Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alvaro Pardo Corrupt & Obama Poster

I am just sick of this. I am told my son is still with the Avilas and entering school. Without his mother. These @#!*% who are corrupt and have been allowed to run my life, have done one thing after another, to affect my life. They have STOLEN 4 years of my son's life from his mother. I want my son back NOW. You @#!*% are going up for media display. And it's not like I can't name important people of national interest either. Alvaro Pardo was trying to set me up to go to federal jail, was working with others who tried to hide their interest in ruining me, and I can link him to a dozen other people that work for the U.S. Not only that, I had him trying to fing out who the father of my child was before he left Wenatchee. He is corrupt and I didn't want to think this, but someone who, with their community, stands by quietly as a mother and child are tortured, is corrupt and self interested or politically motivated. The U.S. military used me, and my son, and the FBI has defamed me and done nothing to hold their own people accountable. I have Obama Barak being put on display for April Fools Day, in a huge glossy poster, of him as a "rainbow pony" after WHO had the original idea? Me. I have people branching off of anything I do, say, or write, and then at the same time, I'm degraded and told I and my son are not important. Someone spent money on a stupid joke poster with Obama riding a rainbow as a pegasus, when I witnessed my son suffering in his visits of me and then was blocked from seeing him at all. I'm so "unimportant" that I am terrorized night and day, along with my son, followed around, harassed, degraded, and then told I'm not important enough to have all these things happen to me as people react off of every single thing I do and say.

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