Thursday, April 5, 2012

Twins Tortured for "National Security" Interests

I know something extremely crazy is going on, for the U.S. to torture my family and feel they can get away with it and that it's "necessary".

I asked my Dad tonight, "Is there more than one of you and Mom?" He said WHAT? and I said, "Is there more than one of you and Mom?" and I then explained, are they twins, like they are both part of a set of twins and the U.S. moves them in and out, one set for this week, one set for the next week.

I said, "I know it sounds weird, but if the U.S. is allowing us to be tortured, I know nothing is too crazy and that they must have something extremely crazy to hide to allow this."

I said, "If the U.S. tortures their own citizens, and takes tips from some of the work from Nazis, for mind control and things, then why wouldn't they use twins? Nazi's used twins, and identical twins for research. So why wouldn't I think the U.S. doesn't intentionally split up twins. Or force a set of male twins to marry another set of female twins and then alternate sets for different projects?"

I said, "Also, I know you and mom aren't into this, or don't do this, but why wouldn't the U.S. take identical twins and have one kill someone as an assassin and then have the other one out in public for the alibi?"

I guess there are some twins out there that needed to know someone would believe them.

My Dad said, "Time to go out. And take your evil twin with you."

I laughed a little but I am not joking. I'm dead serious. I said, "I know it has to be something that crazy for the U.S. to torture us."

Sometimes my parents do look like totally different people. Like they are both part of sets of twins.

In the 70s and 50s, that would not be hard to do. All you have to have is a willing doctor and then people to keep it up. NOW, it would be a little harder, but I believe this is possible.

I also think the U.S. is illegally stealing eggs from women and forcing men and women to give up sperm and eggs to create "national interest" people-projects. I think they've been cloning people already.

It's not a joke. Read this:

I watched the video about the kids from agent orange and the video about the greensboro massacre. It's hidden in the section about midnight climax (cia lsd). I thought it helped to validate what I have been trying to say, because when I am asked:

"Who's doing it?" or someone comments with "Sure. ALL these groups are after you" it helps to show that it is often more than one group. So, greensboro mass--who did it? someone might like the answer--some neighborhood gangsters.

In reality, as they say here, it was the following groups AND more: FBI, kkk, nazis, CIA, ATF and they were all working together to kill activists/protestors.

The video about Agent Orange, (#7) is really sad. Those kids.

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