Saturday, April 2, 2011

This Morning (tampering with Html by Google employee)

I wrote, this morning, that I expected the paragraph breaks to still be screwed up. I then posted two separate lines to check and instead of publishing it said, "editing conflict" and everything I had tried to write was erased. And yes, I have checked the paragraph breaks and they're ruined. Not only that, my Html is not showing up. This is Google. An employee who works for Google. No one else could or would do this. No hacker is going to be able to instantaneously make the Html for the whole structure of my Blog just disappear. For those who can only view what I write, if you are actually on Blogger, you know how it's set up. You write text into a screen that has a toolbar just above it and there are only 2 tabs to the right. One says "Edit Html" and the other one says "Compose". If you are on the compose button, it only shows the text you type. I never use the "Edit Html" button because then it shows all the arrows, lines, and symbols for how it is actually doing the layout. When I first saw that my paragraph breaks were gone, I finally went to Edit Html and the Html was there. Someone had removed it only from the middle of the text, and there was still Html at the very beginning and then the end. So the text followed the Html code because the code for making paragraph breaks was gone. As soon as I discovered this, all of a sudden, someone chose to get rid of my Html completely. Now, if I view with "edit html" there is nothing. Zero html. Nothing at the beginning and nothing at the end either. I don't think it's a virus either because otherwise it wouldn't sometimes leave the spaces with one publish and then other times mesh it together. Someone has to be actively an idiot to do this. And actively interested in my blog. This means, since I have had to deal with this any time of the day, that someone works professionally for a computer company and has the leisure to do this, or they are a student that has a lot of free time. I think that since Google owns Blogger, it has to be someone who works for Google. I'm not starting a new blog. I'm also not going to quit writing, so if you think anyone is going to quit reading because someone is making my text more cumbersome to read, whoever you are worried about is already interested. If you want to make Google appear incompetent in keeping their Html and Blogger secure, that is something Google should worry about. ****************************************************************************************************************** So anyway, new topic. I didn't have any dreams last night. At chapel someone had this movie of "Joseph" playing and Joseph had a British accent. There was this sad part where he talks about his mother's death to his brother Benjamin and then Benjamin asks about his coat and Joseph says, "I am going to sleep in it I love it so much." and I guess this made me laugh thinking first of all about my mother saying I'm like Joseph or remember Joseph and then how I sleep in my jeans after work sometimes (it's not because I "love them so much"). Everything was fine, and the movie was good, until right after Joseph was getting lashed by some brute while he was in jail (beaten) and I had a couple of tears as he was falsely accused and thought, "Oliver and I have been tortured." And then right after this, some asshole decides to, for the first time, do one blast of technology. I looked behind me and it was only 2 staff members and the other people that had already been sitting there. One of the staff has been around, quite often, when something has happened to me. It didn't happen again, but I just thought the audacity is incredible. This same thing has happened a couple of times at other very specific location. Will just take my own notes for now. All the women seemed to like the movie though. It was interesting and sometimes makes things more real to watch a movie played out. I didn't think about any of the royalty while in chapel, except before the movie was played and I wondered during roll call if I could see anything but I don't think so. I think it was only my imagination. I decided to see if I could see anything about Harry and all I saw was a runny nose but I don't know that it was his runny nose. It wasn't just clear fluid runny, I saw a little more snot. He's probably not sick at all and I don't know why I would see his snot. After I saw a little bit of snot I thought, "Well if they're hiking outside and it's cold, probably his nose runs (maybe) now and then, but snot?" and pondered Harry's snot and if it was really His Royal Heirs Snot Or Not. It wasn't completely thin and clear, but had a tiny bit of yellow or just slightly thicker, like normal snot. It was at the start of chapel so whatever the time difference is, I don't know. I asked God, "Let me see something about Harry" and all I saw was snot. I specifically asked with Harry, but I figured, if it's not him I guess it could be his brother or someone close to him if I was off, or just someone totally different but why I would get that, I don't know. I didn't see his face and body. Really, just an idea of his head and then I saw the color, texture, and type of snot coming from a nose. I just tried looking up ideas about altitude or results and who knows. I read he'd been someplace called "spitsbergen" which I didn't know until today. Taking an arctic plunge. Anyway. **************************************************************************************************************** I have to work today but want to write more about what I have gone through and how I was held hostage, basically, in Wenatchee and my grounds for having my son returned to me at once or getting political asylum and having another country help me fight for and demand the return of my son. I might be one of the first Americans to be able to make a successful application for political asylum FROM the U.S. I don't think it even matters that the U.S. is considered to be a "white country" or one immune from having its citizens apply to get out. I have to prove and show harassment by regular citizens in States, and I can show local and State harassment, but to up the ante, I only have to show FBI contribution and refusal to protect or investigate the kidnapping of my son and fraud and corruption by public officials. Then, I tack onto that all of the military stuff, and the facts of my and my son's abuses and torture, and degrading treatment of being called mentally ill to hide these things, and the level goes up to federal responsibility and CIA and who is involved at the top, in attempting to obstruct justice. I can combine involvement by medical professionals as well. I have every single sufficient element for political asylum. If someone in the U.S. were to try to correct the situation, they will demand the FBI, someone within the FBI, investigate and take my full report. It CAN be corrected and is NOT impossible. ***************************************************************************************************************** Another place I've had this "burning" happen is the Holiday Express I'm at. It's happened more than once but I come here all the time so I am expected here. When I am going places where I am not expected, it never happens. Also, when I went back to Wenatchee with my fiance, I was no longer being tortured while in one stationary place, such as my son and I were tortured when we lived at the house in East Wenatchee. When I split with him, for 3 months, I had no one do anything to me. Then, it started up again, for the first time, with Chris Rozollo. Who, I believe, was Army connected. He did a lot of scuba diving and worked in construction but I think he had something to do with military. After my contact with him, I continued to have problems in the town, off and on, by different people, and I can elaborate later. I just have to line up the list and then also show how I was forced into a hostage situation by Wenatchee and government workers and gangs. All I have to do, is show how many shelters there were for women (2) and how there were major conflicts of interest and gang work at these shelters which pushed me out and then left me with no other option than to stay with men who had military connections. There was no possible option. No, no one forced me into a house and handcuffed me. Instead, Wenatchee and the State of Washington deliberately refused to honor my unemployment efforts of over a year, forcing me into poverty and then forcing me to accept residence with persons who tortured and experimented with me. The federal government was involved or they wouldn't have allowed the City to cut off my ability to get housing through the housing program that I qualified for. They allowed this in order to force me to either accept living with military men, or sleep on the street. They forced me to stay there by knowing my only concern was my son Oliver, and telling me if I left I was giving up my parental right to my own son, thereby forcing me to stay in Wenatchee where I was trapped. I endured torture only in order to try to get my son back and the State of Washington never had any honorable intention in doing this. They used both me and my son and stalled on timelines and then cut off my visitation with my son altogether. There were people in Wenatchee being paid by international people, too, to keep me in this condition, because it benefited their own agendas. They wanted me to be tortured, look totally ruined and mentally ill (think about my photos of me with my droopy eye living in trash and with a bunch of cats and being tortured and then taking photos of myself all at the same time). If that's not "Cruel and Degrading Treatment" to start with, I don't know what is. And I have not even started yet. ************************************************************************************************************** I also think, or thought, there was something suspicious about the timing of a certain man's announcement that Diana was targeted for her involvement in weapons elimination. I felt, when I read the article at the time that I did, that while one group wanted to say it was all about intelligence or concern from foreign countries or about involvement with Muslims, another group wanted to say arms. Something stood out to me on the timing of this man's (Michael's) announcement that it was "arms". I felt this could possibly lead someone to feel assured that it had nothing to do with Muslims and therefore could not possibly involve Mossad or other associations. I think, personally, it's some kind of combination. I have never ruled out anything but I've never had a chance, in all of my own torture, to really look into it. I just know that sometimes, one group saying one thing helps deflect from an idea that another group could be involved, and there are so many smokescreens in that kind of situation, it's hard to know. The same thing has been done with me, with enemies pretending to be friends, and then some enemies just being enemies, but for purposes of muddling and confusing the matter. ***************************************************************************************************************** Well, anyway, my knees were knocking when I was held hostage at gunpoint and forced into a closet. Someday I might have to read about William's nervous rehearsal.

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