Sunday, April 1, 2012

Parents Tortured Today

I saw my parents after church and they looked fine. Then I left to do a bottle return (made $5.50) and when I got back, my parents had been tortured.

"Who was here when I was gone," I asked.

They asked why and I said, "Because your faces look different from when I was here right before going to town--your eyes are black and newly impressed and indented and mom's eyes have changed and her skin looks different and irritated."

My mom said she washed her face. That doesn't explain the change to her eyes, because it's to the whites and iris and parts that you don't "wash". And my Dad didn't wash his face and his eyes were different and it's from effects of torture.d

No one's eyes change like that, for no reason and it was both of them.

And both of them didn't want to come to the door when I got back, bc I knocked as I needed to trade quarters for bills. They wouldn't have gone to the door and I wouldn't have noticed but I persisted.

Not only that, my Dad had gone out to check on a water meter earlier and I had a sort of bad feeling about it, and I wasn't sure why.

Most likely, it has something to do with Middleton and people they know.

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