had grounds to pursue Hague, and knowing I had 1 year from January 2008 (or a little after) to January 2009 (a little after) to commence my process, they brought in Alvaro Pardo and then coordinated Hague offices to be contracted through Seattle, Washington.

They tranfered that contract to Seattle before my time had even run out to petition for Hague, but they knew in 2008 that I was contesting jurisdiction and saying what they had done was illegal.

The "new contract" is to run for "6 years" and began January 30, 2009 and is to go through January 29, 2015.

This decision was made by the "Civil Division" for International Judicial Assistance.

Do they assist Middletons free of charge? I wonder.

Alvaro told me he left Wenatchee, WA on April 29, 2009.

Oh it's even worse. They didn't just look for a new contract with Seattle, WA at the end of January, they were fishing around for something quick for months and sent a formal letter announcing their plans on December 3, 2008. In the letter they have the date of year incorrect, as 2009 but then go on to describe how operations will change in January 2009, which follows a December 2008 date.

So these people were conspiring from the start.

Since this formal letter was produced December 3, 2008, I can think back to my being fired at The Post Pub, just off of "L Street" on, or just before Thanksgiving, November 28 of 2008.

Chris Dabney, Kathy, Bob Beaulieu, Nikki, Linda, they were suddenly hostile and telling me to move back to Washington State. In fact, Chris was really pushing this. Go back to see your kid, all of a sudden.

How FUCKING convenient, after they set up the Hague reception there.

Chris Dabney is a fucking criminal and he has colluded with The Department of Justice and knew Alvaro Pardo personally.

He is a criminal.

He used to stalk me, following me around if I went anywhere near the Department of Justice building and he's the one who brought all the English assholes and Australian assholes around. He sat around trying to read MY mind as well. He's a government fucking BRAT.

HE'S the one who made threatening comments about how it wasn't about me and maybe some man who cared about me should kill himself (my Dad). He was the one with the Jewish girlfriend that had MOBSTER Jewish contacts who chased me around on Euclid and tried to set me up to go to jail more than once.

For what. Middletons? Looks like I am RIGHT.

Chris Dabney watched me, observed me, and then likely watched tapes of me because they had a running tape and video surveillance there in the Pub. They strung me along to try to distract me and then when they got things set up the way they and Seattle wanted, they dumped me. WHILE I was pregnant and saying, with parting words, that I should watch the Titanic. You know, the ship that goes down.

He is the one who said, in the meanest and most determined way, "Here's another one in the hole."

Another one what? Another GOVERNMENT employee.

They were trying to figure me out and set me up to be used for more research and experimentation, while I was an employee there. Kathy the Catholic decided, when the Catholics were lining up with the Jews the way they wanted, that she wanted to get rid of me so she started altering all of my orders in the computer system after I put them in correctly.

It was around my Birthday, October 22, 2008, they were being mean to me. A little before that date, either October early or September. I remember they all knew it was my birthday and treated me like crap and ignored me. I was already confirmed pregnant and they knew it. I had been to Planned Parenthood to confirm it with a test. I was fired when I was over 3 months pregnant and then tortured to miscarry in Arlington, VA and it didn't happen so then I was blasted with a "malfunctioning" MRI machine in Maryland.

I was tortured in the high rise on the 7th floor looking out over The Pentagon and at the same time, I was being restrained from getting any prenatal care from any of the Catholic-majority clinics in Virginia. I tried Falls Church because it was closest and not only did I begin having cell phone problems again, I was tortured with technology like I was in Washington State, and denied healthcare for my unborn. And then a military helicopter flies up to my window on top of all of that.

The only time I was tortured on the East Coast was after I was pregnant, after some Italian Catholic lawyer for D.C. CPS obstructed me from obeying court orders. After that, I was fired from work, and they had already plotted to move processing for Hague to Seattle where they knew I'd be next. I was tortured within eyesight of The Pentagon.

Chris Dabney went from acting like a normal human being, aside from some odd traits and comments that, in hindsight, are alarming, to bringing in his Department of Justice friends who worked in the computer department. Guess what his Jewish girlfriend did? Computers. It was the Department of Justice computer geek squad that stole my cell phone from me. My cell was stolen many times, but this time, it was done right there in the car and with no time to mistake what happened to it.

One minute Chris wanted to get into my head, and then next minute, he was watching me eat my salad at the far end of the bar while going over menus with his Jewish girlfriend and asking me to go back to WA.

Then he got extremely nasty. About the time I found out and confirmed I was pregnant, he became so mean that I was afraid of him. He got extremely mean. He said most of his friends were Jewish so I don't know if he was taking tips from them or from the Catholics, but he was hostile and condescending and this was all after I tried to get services and talked to the Italian Catholic guy at D.C. CPS. They all turned on me. He was literally so mean that when I found out I was pregnant I prayed to God to please not allow me to remain pregnant and had my heart burst in fear.

I felt sick to my stomach over it.

Then, I got over that, and accepted it and looked forward to and bonded with my unborn. I had a very good bond and no problems attaching to the idea because I was going to leave "Christopher" out of it.

He found out and when I wouldn't let him go with me to medical appointments, everyone turned on me and they fired me. I was tortured then, in my apartment, after I was fired by some Middle Eastern Morrocan guy I stayed with that probably worked for a totally different group than I thought. At least I think it was him because there was no one else in the apartment and he locked his bedroom door and I was on the other side, in the livingroom, with this vibrating burning feeling like I had with me and my son and it was technology. Someone was assaulting my unborn at 3 months gestation.

First the Morrocan said don't drink red bull because of the heart so I wasn't sure why he'd have anything to do with using technology to torture me with, but it happened.

And at the exact same time they began assaulting my unborn, I had the NSA or FCC or whoever handles cell phone communications in the Arlington-D.C. area transfering all of my numbers to different numbers.

They did all the same stuff that was done to me and my son first in Wenatchee, WA. It was like it took awhile for someone to decide to try it out again but they did. They began all of the same technology problems with cell phones, and I was refused medical care and had hostile Catholics trying to take all my calls, and I was being assaulted with technology that affects the unborn. It was like ultrasound but caused my insides to basically vibrate and feel hot. And then my back would hurt on top of that, and my toes started curling and feet started curling again from what they were using. I guess it was MRI or whatever the Iranian guy thought it was.

Right after that, the guy said he was moving and then I had to go. I had hardly any money and needed to have something fixed on my computer so I went to the Arlington Mall, which is under the subway, and at the Radio Shack I met this black man who said he was protestant christian. He was helping me with my laptop and then I was told I had no place to live so he said they had room at their place. So I stayed there and he later told me he was a guard for the CIA. So was his friend. So I am staying there and had severe pain and I was concerned about something so he drove me to a hospital and then an hour later my baby was dead.

That's how the U.S. aborts babies without the mother's consent.

I had first gone to Falls Church and it was a Catholic doctor who wanted to see me and she wrote me up as nuts. She also refused to even examine me. No torture until I offend THE BIG MAN on the mob council for CPS. It was the AG offices. They found out where I was working and then had people come in to try to stiff me on things at work.

I was refused prenatal care at every single Virginia clinic I attempted to access. I called almost every single day and when I did, I had my calls rerouted to other number I didn't call, and harassing electronic fax sounds playing in my ear from unknown callers.

It was the same Catholic religious hate crime and they used their government connections.

I was also refused examination of any kind by the Catholic woman doctor. I used to start crying and I would sob, when all the harassment started again.

And I am really supposed to think that it's possible to live in the U.S. with my son and not be tortured by government mobsters. So all of these Post Pub people, including a Catholic Irish priest got mean and hostile and started ruining my work and telling me to go home (after they'd set up Hague to be in Seattle just in case).

It's not like D.C. and Seattle were not talking.

I was medicated with something while at the Post Pub, through my "free meal" there, so I guess the excuse was to say if I wasn't medicated I was nuts, but no, it was that the Catholic hate crime started again.

Before I was in Maryland I was finally connected to Army doctors who saw me for prenatal and confirmed heartbeat and baby and normal growth but they also ignored me when I told them I had a concern about something. They refused to examine me or listen to me and then I was at the ER and my unborn was being murdered.

It was intentional.

After they murdered my kid, I knew it had happened and then they had all their equipment "malfunctioning". The next time I went to the hospital, because I wasn't miscarrying on my own, they wanted me to bleed to death.

So then Alvaro showed up and no one tortured me except for the time I slept on the couch instead of his bed. I was ultrasounded for that. I was hit with ultrasound so hard I ended up in the ER. So I was then "conditioned" properly to stay in the bed with him.

I was restrained from filing anything in court that was to clear my name. I was then set up to be entrapped to go to jail. I guess that looked like a good option since I knew too much about torture and obstruction of justice. Instead of my talking about kidnapping or illegal taking of my son, which would land someone in jail maybe, they wanted me to be in jail instead. Anything I did at that time, I did for my son, out of desperation to get him back and be social and try to find a way to pay for a private lawyer. I couldn't be that social bc I was miscarrying for about 6 months.

In the meantime, Middleton was back in town.

I tried to go back to Wenatchee and was restrained from doing so.

So they started pulling the same thing, right there in D.C. and Virgnia and MD, that they pulled in Oregon and WA. The FBI headquarters were right next to the Department of Justice, on L street.

And L street, and this Department, was approximately a few blocks away from my workplace.

They had all these people coming in, being nice, treating me carefully and acting supportive and as if they were friends. Right up until they'd figured out their plan for Seattle and Wenatchee and coordinated with the AG in D.C. to the AG in Seattle. It was like they waited until a specific date and then felt free to show their true colors. I tried going to the FBI offices once and I was restrained from entering. Then when I dropped off a request for FOIA or investigation re. my son, I never heard back. I filed something with SSA about something and they responded as if I was the scum of the earth. I looked up the woman and she was Catholic. I went to Georgetown campus and was treated like Bob Jones in a gay bar.

Then I was working again and met someone after being back-whacked by the CIA people. Like THAT wasn't a favor to Mike and Carol Middleton. Instead of being able to contest a restraining order that smeared my name I was being controlled, set up, and Chris Dabney was on the other line.

I was forced to live in D.C. and they wanted me there and I was prevented from leaving for WA by WA CPS and AGs because the East Coast people were trying to entrap me and set me up first.

Those Post Pub people went from Australia and D.C. to CA. The business was owned by Bob B. who lived in CA. They had something to do with Middletons because I was asked all kinds of Diana questions there and made fun of too (but I didn't know it because I was oblivious).

Guess what I was told when I didn't fall for entrapment? Go back to WA. As if that was even possible. I wasn't working because of miscarriage and being back-whacked. I did not have money to leave with and I let CPS know all the time and asked for tickets and accomodation and they refused. I also tried repeatedly to have a psych eval and they refused.

They restrained and prevented me from obeying any court orders or getting anything done legally. I was medicated besides. After being set up to be entrapped and then Alvaro with his dump attempts, this English guy is sneering at me at the MD courthouse. Then right around the corner, a couple of Jewish guys mocking me and telling me my 'world' consisted of a picture of a globe on a computer monitor.

Much later, I am back in Wenatchee being tortured and Alvaro is dancing the night away in D.C. while my son is getting punched in the face by his people, and maybe him, when he came to visit.

Asking me if I had a good learning experience and I said are you out of your mind? what do you mean did I have a good experience? are you kidding me? NO, as he's trying to squirm out and save the FBI at the same time.

So long story short. No, Chris Dabney is not a good person and none of them were. They've used me, tried to set me up, and their groups allow torture in the U.S.

I had this moment of being rescued I thought, in Seattle, by this woman who had a Canadian partner and then they abandoned and had their friend dump me back in Wenatchee after I wouldn't make crepes at an open market. Sorry. Making crepes to be an inside Princess Di joke at a makeshift booth in Pike Market isn't my cup of tea. Just think of the photos. I state in D.C. I'd like to someday write a book about Di and the next thing is I'm a running joke and supposed to make crepes under a tent in Seattle like a hippy. I was okay with the idea of working in a restaurant but then they told me I would have to stand at a little stall with a tent over it and flip crepes all day for minimum wage. It was more of a photo op to get me in an apron looking like crap and under some flimsy tent like a carnival worker. No offense to carnival workers either, but they probably get paid more and are not worried about image and how it looks for getting my son back. What do you do? "I make crepes for minimum wage outside in the weather" and set up and take down my tent ALL BY MYSELF! I was still not fully myself from the back whacking and then I was going to carry 20-50 lbs of gear to work outdoors as a tent cook? Every day? Then all of a sudden, they're trying to dump my stuff off when they know I have no way of storing it, I guess when they felt the marriage plans were secure enough. The Canadian guy she was with is connected to the Seattle and WA medical community AND Canada. I got set up with a bunch of people that set me up to go to jail through them. I haven't even heard back from her but my life's stuff is there.

It's really nice to see Seattle people making fun of you through photos they viewed or got copies of because of people that have either stolen from me or hold onto my things.

Yeah. They tried to dump all of my things off with me when I was in TN knowing I had no place to store things there and it would all be lost. So I guess the pregnancy was in August, confirmed-known in September, oh wait, conceived, engaged at 3 months gestation? and then my things get dumped at 6 months and I am trying to file a FAFSA for college and work out at a gym and it made too many people nervous so they throw me into a psych ward and ruin my brain with a bunch of Italians in a caravan on my way there and then I am further a guinea in Knoxville. I even had psychics and mediums who didn't like me stealing all my make-up at the women's shelter to keep me from being pretty. I knew why they did it--it was intuitive.

One year from September 2010, my business bank account with the horse drawn carriage people, that I've had since 1997 is being illegally closed. Together we'll go far! and they want me to start over with a crap account for personal checking instead of the original one I opened. They put all of my bank statements into a paper archive which they say I have to pay for if I want access.

I had Wenatchee police officers stealing my videocam with evidence on it, and deleting that evidence, after I came into town with one of the Canadian guy's friends. I was jailed after another of their friends drove me to Wenatchee? Do you want to travel? if you do, let's see how I can permanently ruin and destroy anything you say you want to do in life. How about...GRAND AUTO THEFT. Yeah! good one!

Let's get grand auto theft into her file and then she'll NEVER be in Canada to ask about her records or car or...what other countries will refuse entry for Grand Auto Theft?

Thanks Canada. You've been great. How much did Mike pay you.

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