Thursday, April 5, 2012

How To Avoid Getting "Bumped Off" by "Accident"

. I am only writing now because since last night I have been fighting a migraine and then all day this morning it was there--not worst case scenario, but bad enough that I couldn't walk to town or back. I tried to sleep until 3 or so but it was still bad.

Anyway, I still have it but it's slightly better after ginko, coffee, Aleve, and mushroom soup and then vegetable soup with bean stock. My mushroom soup is simple--shiitake, water, salt, and my cider-salsa. I need to buy more cider to make more of it bc I use it every single day.

I use it in all of my food that isn't sweet, and then I use it for a follow-up swig after taking a kelp-spirulina mixture. That is one I recommend and I've done it since I was a kid in jr. high. When I was a kid I bought and took kelp pills and followed it up with apple cider vinegar after lunch. I brought my apple cider vinegar with me to school. I was 13-15 years old and it was at the Moses Lake Christian School.

So now, I mix kelp powder with spirulina (and astragalus when possible) with water and drink it and then I was following with apple cider vinegar water but one day when I ran out of the cider vinegar, I had my bottle of cider-salsa there and took a swig and it does the same thing. It's still cider vinegar and maybe it's better bc it has the tonic effect of habaneros too. Anyway, this stuff is good in everything so that is what is in my mushroom soup. I always think of "thee leetle mushroom" when I make it--I have no idea.

So anyway, I made this post about how to stay alive. I think there are lots of ways to stay alive, by avoiding things or being proactive. But there are some things to keep in mind if you are at all a target or some group wants to get rid of you.

You can't make it easy for them.

Which means, if you have a powerful group committing crime already and sneaking their way past getting caught, they are the sneaky type that would also prefer to kill you by making something look "accidental." So quick tips:

Don't ever say you want to commit suicide or are thinking about it unless it's true and if you recover, make it very clear you are not the depressed or suicidal type that might "change their mind" and kill themself one day.

All your enemy wants, is an excuse to point to "oh, he was depressed" or "oh, she was sad because she lost her job and husband" and so on. Whether they attempt to drive you to do it yourself, or they put a hit on you, they will make sure the history on you lines up with their theory of "suicide".

Same thing with medical stuff. If someone thinks there is a weakness in your medical history, they will go after that. Someone can plot to have you drink, eat, or be exposed to something that will slowly kill you, but first they will want to know what your medical history is and try to line it up that way.

"Heart attack?" "Oh, there was a history of heart disease in the family". Cancer? "4 of his brothers all died of cancer". Aids? "They admitted they had unprotected sex a lot" or "they were gay" or "they had so many lovers." Infertile? "They had to have a biopsy of the cervix."

Whatever it is, someone will try to make it easy for them. I have made it very clear I will never commit suicide, because after one attempt, I knew that this made me vulnerable. So I made it clear I would not ever try that or do it again and the thought has never crossed my mind since either. I have recently thought, while being subjected to torture, that it would be better to die and told my parents, but none of us would ever give in and make it so easy for someone.

I recently gave a sworn statement to Social Security for disability (which is not completed yet, by the way, there is more to add and the woman hasn't called me back yet) and she was asking me why I went to different doctors and asking for descriptions and so with one I said I saw this one doc and he put me on birth control for 3 months to see if it helped my migraine but I wasn't sexually active at that time, and then I told her, "It is the only time I have ever been on any kind of birth control by pill or whatever, with my consent." I didn't add that I used other birth control (condoms) later, but I thought, someone trying to kill me would use some statement like that for an excuse to infect me with AIDS and then claim, "She said she only took birth control in 1999 for 3 months" so she wasn't practicing safe sex.

Even if that is a mischaracterization of my statement, someone could twist that to mean what they want it to suggest.

If you do drugs or drink a lot, esp. in a social setting, where people have witnessed you are are a drug user or drinker, they can potentially use this to get to you.

Whitney Houston...if it was foul play, who will ever know? All they had to say was she had a "history" of...

If you're a heavy drinker, if you later get cancer by Agent Orange and your kidneys are shot, there are people who will say "he was an alcoholic" rather than "he died young because of Agent Orange and the mob." Or, "he got cancer of the esophagus because of..."

So if you want to live, and don't want to give excuses for your "accidental" or "natural" or 'self-inflicted' death, you want to avoid some of the things I've mentioned above.

You want to be moderate to conservative in all things and only take a risk where you know you can correct it completely and not have it end up in the "history" folder.

Those who lasered my son so he had laser burns on his body...they will have friends next to them who are willing to testify in court (or prompt others in their behalf) to say a parent did it.

Just to get the criminals off.