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Shaker & Crime By Judges/Clerks (5 counts)

I don't know. I felt like working with a shaker, by accident.

I got back to my house and knew earlier today that I was feeling like dancing and then I didn't do that, but picked up the last of some jelly bellies and put them inside a small medicine bottle with Aleve, and then practiced shaking it like one of those egg shakers or moraccas and so I tried to keep time with that in my left hand and then ate popcorn with my right. And then I added a little dancing. It worked best when I thought about it less.

Sometimes it went okay and then it would go wrong and then sometimes it worked better if I focused and other times if I didn't at all.

I kept doing it for the practice of doing two different things with different hands and then adding body to it at different time as well. My objective was to have different parts keeping different time.

So I kept the shaker very regular and sort of fast, and then the other hand was taking popcorn out of a bag at normal rate and retrieving dropped popcorns and then I added my body to it and kept body at different time than shaker. Shaker like drums and body like legatto. Yeah. Legato.

Staccato and legato and leggo my eggo.

It was a pretty good arm work-out. I felt the burn when I quit but, good burn.

Earlier today I walked to get something from the store and the main spiritual thing that happened was on the way back, I asked God to help me do one thing that would glorify him and help someone to feel they'd won something, or that God cared, whether it was a kid or no matter. So I didn't know what that would be and then I felt this mirth coming over me. And I hadn't planned on smiling but I started to smile and started looking people who were driving by, in the eye and smiled and it was not intended but natural and then I thought well maybe that's what it is for this moment. It was strongest when I was passing the McKays and Les Schwab. I made this prayer just passing the physical therapy place down Central, right above McKays on the sidewalk, and then right when I was about halfway past McKays and Schwabs, it just bubbled up and then I was smiling. It left then, the feeling did, but I made myself smile anyway, thinking maybe that's what I was supposed to do. I thought, "I think something not good is possibly happening but I am going to smile because God is good and because no matter what happens, I have joy from the blessing." Which isn't for me but anyone. Blessing just means "happy" and I think this has happened sometimes for me...praying for God to be happy just for him and not for my sake but him alone and then it boomerangs and I feel this happiness. And then later I was just sort of smirking at the idea of something I thought was funny later, about how I'd done something and how "what was that about"? it was and this made me laugh. I put my fingers on the top of this truck and wiped off the rain and then wiped it on my pants. And I thought how weird is that. I didn't stop. It was like I was doing a dust inspection and then right after it was this glorious brand new range rover in gold or sort of beige shimmer and I thought, "And someone is probably making a big deal about how I touched an old truck and not the new one." and it made me laugh.

I had a good laugh at McKays yesterday bc I picked up these sugar free jelly bellies and there was this warning on it: "WARNING: consumption may cause stomach discomfort and/or laxative effect. Individual tolerance will vary. We suggest starting with 8 beans or less." I just looked at these, and started to laugh out loud and felt this very good feeling. I laughed bc I had picked out "Grandma's molasses" and then I got wafer cookies and then I was holding these jelly beans thinking, these jelly beans look so young and fun and then they have this horrible warning on it. EIGHT beans or less. Eight?? jelly bellies? that's it? start out with 8 or less??? So I was holding Grandma's and then these and thought, "I am going to look like I'm picking out old people food." I don't know, it was funny in the moment. But it felt like something else too and I don't know for sure. The happiness.

Well this is strange. This song called "keep your eyes open" came on and I've never heard of it or of it before. But I said something about this to someone today, about how I ..

By the way, I wasn't being tortured until I wrote this and stopped at staccato and legato and leggo my eggo. Then someone started using technology that is literally pulling or suctioning my heart and they started doing something to metal in my neck and in my teeth.

I seriously cannot believe this country. They quit while I wrote my habeaus corpus and then started it up again. So for about 2 days they quit, for the most part, and then started it back up.

About the song, I told someone today about how I had to keep my eyes open after I was in a car crash with a friend driving. I thought if I close my eyes, I will die. So I didn't sleep. I was going in and out of consciousness but then when I was tired, and they said I was in shock, I felt if I closed my eyes to sleep I would die. And then I was in this helicopter for the life flight and they kept talking to me and wanted me to talk back with them. They didn't want me to sleep either. I think they knew I was maybe going to die if I closed my eyes. So I didn't and then I was at the Salt Lake hospital and I had to wait so long. So long for someone to show up. They put me in a room and then left me there for awhile. And since I couldn't sleep until I felt safe, that people were around to watch and revive me if needed, I didn't sleep at all. It was several hours at least. They said the doctor wasn't there yet and would be there in the morning or something. I thought, "I have blood pooling in my brain and we're waiting?"

Then he got there and said my neck was broken as well as the other thing and they had to do surgery and then I finally felt relieved enough to sleep and even be put under, knowing they would pull me back out. I guess I closed my eyes sometimes, but stayed awake and refused to sleep.

It felt like the longest I had ever done this. Then I later found out, that because of the level of shock I was in, I probably would have died had I decided to just sleep.

Anyway. I just stayed awake almost for the last few days and in the same clothes mainly, to crank out a habeas corpus in a day. I pretty much wrote it in one day and had only done 1 1/2 days at the law library.

I work fast. And when you're being tortured, that's what you have to do. You are not allowed to study first and I wasn't. I am being tortured.

So I had to summon my energy and get it out after thinking about what I was doing, for a day, crank it out. It's not perfect at all, but it alleges things that are all true and I also need to amend it.

It's not a lawsuit. It's habeas corpus. So I'm not suing them for money or listing everyone to blame. You are supposed to list who has power to release you. And it's possible to list more than one person.

For Habeas corpus you use jurisdiction of where it occured but there are extenuating circumstances to allow for another court. If it's federal, depending on the circumstances, you are allowed to file in whatever state you live in. And since much of what happened started in Oregon, this is appropriate and it's where I am now. Fot my son, it's in WA but the groups involved are federal.

To vacate orders, at federal level, it's vacated at the courthouse where you're held. But in our case, it is not just orders by the state, esp. when the case had no jurisdiction to begin with.

As for moral v. legal, and was this "wrong" as opposed to is this "legal", this is both.

It may have been legal to lie and make false statements to a foreign government (oh yeah, it's not, it's against federal law, one of the USC's) but if someone thought, they had paperwork and I was jailed so it was "legal"--

If I can prove it was a false arrest and collusion was committed to do this, it's not legal at all. I don't think anything holds up after this because they based all things on a bad claim and lies.

Oh, and I named clerks and judges who broke federal law. Oh yeah, and some other stuff too...

They did all these things and I thought it was wrong but didn't know THEY had literally broken the law.

For example, the Eastern District Court for Washington refused to file an Injunction I efiled.

They broke the law and it was a federal law too. So this is why later, another Judge tried to CONCEAL it, bc most likely they already knew it was illegal and didn't want to be noticed or caught.

What they did directly interfered with the outcome of my case and my right to block a Termination Order of Parental Rights from taking effect.

Since it's a crime, it's not even an issue of "Well, I don't that move was 'proper'."

It is a crime.

So exactly how does jurisdiction fit for a court that commits crimes? If a Judge or courthouse does something you don't "like" you appeal. If they commit crimes to prevent you from appealing from another court, it's impossible to still use that court so another one should have to suffice for federal court (my belief). If it's federal, it shouldn't matter which federal court you file in, if any part of a matter took place in their jurisdiction and if the other court or State is refusing to allow you to even file things by committing crime.

It's not like a procedural violation you can have reversed. It's crime. And since I am not personally a criminal, I can't match that. It is impossible to have a chance if have a bunch of Judges and clerks committing crimes together.

Which is why, I realized, this one lawyer I read about, won a case of habeas corpus bc his claim was that he was restrained for conducting his legal business and it amounted to being held hostage or restrained or imprisoned and caused him to lose his legal matter by default.

So I knew what had happened was wrong and it caused me to lose the outcome I needed. But I did NOT know it was an actual crime until a day or two ago when I went through the 18 U.S.C.'s and found it:

18 U.S.C. 2071: concealment, removal, or mutilation of anything filed with clerk of any court of US.

They had already allowed me to efile other things.

So they knew they were required to efile my injunction. Well, it WAS efiled. They removed it though and obstructed it.

I had been efiling documents they took as efiled in the past so they knew to stop at that point, or refuse, was obstruction of justice.

So the reason Judge Imbrognio then tried to conceal this matter, by calling it something else, was because she knew that since what they had done had an immediate impact on the outcome of my case, it was crime. 18 Obstruction of Justice 1506--"alteration of record of process--avoids or takes away..whereby judgment is reversed, made void, or does not take effect."

THEN I remembered another Judge who refused to file something or removed it from the record, was Judge Hotchkiss. I had talked to another location for CPS and said I wanted change of venue. My lawyer, Cassel, the Judge's best friend, refused to file it so I said I would. I did and asked for a hearing.

I wasn't contacted for a hearing so I asked about it and the clerk for the court told me there was nothing in their record from me about Change of Venue or hearing for it. I first confirmed they did file it and then they deleted it.

I can understand not getting a motion heard or being decided wrongly, but it's illegal not to file something or to remove it from the file. And that was why I never got a hearing on it. The next thing that happened was the Judge set me up, along with Cassle, to go to Contested Sheltercare with no representation and that's when the Judge gave the state "auto-default".

I never understood though, why that Change of Venue motion for hearing was such a big deal, they removed it from the record.

This happened RIGHT before they gave the State default award. So basically, the court committed a crime and then hung up on me and let the State win. That's when I knew the next illegal thing they'd do was lie and send me to a psych ward.

So, Judge Shea and/or his clerk obstructed my efile.
Judge Imbrognio tried to conceal crime of obstuction (which is crime)
Judge Hotchkiss or his clerk deleted my motion for change of venue from the court record.
Judge Warren obstructed justice by knowingly putting a false citation on my car to obstruct me from justice. And then he refused to correct it.

Right there, that is 4 different counts of crimes of obstruction of justice by Judges in Wenatchee and Spokane, at State and Federal level. All four of them are Catholic.

That is just off of the top of my head. It's a few of the things that happened that are directly illegal and crimes and I didn't realize it.

I DID find a USC for something else though and it was one I found in 2005. I had forgotten about this until last night. After John Kaempf sent threatening mail to my grandparents, I had discovered it was a federal crime and even TOLD HIM it was.

So he filed for a restraining order against me by going to his pal Judge Warren, who had already committed his own crimes against me. It's 18 USC 876, on mailing threatening communications.

The description matches what was in the letter from Kaempf to my grandparents, on Bullivant Houser Bailey firm letterhead. So an entire firm can be held liable for that.

It's like, if Kaempf had cut out little letters from a mag and pasted them into a letter, and sent it, threatening, it's just him. But since it was on his firm's letterhead, it is the firm.

They were more than willing to torture me for just covering these things they did.

If you go to what happened in Canada, any kind of communication made to foreign govt, that includes false statements to acheive a politcal or legal goal, is a crime. So if I prove CPS or the AG or US Attorney or FBI did this, and I already know some of these statements were lies, it's a crime.

It's not like U.S. crime either. If CPS makes a false statement, it's state and they account. If it is country to country, and involves officials, it becomes a false statement to influence foreign govt. There isn't immunity for that. 18 USC 954.

It's sort of like these guys started out getting away with dozens of crimes. They build their house on it. And the way to keep me from reporting them was to torture me and my son to the point that we couldn't even think straight.

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