Friday, April 1, 2011

The Army & My Grounds For Political Asylum

All I have to do to prove need for political asylum is abuse by an authorizing U.S. government agency and the refusal of any other agency to get involved for the protection of my son and I. I have enough notes to document interest of me by the CIA, and how they stood by as they have known all of these things are happening to my son. Not only that, they joined with the U.S. Army to use me and my son for experimental purposes. The FBI already had their own motives for some of the officials not wanting to get involved, because they were doing, or had already done things on their own to defame me and protect some of their own people. So it worked out well, or has worked out well for them, to enjoy slandering me to the point that they knew ahead of time that I would be subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment. Nashville FBI was responsible for setting up my being injected with very serious and harmful drugs that permanently alter the structure of the brain. They had already coordinated what they wanted to happen to me ahead of time. And this is after these U.S. agencies allowed my son and I to be tortured, with full knowledge and with some other persons in other military branches also involved (Navy, Airforce, Marines). I can list and name the men who have been with just the Army, specifically, who gained proximity to me by U.S. consent and full knowledge, for purposes of experimenting on me and my son and to use me for sexual reasons while they performed these "duties". This proves the U.S. has knowingly and willfully subjected both me and my son to torture, disregarding the human rights of my son and I. We have been forced to "work" for the U.S. while being harmed by others, from the U.S. and OTHER COUNTRIES as well, while my enemies have triumphed over this. They have used the FBI and others to so discredit me in order to make me useless. These people have ruined my life and my son's life, permantly, and have gotten away with what they've done. The men who gained proximity to me have worked against me and my son, not for our benefit, and used me to convince others they "cared" and that there was something wrong with ME and not them or anyone else. I can prove how these different men were directly connected to eachother and to the U.S. government. Not only government, but gangs used for the benefit of special interests and government. Not only that, persons working for U.S. government agencies have obstructed my ability to get unemployment benefits from my work at the Post Pub, for over a year, forcing me into horrific conditions which never could have occured had government workers intervened. When I went to the federal IRS to have them investigate, they claimed they would do this and then did nothing, and claimed they couldn't "find" me. They lied for a year. Now I am pretty much guessing the reason these people didn't want me to have unemployment benefits is because I was working, while at the Pub, for a federal group. I had asked the FBI years earlier, to give me a full and complete FOIA of anything about my person and name and they claimed they had nothing when this was not true. I continued to be defamed and my son and I assaulted. Then, I just tried to apply for my passport renewal and the instructions clearly state ONE form of photo ID is required along with a birth certificate. The U.S. is deliberately impeding my ability to get my passport and do any kind of travel anywhere with it. After wondering where my passport was, I picked up a mailing from Louisianna yesterday, from the passport agency and they are refusing to process my passport. Instead of just saying they need a new ID card, when the one I gave was a paper copy that was expired (a hard copy was issued but I didn't have it with me and the passport people said they still might take it), they sent me a notice telling me that I have to give them FIVE different proofs just for identity, that are photo proofs or signature proofs. This is not what the average American is told they have to submit. They are told 1 birth certificate and 1 Driver's License or photo ID with a signature is enough. Which is what I provided. If the ID didn't hold up they should have just told me to show them a recent ID. Now, they are making it impossible for me to collect all of these items in a timely manner. Not only that, they supposedly mailed the notice out to me on the 14th of February and yet they failed to contact me by telephone. When they mailed it a second time, a MONTH later, they then called. They could have made a phone call a month ago and instead they allowed a full month to elapse to stall on the time it would take for me to get things processed.

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