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This Morning--Police Try To Set Me Up To Go To Psych Ward

I almost ended up in a psych ward last night because of people adverse to me. I feel so sluggish this morning I am taking some coffee now to wake up. I am exhausted.

I have been medicated and this medication is still affecting me. I can pinpoint the approximate date of the last medication attempt, which I blogged about.

I tried to get help from police, as I was told to do, to have investigation and an investigative lab arranged but it was turning into a deliberate attempt to either scare me off or lock me up again.

The officers were D.Keys and R. Clark. Clark is Irish and I don't know about Keys bc the only distinguishing features were a large silver chain around his neck and I couldn't see if there was a pendant or not.

First of all, I had massive problems with Tracfone operators and telecommunications. I wasted over 30 minutes of my phone time, calling 411 and asking repeatedly to be connected to non-emergency police. They kept redirecting my calls and transfering them to someone else. This was after I had asked for the District Attorney's offices and they couldn't manage that so I thought I'd give them something easy. I made at least 15 411 calls and they botched all of them.

So I said I hoped TracFone went out of business. Their operators were not only doing this, they were then wanting me to be mad and then waiting for me to say more. It was hideous. I finally called 911 and said, "This is not an emergency but my phone provider is not connecting me to non-emergency" and the 911 operator answered the phone right from the start, with an amused tone. They knew I would be calling them and this woman was expecting it and thought it was funny. So the harassment was deliberate, in dropping all of my calls.

I had already called to get a lab done through Pathgroup or Quest and was going to pay for it, if I could, myself. But they said they don't do testing for "unknown substances". So I was then calling for forensics people and this is my goal:

I am going to be tested for unknown substances NO MATTER WHAT.

If this means I set up an appointment in another country because no one is doing their job in the U.S., then that's what it means. If it means I hire a university student who is willing to do it on their own, and be paid, that's what this means.

I called a private investigator about helping with this and they haven't called back after they first expressed an interest. They were either never serious from the start or someone paid them off or persuaded them not to contact me.

Not only that, even the grant writing is delayed. I was told someone was serious about having me do this, and I fail to see how serious they are when they refuse to provide me with the DUNS number so I can actually research what grants are out there. They lied. And now it's been over 3 weeks and I haven't been able to do even the most basic research because all it was was an attempt to string me along and make me feel hopeful about something and keep me from doing work for someone else who might be serious. It has been at least a month since I was first told some non-profit was "Serious" about having me write a grant for released convicts and their children to do art and have an art gallery. I could have had all of this done weeks ago. I repeatedly asked for the DUNS pin number and was ignored. Then I got an email from someone that says people have been out of town or occupied and that doesn't explain why someone has not provided me with the basic tool I need to even DO THE RESEARCH. So bascially, I don't want to work for them.

They have treated me with disrespect and strung me along and if it takes 1 full month to respectfully give the person you claim you want to contract with, a DUNS number, this is not a group that I want to work with. They already have their DUNS number, they kept telling me they'd give it to me and then they haven't.

I think it's a man named Larry that had the DUNS number and I emailed him and left messages and he's done nothing. Then the woman who told me they were "serious" was a Caroline Kiev and all that's happened is I was driven to this place where the art gallery was supposed to be and met a few people. I have emailed for the information I need repeatedly and no one has done anything. Caroline had said to me in the car, almost a month ago, "We missed out on a federal million dollar grant but maybe we can start with smaller grants and then work up to something else."


One full month later--several emails later--several phone messages later with none of my calls returned--NOTHING. They deliberately stalled and delayed so I counted on them and quit looking for another group to do a grant for that might have been serious.

This is a woman who was at the Friend's church who made everything sound so serious and she works directly with this other man, on a small non-profit that is affiliated, but somewhat separate from, Prison Ministries.

There is no excuse for dragging me along and not providing me with the DUNS number that they knew I needed for looking up grants. They have made me a joke and laughingstock.

This other woman from Friend's church FRIED the living hell out of me or her own friends did, when I visited her at her house a couple of weeks ago. I was sitting in her living room and a couple of men were outside around the house but I didn't know where it was coming from. She has a few Muslim friends, and I am hoping that someone there isn't involved, but I then went to work and they were joking when I came in about how I was burned and this one Muslim guy who works there was saying the same thing until I brought a steaming hot plate that was sizzling when I was told to take it out to his table and said, "Careful you don't get burned." He jerked back like I was going to throw it on him but I was just holding it for him to pick up from me. I hadn't said one thing to my coworkers about what had happened at this woman's house but they were all joking around about it and knew already.

Oh here is the other great thing. Right about the time I was being blocked from counseling by the Y, for over 4 months, they then tell me I can go to some independent woman in a totally different area. This is after they literally blocked me from getting counseling through them, stalled, and delayed. When the entire time, I could have been documenting all that was going on through counseling. They then tried to get me to go to someone with a medical clinic connected to a psychiatrist. I said I didn't want a medical clinic or a psychiatrist. The only reason they'd want that is to have an excuse to claim at any random time that I should be medicated or locked up again. So the Y, with Rebecca Griffith, was a total failure. They finally set me up with someone for counseling and that woman "changed her mind" after she went as far as saying her supervisors were wanting to videotape me. The Y is supposed to be a Christ-centered organization and the people there with regard to the counseling are not Christians, in my opinion. Griffith certaintly is not.

Right about the time I was told by the Y, that they refuse to counsel me, after they blocked me from counseling for over 4 months, I got a phone call from another person from the Friend's Church and she said they wanted to start up a support group for me. This is at the same time that my lawyer, who I have submit records against still (but have been delayed because of being medicated) was pulling some crazy shit.

I called the woman, Judy, from the Friend's Church and left a message about what I was interested in and she never called me back or emailed me. I then had that phone stolen but that was recently,within the last few days and she had about 2 weeks to call me back re. the "support group" and never did. Some support. Why even call me to claim there was a group of people that wanted to be a support group for me if you're lying and not sincere to begin with? This was a month ago. I never heard from my support group. They've been great. Really great.

Then, incredibly, the Washington State Administrative Offices for Hearings, the one with the head person being a former Army lawyer, they absolutely and totally ignored me. I am not kidding. I am on disability through them and just had someone whop me with medication without my consent again, and these people ignored me when I called and emailed them. I asked for a new hearing after the Judge Robert Krabill disconnected my hearing and then refused to call me back when I said, "I got cut off and I'm calling to be reconnected to the hearing."

Then, I even called their ADA person, Patricia Latsch, because I needed to urgently have the hearing completed and get back on the benefits. They ignored me and then claimed the Judge would reconsider hanging up on me and they did nothing. I had emailed that Judge and then I had also requested a totally different Judge and no one gave one to me. They just told me the Judge had sent out an order and I said, "The hearing was not even finished." And I have repeatedly asked what "8" is for, with regard to disability, to find out if I've been lied to or not and be able to even address this in a hearing and they have ignored all of my questions. The State of Washington has felt at liberty to do whatever they want.

Then I tried to get a lab done to prove someone has been medicating me, and the police last night made it an opportunity for me to go to the psych ward or to scare me. After I was hung up on, multiple times, police finally came out and said they'd meet me at the Shelter. This woman that has never liked me, named Donna, who I have good reason to believe is connected to FBI locally, was waiting for everything. The police came and I was told to go sit in the chapel first. So I sat next to this little girl in the chair closest to the back so I could get in and out easily. I talked with her and she was holding this Mickey Mouse cup and then I was told the police were there and the staff woman unlocked a door to the mental health room, and wanted police to talk to me there. There was another office available, 2 in fact, but they wanted the "mental health" room. So this officer D.Keys sits behind the desk as if he is a psychologist and I am sitting there and they ask me what is going on. I said I wanted to be tested for unknown substances because I had been medicated. He asked me if I knew when and I said yes, I knew almost the exact date but that it had been done to me several times. I told him this was interferring with my legal affairs and every other personal thing in my life, including my ability to function like normal and get things prioritized and have the energy I would normally have and it affected my memory to an aggregious degree. He said how did I know and I told him because I could tell and I felt it and then all of the symptoms pointed to proof that I was medicated. So then he started asking about mental health and I said I hadn't gone to the hospital because I was afraid they would do the same thing that happened last time, and throw me into a psych ward. So then he says, "Have you been taking your medication?" and I had not even told him I was on medication. Not only that, when he had asked, "Are you on any medications?" I said "No." Then he said, "Have you been prescribed any medications?" and I said "No." All of a sudden, a few minutes later after I told him I'd been thrown into a psych ward and they had told me the FBI was party to some of the defamation, he says, "Have you been taking your medications?" I had just told him I didn't have any medications. If that asshole didn't have prior information about me, if he was only going off of what I told him, he would have remembered I said I didn't have any medications and nothing was prescribed. I didn't tell him someone prescribed something from the psych ward. But he evidentally knew, because even after he feigned ignorance, he asked if I had been taking my medications. Which meant someone told him I had been prescribed something and I wasn't taking them. So he says, with Clark standing by, when I said, "No", he said, "Why not?" and I said, "Because I don't need them and they caused harmful reactions." He said okay well they knew of a place where I could be tested for unknown substances called "Mobile Unit" and someone could see me at any time and do the testing. I said okay and he took me outside and around the back of his car. Donna was outside watching. There was a bumper sticker on the back of his car that said "Move Over And Save A Life" and when I looked at it and noticed I looked over and saw Donna watching me and smirking over the sign. He put me in the back of his car and as I faced forward, I saw him talking to Donna in the reflection on the plexiglass and I could see their expressions.

I knew then and there that 1 of 2 things was happening.
The police or someone in the U.S. wanted to claim my reports were being taken. They knew that they could either use this as an excuse to throw me into the psych ward again, or if I didn't go, they could lie and claim I was never going there and that I refused to have testing done for an unknown substance. I saw Donna defaming me to police, from the reflection, and I said I had to get something. My phone had run out of batteries and minutes and that was another reason I wasn't going anywhere--not without my phone. So I got out and then said I had changed my mind and wasn't going. Then I went back inside and they stayed parked out there, 2 cars, and talked with Donna outside for over 30 minutes. I was back in chapel where they were playing the second half of a Kate and William (from a glorious christian perspective!) movie. I am not kidding. The staff decided to have all of us watch a movie with a woman named "Catherine" who looks just like Kate and has "allergies" and everything. It's about a couple who want to be divorced but he gets letters from his Dad about how to make things work out and of course I'm sure the end is that they stay together. Their issues are over him being on the computer looking at things "she doesn't want him to see" and she is nagging all the time. So I am told to go back into the chapel and sit there and watch this ridiculous movie about "not leaving your partner behind" and "tall-dark haired-thin-Catherine-with-the-allergies-with-Kate-Middleton's-face" and some guy who thinks his wife is a bitch when it comes down to it, and how these advice letters are going to solve everything.

It was Part 2 because the first one they made us watch over a week ago. I thought then, "Why is the staff here picking out this movie about a married couple when NONE of us are married?" Most of us are not even in romantic relationships but we're sitting there being made to watch a movie about not leaving the bastard behind that deserved to be dumped. It seemed really fitting and applicable to all of our lives. We live in a shelter for women who are there because we chose to be independent or because of bad fortune. We are, most of us, not in romantic relationships, and we go to the shelter with or without kids in tow, by 6:30 p.m. every night like a bunch of frickin' nuns and then sleep in barracks like Army brats. I think the judgement of the staff is off 100% at least 60% of the time.

So I am sitting there, oh, wait, first I went back to my locker and I got out my second book out. I had left the "When Pigs Move In" book at a different locker for weeks and that night decided to put it in my bag. Then I ended up needing it, because the Pigs came out. I was in the cop car with my Bible in my hand and got out and went to locker to get the Pigs book. I was standing there and this staff woman Donna opened the door and said, "What are you doing Cameo? are you leaving?" and I said, "No, I'm getting something" and then I dropped these books onto the floor, my Bible and the Pigs book, at the same time, and I did it on purpose because I was pushing my bag into my locker and I wanted her to see the Pigs book. And the Pig book slid ahead of the Bible so it was close to her and facing her and my Bible was closer to me. This is after Donna had just tried to defame me to police. I thought, "That's right. I thought before that she was connected to FBI and she is." I didn't drop my books thinking, "Whichever book ends up closest to Donna means..." I just saw what happened and thought, "That's right God, and thank you very much" and I picked up the books again and stared at her as I passed while she looked guiltier than Hell. The other staff person who doesn't want anything good for me to happen is named Courtney. I went back to chapel and had to sit through Kate Middleton character curled up in bed in a turquoise shirt, and her husband asking about "What's wrong? is it your allergies again?" as she sniffles no and then he brings her something to eat and they make for a reunion when she needs time to "think about it". This is after he is on the computer and looking at the boat he wants (the object of his desire which she loathes) and then decides he is can't stand the temptation so he'll destroy it and trashes everything in a rampage against material things and his computer and breaks everything. At least I think that's what happened because I only heard the sound of things breaking and him kicking things all around bc my eyes were closed and I was thinking, "Get me the Hell out of here" and was trying to figure out what God had to say about Donna. If he would reveal something to me. I got something, which I'll share in a minute. However, then she tells me they want to see me again, the cops. So I go out and there are 2 new women there and they are standing by the mental health door with a clipboard and I had my 2 books in my hand, my Bible on top of the pigs book. The officer D.Keys looked over and saw the title of the pigs book. "When Pigs Move In". I hadn't planned it that way but it was the only part that showed because my Bible is smaller and was on top of the other book, obscuring all but the title. They said, "There are some women here to see you that would like to talk to you." and I said, "I have nothing to say" and they said wait, I had to talk to them, and the women said "We just want to ask you a few questions." They were social workers who wanted to ask to determine mental health and anything I said they could twist. If I said nothing they couldn't claim I even talked to them at all. So I said, "I know that I have a right to either talk to you or not talk to you and I choose not to talk to you." And they said okay and I left to go sit back in the room.

The scriptures I got about Donna were about light and how those who are in the truth do not shy away from the light and being revealed. But those who are not in the light, hide from the truth or being revealed. This was from the Old Testament and then the New Testament one I got was then about how they could not see the light because the law of Moses was obscures the truth like a veil over a face. I guess I can find the scriptures later, for exact references and I sort of asked about it for the other woman that was sitting there too, who is named, I think, "Mary". I first got some passage of "Those guilty of intermarriage" and didn't know how that applied so I looked again and got the verses about hiding from being revealed. I guess I wonder who Donna is married to though, for kicks it might be interesting.

I stayed there and thought, I have so much to write about and I haven't even started and the only way I am going to be tested for unknown substance is maybe out of this country. I have too many people working against me here.

You know, honestly, last night I tried to get a larger post office box for storage of items and even this was held up. Supposedly the "system" claimed there were no available boxes so I was told I had to wait until Monday. Which is really not that big of a deal I guess, but it's one delay after the other.

I am going to find the scriptures I got last night and I went to BibleGateway where the verse of the day today is "Every knee will bow and every tongue acknowledge God" from Romans.

I have recently understood one of my dreams from the past or not fully, but understood why some others were worried about it. It is the dream about making something out of green and red and how these Jewish people were afraid and one of their daughters took my necklace from me that I was beginning to make. The dream I had over a year ago.

I also thought about this dream that I had recently where I picked up earrings and thought at first they were sapphires but weren't, and then saw the description "sagitareous" on the back...Well, it came to my mind later, all kinds of ideas for interpretation or what it means and then I thought, I think this is different totally, but I thought about how my engagement ring from my fiance was described as "Phoney Baloney" by a jeweler. I had been separated from Alvaro for some time and took the ring one day, to a jeweler in Wenatchee. I had already suspected it wasn't the highest quality but I didn't really care. I had some high powdered women mocking me over it though, in D.C., like I was a joke. And then I went to the jeweler and he told me it wasn't even worth $20. He said, "It's phoney baloney." I said, "How much could I get for it?" and he wouldn't pay anything and told me it was phoney baloney after looking it up with a microscope. I think that's when I figured it was picked up for cheap at some stand at the Mall and absolutely I was being set up. I was shown the other rings, which were matching silver bands with 5 tiny white stones in the middle. Those were supposed to be our wedding rings. I walked out of the store and threw the ring into a garbage can that was on the sidewalk somewhere. I think. Or maybe I just thought about doing this. I think I actually thought about doing this and then decided to save it for evidence and someone stole it from me. I thought about this last night after the cop D. Keys flashed his wedding ring around which was a similiar style to the one I was getting for marriage.
I talked to my son and I believe he was thrilled THRILLED to have time with my Mom and Dad visiting. However, I have no doubts that the CIA has used him and thinks they can continue. My son showed very specific signs of having been used for psychic research crap. The entire time I was on the phone with him, he had a monotone voice and sounded tired and kept saying "Oh" over and over and then was describing things that were happening in the store I was in, in Nashville, TN, from Wenatchee, WA. He kept saying things or imitating things that were happening at the store, before they happened. But it was almost at the exact same time. For example, out of nowhere, he made this specific crying noise and then this other kid in the store made that exact noise. It was so close in timing it was almost instaneous but there was only a couple of seconds lapse, like one second. Then he was making a few comments right before someone else next to me was saying the exact same thing. It was like my son was psychic and saying things before they happened, where I was, but he wasn't aware he was doing this. It was just some kind of automatic thing he was doing, which is exactly the kind of thing the CIA and military attempts to hone. I had been gaining insight and evidence that my son was being tortured, abused, and brainwashed and trained by persons to be some kind of manchurian candidate.

I heard my son talking and knew this is why the State of Washington and others have tried to block me from contact with my own son, so that they could use him however they want and get away with it. While, at the same time, they used me in another location and tried to compare notes on their sick experimentation of what I do and what my son does at the same time. They kept us in a few visits just to see how we coordinated together and so the Bitch Anne Crane could document for the CIA and military assholes, and then they separated us intentionally so they could continue their experimentation. They cut me off from visits so I wasn't able to monitor how my son looked and acted and what was going on with him. I was never harming my own son--the U.S. has allowed others to harm him and they didn't want ME getting in the way. I would have saved my son's life and they have destroyed it. They have turned my son into a zombie for their own disgusting projects and continued to use me as well.

Then, I found out almost all of his toys have been stolen from him by perfect gangsters. I asked my aunt what happened to the toys and I guess some group didn't think it was enough to steal everything that I owned from me, they wanted to punish my son and steal everything from my son to give to their own kids. Several things were taken from him and my aunt said maybe he left it at church or outside and then they were taken but something is wrong with the church they go to. Someone there is a manipulative and bad person.

Then, I didn't have any dreams, but I woke up with a cut on my forehead that I didn't do and it wasn't there last night either. I went to the restroom that night and looked at my face after talking to police and everything and there was no cut. I went to bed after curling my hair in rollers and no cut. Then I fell asleep and there was nothing with me in that room. I had my Bible, a bag of curlers, and that was it. But I woke up and had a scab that was new on my forehead and I rubbed it off wondering what it was from and then I went to the restroom and had this bloody scab on my forehead. I rinsed it off with water and it showed a very slight cut and it wasn't from my fingernails. It was just the very top part of skin and it was done with a very sharp razor. There is nothing sharp on my bed either. It is from a razor. It has very small but precise lines that fingernails cannot be used for creating.

This, after I said to everyone in the dorm last night, or asked if they'd ever been given something that was phoney baloney before. And then knowing some of the women there have tried to track me and report on me from start to finish, and are not on my side. A whole group of them, hosting at the shelter.

I have a lot more to write, but have to work first and then I'll write more.

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