Thursday, April 5, 2012

Continued Torture by U.S. Tonight

They started the torture again. I believe that was what started the headache I had because I could walk in and out of a repressive atmosphere zone and tell it had nothing to do with my head. Then there was one part of my house that if I went to that side, my head hurt and I had headache, but not on the other side. So again, I do not think my headache was naturally triggered.

Then tonight about an hour ago, or less, someone started using technology to target metal in my neck and teeth.

I was looking up "Official Secrets Act" because it was mentioned by a former U.S. American CIA worker who talked about the Greensboro Massacre. Which was done in Seychelles, or some part of that place was involved. Then there is nothing about a U.S. secret act but I am sure there is one.

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