Monday, April 2, 2012

Criminal DEA Brad and Sonja Friend-Uhl

They are criminals.

This is the woman who tortured me in the sauna after I called the Nashville, TN DEA to complain about their newest employee, Brad Uhl.

No, I am not kidding. I am a first-hand witness to crime by this woman, of assault against me. They are criminals and they are working in the DEA with drug industry and the Department of Justice.

It was her husband and Nashville FBI that set me up to be thrown into a psych ward and injected with Haldol. They are dangerous and criminal people and they have a slick cover, and I guess, 2 kids.

Not only that, I find it strange to discover she was a coach in Morocco. I had a housemate from Morocco in Arlington, VA--the same one who possibly tortured me while I was 3 months pregnant.

I was positive that Brad Uhl was connected somehow to Chris Rozollo, who was from the Washington area but also originally from Florida.

I just found her again tonight, after wondering about the timing of the Gonzaga U.S. Attorney for Spokane, Michael Ormsby, who was put into place in 2009. In looking him up, for writing my habeas corpus complaint, I found a O'Neill that was nominated around the same time, from FL.

So I was looking him up and found her again.

I got her plate number and everything and told Nashville, TN DEA that she had stalked me into the YMCA sauna, interrogated me, tortured me by assault with some kind of technology and gave a mild treat. Being assaulted sort of speaks for itself. She was so obvious, out of all these different people, I followed her out. I didn't even know she was Brad Uhl's wife.

I can't remember how I then found her photo and identified her as the same woman, but either she said she was from FL so I wondered about Brad (from FL and suspicious) and her extreme personal interest. Or, it's possible her vehicle still had Florida plates. If that was the case, and I think it was, I then thought about Brad Uhl having moved from FL to TN very quickly, after I was already there, and decided to look up the name "Uhl" and made a positive ID. I am pretty sure it was the license plates. They had only been there a couple of months or less.

Brad Uhl threatened my mother over the telephone and made a point to call her and then tell me and the other DEA person that I was mentally ill and needed help. I said how would you know if you don't know me?

They are criminals, and corrupt, and most likely are playing both sides of the DEA coin. Anyone with a wife who stalks someone into a sauna to torture them, and then tries to get away with it, has a criminal for a husband.

And he was suspicious enough that I complained about him to the DEA because of the way he'd jumped to conclusions.

When I was thrown into the psych ward, and injected with Haldol, which is a permanent damage, the man who gave the order was imitating Chris Rozollo's mannerisms. Exactly. That man knew Chris Rozollo. I don't know how. I know he was former military (the guy at the psych ward). He wasn't even a doctor. He just told the Muslim Indian doctor what to do.

I guess the Muslim guy did what he was told since I observed use of drugs by the Muslim man from Morocco that I stayed with.


Witness Protection please. I just testified.

The Uhls are criminals.

I had no idea she had any connection to Morroco which makes the whole thing even worse. Here is this woman torturing me in the sauna from FL, with a DEA husband that left FL to watch me in TN and send me to psych ward, and she is connected to Morroco which is where one of my housemates in VA was from, who I witnessed with hashish.

I have never told one single person this, ever. But now I have, for the public and everyone, because I am 100% positive Sonja and Brad Uhl are criminals who caused serious damages in my life, and likely, my son's life as well.

He is responsible for putting me in a psych ward where the supervisor knew Chris Rozollo (from FL) and Brad both, who ordered a Muslim Indian to happily ruin my mind with Haldol and then repeatedly force me to take toxic doses of dangerous medications.

She claims in this article that she's a "christian". No. She is not.

She's beautiful, and she's done a lot of community work, and guess what? She is a bona fide criminal and she's in the Justice system screwing people over like her husband.

I even gave Nashville, TN her driver's license on the same day she assaulted me. I stayed back and didn't leave the sauna so she didn't know I followed. I didn't even leave the locker room for awhile and then I moved, and went right up to the window and saw her pulling out in her car, same woman as was in the sauna and I was wondering why she did what she did and then I saw her plates. Florida.

I was thrown into the psych ward AFTER I reported her and said I wanted to meet with someone at the Nashville DEA offices to discuss what had happened and some "concerns".

They are NOT "christians".

Not only did this guy I stayed with show me hashish (which I never tried and didn't care about telling anyone about until I just found out this bitch has spent extended time in Morroco), it is possible he tortured me or assaulted me when I was pregnant.

If they know eachother, he and Sonja or Brad, in some way or through some connection, they are using technology to assault and torture people with.

And then committing crime again by setting up possible witnesses, to be thrown into psych wards and discredited and damaged.

I would recommend looking into the connections with the doctors at Vanderbilt who were in place to throw me into a psych ward without checking for any physical problem. The doctor was a professional and the ones there had problems. They were motivated to immediately tarnish my name and my brain.

So the U.S. Marshalls want a witness? I'll testify against the Uhls any day of the week. I didn't have anything to testify about before, or that I wanted to talk about, but I will be happy to tell a jury exactly what they are about.

I've been in danger all along and people in government jobs have been party to that.

I want my son back you fucking assholes.

Here's her facebook page:

I went in to the Nashville DEA to ask if there was a way to get witness protection if I didn't have any information but was being assaulted and chased around by criminals. I had no idea that Brad Uhl had moved into Nashville about the same the crime against me began. And this man with the long black coat on the bus and the blond hair, who first used something like ultrasound behind me, and then got off, I am now thinking he's connected to Sonja and Brad. That man was one of the first to assault me after I had a month of no harm occuring there in TN.

If they knew the Morrocan guy who possibly assaulted me and who had drugs, in Arlington, VA, Brad would have had an interest in moving into territory where I was for purposes of keeping his own cover.

They are not good people when they are assaulted you in a sauna and then coordinating you to be trashed at a psych ward.

You know the "Born To Run" guy who just keeled over in New Mexico? I wonder if he accidentally crossed Sonja Friend-Uhl or her pal and "husband" Brad. Marathon runner dies in the desert from knowing too much about about other marathon runner that tortures other mothers with children. What was his name? "Micah True".

Sonja asked me a ton of questions and tortured me while staring at me and laid a veiled threat. I asked her what she'd done for her work out and she said she ran and was a runner. But if I hadn't lagged behind and then later followed her, I never would have known who she was connected to. It was a last-minute decision. The other person who tortured me and was hanging around on the same day Osama bin ladin was being killed, was an Eastern Indian woman that worked at the YMCA there. Maybe Sonja and Brad passed on some black market equipment to use.

I started having problems with all the running machines after that. I was getting shocked.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I just researched and found out she got her B.A. at Williams & Mary college. So I looked it up. It's in Virginia.

She went to college in Virginia and has Virginia connections. She also has Morroco connections. And I was staying with a man from Morroco, in Virginia.

She is pure criminal.

No wonder they put me in a psych ward. They did it to protect THEMSELVES.

Look at the cute site her college put up. Featuring a Passport for "refugees" when I was trying to then apply for my passport after being assaulted bc of Sonja and her husband. According to this site, her college, Williams and Mary, had newly joined forces with St. Andrews of Scotland, Kate Middleton's alma mater.

This is totally disgusting. It has an article about the problems of defending a "refugee" which is "schitzophrenic". Right after their alumni tortured me and had me thrown into a psych ward with the help of her husband. And this college not only states it has an immediate partnership with St. Andrews, they brag about their connections to the CIA. They brag about how the CIA director for two terms is the same man that heads up their college. And then, they have all photos of women who LOOK like Kate Middleton.

They brag about this lawyer "Bill Hoffman". He supposedly represented Afghan prisoners. What a great combination--CIA director of the college and a lawyer who is getting the scoop by playing the good-cop/bad-cop role with the Department of Defense. Okay, you guys arrest them and make them suffer, and then I'll go in and make them think I'm their savior.

Winter 2011. It was after I had been assaulted at the psych ward by the Morocca-DEA-Virginia bitch. If they mean Winter of 2011, as in, past January 2011, because I went to Nashville, TN in November of 2010 and then I was being assaulted and then they were killing Osama bin ladin after paving a way for Kate to marry William for who. The CIA? Just like I thought? I know they have something to do with U.S. intelligence because of the torture committed against my family and the allowance for it. No one gets away with that unless they have a cover. They had the Directorate of Intelligence who was British, who oversaw the entire U.S. intelligence, the Pope with his U.S. Catholic intel and justice system majority, the Department of Energy head with his British contacts with Fetter, including a bunch of Stanford physicists from CA, and Spokane, WA U.S Attorney who gets recommended and comes from a London based law firm called K&L. That happened in 2009, before the rest of the Catholics (he's Catholic) felt so secure about serving me with termination of my parental rights. Michael C. Ormsby.

And then I am thinking about his Dept. of Justice contacts as I discover an O'Neill is being recommended at the same time, for FL. I was curious, because C. Schneider's Dad was a U.S. attorney and she is best friends with O'Neills. So, since I've had some interesting things come out of FL (like Chris Rozollo and the Uhls), I wondered if they are from the same part.

This current U.S. attorney in Spokane is Catholic, from Gonzaga, and was part of a London based law firm for years, which merged with Bill Gates' son's law firm in Seattle, WA in 2005.

So London had a great contact for technology. In 2005. This London firm merged with Bill Gate's son's firm in 2005. You know, right before my son and I were tortured, our computer hacked and the British Catholic physicists colluded with the U.S to torture us all. Oh yeah. And it has nothing to do with the Middletons supposedly. By the way, it was someone in Spokane who applied for an SS# for my son when I had it revoked. U.S. Attorney? FBI field offices in Spokane? CPS? No one had a right to do this.

And people wonder why I have been obstructed from justice by federal judges in Spokane.

I wasn't tortured for most of this evening and not since I have been looking up habeas corpus and named FBI as respondents. However, since 2 a.m. or so, since writing this post, the same FBI and U.S. Department of Defense torture has started again.

My family is being, and has been tortured in this country.

I find it very strange that now I search for her name and I get her facebook account, and about 40-50 Google results and when I was searching for her name on Google in 2011, in Nashville, TN, before I was thrown into the psych ward, out of all her online profiles and running records, and name mentions, Google produced only one article about her at all.

She's had these other sites and blogs up all along so how is it Google just didn't show ANY of this?

I made the search several times too, and was given only one article, and I tried different search engines. Then, all of a sudden, after she and her husband manage to collude with FBI to assault me in a psych ward, and then experiment on me, kill my Uncle Howard, and marry The Middleton Mess without a hitch, then suddenly, she is the most popular person on the web and so easy to find as to discover about 100 or more results connected to her name with her record and face plastered across a variety of mentions, articles, blogs, records, and releases?

This is the CIA. SHE is looking like CIA because no one would get that kind of cover by NSA or even Google unless she is. Which means I possibly lived with a Morrocan guy who was or was not CIA as well, and it's not like they don't deal in the drug industry. Which would then mean my unborn baby was most likely aborted by the CIA as well.

She was coach in Palm Beach, FL for a long time and if I remember correctly, that's where Chris Rozollo said he was from originally. I might be wrong, but I thought he told me Palm Beach. If so, he possibly knew Brad Uhl from Florida.

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