Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today & U.S. Experimental Use of My Family (Catholic Designation)

I had a brief dream before I fully fell asleep but I don't remember it. Then I don't recall dreaming at all past that.

Yesterday, I sort of had an answer to my question to God, or query to anyone in general, about when it is not a good idea to share cool things that God can or does do.

I feel what I shared was okay but then later that day something else happened when I asked God a different question and basically, I knew then and there, there is absolutely no way I am supposed to share this. I sort of wanted to tell my parents and then thought, "No, not even them. No one." It's not as though I have secure communications anyway. But at least I was able to be aware of where it may be up to me and then other times where it would be sheer stupidity to share. So I cherished the answer, and tucked it away, and trust that even if it means nothing in real world terms, I can be sure of what God wanted to say to me, even if it was another small thing.

Which, has actually become more and more essential--that I learn to hear from God on my own. The others are louder and have so much to say, and signs and symbols they may claim are from God, and as the clamor gets louder, it is more important to be in touch with what God is saying to me--not friends, not strangers, not prophets or psychic types, and not even what my parents or family says (even if I try to honor them, in general). It is more and more important to not be discouraged and take a small confirmation for what it's worth and treasure it and allow this to fill me. In the sense of filling my cup and restoring my faith or confidence, because so many have tried to pull this down.

And then I have people trying to trap me all the time. Not just in big things, like the false arrests I've experienced, but small things too. A woman gave me something small recently. I didn't take it for a few days, even though it was clear she wanted me to take it. But I didn't need it or want it really, and then finally I thought, okay, if it's that big of a deal, I will take it. And as if I didn't know how many other women wanted to watch and see if I did. If I hadn't known how much she wanted me to have it, I wouldn't have accepted. My every single move is watched. Everything. And the smallest things made into larger matters it seems. I can't make a phone call, send mail (postal or email) without interference and surveillance from more than one source.

Yesterday I went shopping for my son, which was fun until some of those against me amassed themselves to my location. It was great until then. I then had people coming around corners and blasting me with technology crap. I know this one thing is NOT satellite or something like that because when I went all the way to a mall out of the area, and it happened, there is no way, in my opinion, that something remote is tracking me in the mall, though I suppose that's not impossible but it was more like for the first 2 hours everything was peaceful and then it just picked up from there and then on the way home, an enormous level of harassment by those driving by. I had a very intuitive feeling who most of the people were or what group they were coming from. Then it quit once I got back into town--their desire to follow all over and harass me.

Then, I had someone trying to pull stuff to punish me last night at work. Most of the night, no problems, but someone is still worried about me or threatened. Someone had drawn a big heart on the schedule pad with where we are stationed and I wrote, spontaneously, for the first time writing on the pad (when others do all the time): "Set me as a seal." This, I guess, infuriated someone and at the end of the night, they went all out for me. The only thing I could think was "There are a lot of people who never want kids and they are not going to have them either and even some of those who are doing these things to me, who want children, will not have them."

(I am listening to Casting Crowns "Your Love Is Extravagant". I really like this song. I was listening to Chopin and then switched to worship music.)

Then at the end of the night this guy was sitting there ordering and I could tell he was someone who expects or looks for signs, wrong or right, or seeks to make points. And he said he wanted a "royal flush" and then I brought him this and right after I asked for it, people were going out for me--I mean, targeting me with technology and psychic stuff, and then he asked for his receipt and out of all the stations I could have printed a receipt from, I printed one out that had pink spots or blotches on it. I thought, "There's your royal flush sir" and dropped it off at his table. This pink striping or blotches happens when the roll of paper is near the end and out of 6 different terminals I pulled the receipt from that one, of course, not knowing which terminal was near the end of the paper.

At the end of the night I got a donut and had tea and was sitting at the bus terminal and it was dark but I had nothing to read and time to kill so I opened up randomly and it was about false prophets and those who lie about dreams they've had. Who say "this is the word of God" or use God to try to make a point on their own human ideas of what they want or want others to believe. It says those who do this will be cursed and their families cursed as well. I think it's from Jeremiah. I don't think there is anything wrong with sharing thoughts, or ideas, or dreams at all, but I know if it is done with deceipt or the wrong motive, it is dangerous and serious. This is where I take the fear of the Lord to heart. How dare anyone use the name of God to further their own ideas or agenda?
I went shopping for my son and had a few moments of levity where I was surprised to find myself laughing or giggling over a toy.

I don't really have anyone I would call a friend over here. Yesterday a security guard said, "You're the quietest one here." Imagine that. Me and my big mouth--quiet. Which isn't totally natural for me. I am my happiest as an extrovert and it is natural for me but anymore, I feel I walk alone, I think many things to myself alone, and even if I write things many would never share, I don't talk to others. Whatever I say goes out to everyone and my speaking doesn't draw me nearer to any kind of true friendship. At this point in my life, there are few who seek my sincere and true friendship or who I click with. Most of the people I come across are self-motivated and then leak whatever I say to others or use it as a point to some game. I was the quietest one in college, on the Debate Team. Everyone would talk and argue and debate and I was very quiet but one on one, I talked with any of my team members. I just felt it better to listen then, but it wasn't because I felt people were trying to use me. Now, people are trying to use me. And I revert to being silent when I realize there is no point to trying to joke around and become familiar with anyone. I am staunchly for democracy but I have to say I sometimes feel I identify with someone who I don't know at all except for knowing there is nothing to say intimately to anyone that will gain ground. There are many more causes and reasons to be guarded and keep to myself. I will joke or talk on a surface level with anyone, but spending time and developing relationships more than in passing or from constant contact...what is the point? I'm not interested in being in a romantic relationship with someone. Many women already have their women friends or I've been stabbed in the back or used by them. So if I venture so far and see there is only an entire pond of snapping turtles, why try to befriend any of them when all they want is to bite. I think probably my best friends who may be new, are kindred spirits that somehow understand or empathize with me and yet we never talk. And then I have my very old friends, and I'm not begging for more. I'm not going to shrivel up and die if I'm not out to clubs, dancing, or BBQ, or corporate parties, or dinner parties. And when I walk alone, I don't mind my own company at all. I never feel lonely. I feel content and secure with myself and with knowing God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are always with me as are kindred spirits. Then, I keep in touch with family and a couple friends now and then and that's it. It is not a requirement to have a "large social network" to raise a child either. If you're a bad parent, then yes, maybe then "It takes a village." Or, if you are a parent who has political problems, it might be helpful to have more support. But no, there is nothing anywhere, in child psychology that says a child must have a parent that is socially connected all the time in order to be healthy. There are families that live in remote areas, or have, in the past, and they are not deprived. Even the Laura Ingalls Wilder family, to point to one autobiographical example...they lived in remote areas for long periods and their kids grew up fine with only a mother and father and actually, no one else out in The Big Woods. Kids that are homeschooled too, maybe some of them are lacking a little bit socially, but many of them thrive and there is no right of the State to persecute those who desire to
SET THEMSELVES APART. For whatever reason someone may choose to set themselves apart or their children apart, it is not the government's business to interfere, discriminate, persecute, and judge. I enjoy large gatherings and events and never hestitated or shied away from taking my son to these things, but if I did not have a "bosom buddy" in Wenatchee, believe me, there was a reason: look at the gene pool. There was no kindness in that town and more corruption than any small town should ever be getting away with. I have tried to go out of my way to be friendly and make friends and then realized I had nothing in common with people in Wenatchee. Just the fact that they all live there, by choice, is a major sign of how different I am from them. I am not someone who must live, like an ingrown hair, in the same pore they inhabit. I tried to make things work out and they were among the cruelest people I have ever been around and the most collectively without a moral backbone. It is true that there are even more wicked or evil people in surrounding areas or at a distance that were affecting things, but the failure of those in Wenatchee to stand up for the right thing was shocking. They circle the wagons after they all have a grave digging party. Maybe they allow someone else to do a lot of the injury, but they all stand around and watch as someone is being stoned. It would not have been possible to be a hostage in that town unless they all decided to keep an immoral code of silence. There are people here too, who have done incredible things. Unbelievable and horrendous things, but at least there is more variety. If anyone good is in Wenatchee, they are trapped there too. There is an incredible amount of sophisticated crime in Washington state and the FBI and CIA departments there do not seem to be on the up-and-up to me.

So far, with problems beginning with the Abbey matter in Oregon, I moved, and had their friends and associates ruining things for me and defaming me to parties in Washington. Then, I moved all the way to Tennessee, at least to visit, and I have FBI personnel defaming me here too? This is exactly what is required for proving political asylum need--a federal agency that is harassing or harming an individual by commission of crime and civil violations and omission of their obligation to investigate crimes of public corruption and fraud. Even if I've said "I hate the U.S." after being provoked to distress, or had some corrupt official try to even put me on a terrorist list (seriously), there was certaintly no grounds to withhold FBI records in 2004 unless they are dirty and corrupt and trying to withhold evidence that will allow me to prove my point and discover which individuals or parties are responsible for things. The FBI has acted as a harbor for terrorists to me and my son. They are supposed to investigate and they are the agency that is supporting, defending, and harboring terrorists who have harmed me and my son. They have no only provided safe haven for terrorists and criminals, they house and employed some of them. Not only have they left my family desperate and in a position to be blackmailed and intimidated, by assuring us they are standing by mocking with a watchful eye, they have provided access to my family to criminals and corrupt public servants. They have additionally provided these criminals and corrupt public servants with resources and funding for terrorizing and using my family.

And from what I am beginning to gather, this is not entirely new for my family. I started looking at some historical things that have happened to my family, and parties to the U.S. government and military have been involved.

My own problems are 10x worse maybe, but there is a history of using my family for experimental purposes. We have never, not once, been adequately compensated for any of the harm. And if I ever, at any point, volunteered myself to be part of a research project, it was after I had already been used involuntarily and had the idea come to mind because of some of this manipulation. I do not believe I ever gave a voluntary consent to be a research project, not even when I literally wrote to branches of military volunteering myself. My son and I were already being targeted and used, as others have been, in my family. Having someone "volunteer" after being used and conditioned to volunteer, is not a free will choice. It is an ignorant decision made out of a innocent desire to do something good, not realizing that all around, evil has been done to the entire family already. I was conditioned and groomed to volunteer for military research in the same way the royals are conditioned and groomed to take a role as "royals" whether they like it or not. Whether they're suited for it or not and whether or not it is really their own calling that God has for them. I certaintly know that what is happening to me and my son, and our conditioning and grooming and torture, is not because it is in line with what God really wants for us. These people have manipulated and almost entirely destroyed my entire family.

We have been the living dead.

And then we have been so groomed and blackmailed and coerced and ignorant, we believe this is "the best country" and that it would probably be worse somewhere else. We are told this is the best country, as almost every single one of my family members has been used, tortured, blackmailed, and experimented on by the U.S. government.

At some point, someone wises up. If that person is me, let it be me. I know what you have done and what you are doing to my family.

If you haven't killed us outright, you have ruined and destroyed us, to further your own agendas.

If I start making a list, I can align almost all of my family to being targeted and tortured. My Grandpa Garrett, who served in the military for this country, told my Grandma Belinda (who is from Malaysia), that he did not want to be buried with a U.S. flag. Why not? I just found this out within the last year. I found out my grandfather, who shared a love of military history with my father, refused to be buried with the honor of a military procession and flag. He said, "If my kids can't have a burial with the flag, then I am not going to either." At first I thought, "He just loves his kids and doesn't care too much about ceremony." Then I realized, "No, he was referring to the fact that he knows full well that his own children were signed up for the U.S. military without their full and informed consent. If his kids were going to be used by the government and not honored or acknowledged or compensated for their damages, HE was not going to lie down in his own grave with a flag covering him."

My Grandpa Garrett was a very secretive man when it came to military. He wouldn't discuss his own involvement in the military with even his own children. But I realized, at some point, while mulling some things over: my family has been targeted, tracked, and followed about for decades, and used. I think about how the CIA is allowing abuse and torture of my own son for their continued sick experimental reasons--would I not also say, "I do not want to be buried with an American flag. If my own is not going to be recognized and compensated for what he's been through, when he is a child and didn't even have a freewill sign-up, why would I find it an "honor" for ME to be buried with such a flag? I didn't sign up either, and yet I am military and U.S. property.

They used my Grandpa Garrett and his brother. There is a reason that my surviving and living Great Aunt Mary and Margie keep their praise for the U.S. in reserve. They know their own brother died because of the U.S., after the U.S. used him for experimentation. Then the U.S. decided this was an "interesting family" or family with traits that could be used and exploited. They have not left us alone ever since. Now, it's not just interested scientific Protestants in military causing us harm, it's the predominant Catholic community that has gained power and has used this power and position to push for increased harm, and partly for revenge. Using a historical use of my family members as an excuse to push for further research and harm, with the guise of legitimate U.S. national interest.

My Grandpa Garrett was experimented on. His brother Howard was experimented on. He wasn't just used to test planes as a test pilot for Boeing in Seattle. He was experimented on by the U.S. military.

Then, all of my Grandfather's kids were targeted by the U.S. for research and use. All of them. My Dad, Robert Guy Garrett, my Aunt Charlotte, my Uncle Howard.

My Great Uncle Howard died in Seattle, Washington. Washington State has had a hand in the harm for decades. Even though my Aunts were on the East Coast, they knew and know that something suspicious was going on. My father was targeted ever since he was a baby because he was identified as brilliant. He tested out as genius level in school when they didn't even typically test for these things in public schools. The U.S. has used him. My uncle Howard went through an entire personality change after he served in Vietnam. They beat and medicated the life out of him and now he is dying from Agent Orange poisoning. My uncle Howard, the whole family is told, was almost a legend. My Great Aunts and biological Grandmother still grieve over what happened to my Uncle Howard. He was this strong, vibrant, confident young man, with a good head on his shoulders, handsome, and fit, and smart. He stood up for his brothers and sisters and looked out for them and entered the military a shining star. The U.S. experimented on him and gave him a bunch of LSD and psychoactive drugs and took the life out of him. He went in, this strong activist, ready to change the entire world, with determination. He came back apathetic. My Dad recalls that his spirit was gone. Why? Because the U.S. viewed the Garrett spirit as a threat and used us and beat the hell out of us. And now they're continuing the tradition with MY SON. My Dad said it was like night and day. Before he left to do his service, in THE ARMY, the fucking ARMY, he used to chase my Dad out if he found out my Dad had been using his stereo system which he had specially set up. He had a sense of who HE was and WHAT BELONGED TO HIM and of his own RIGHTS. He came back and my Dad did the same thing and my Dad said my Uncle Howard just said, "Oh it's alright" in a stooped way. He didn't care. He came back not caring about anything, not even his own rights, because the U.S. FUCKING ARMY stole his life from him by permanently ruining his mind, which was also brilliant, with their drugs and medications and research. They took the activist out of my Uncle in the same way they have tried to ruin my life and my son's life. And for us, it's worse, because we have people who HATE us and want to use military and other things as an excuse to allow others to harm us further. With NO HELP from the FBI. Now, after coming back a dejected alcoholic and marijuana smoker, he is dying from Agent Orange and the Veterans and Obama won't even release to him the real cause of all his problems because they haven't released to him what they used to medicate him with. They didn't steal his spirit with Agent Orange. They stole his spirit from him with medications and experimental drugs, some offered and accepted and others given without his knowledge or full consent. He was a guinea pig. He served this country by losing his life to Army research.

My Aunt Charlotte has been targeted by military too. And then she's cast off as crazy. She isn't crazy. The U.S. is fucking crazy because I am the last person they mess with who doesn't tell everyone what has been happening to us. My Aunt Charlotte is not crazy. She has been used by the military and U.S. without her consent or knowledge too, and her own kids and ex-husband weren't aware of some of it. Then, she's had medical doctors in Washington state claiming she has this or that just so they can try out more harmful crap on her that they already know she didn't need and doesn't need. They tried to say SHE had paranoid schitzophrenia when she didn't. She finally, after years, got an independent evaluation and it was determined she had Generalized Anxiety. THIS IS FUCKING FAR different from fucking paranoid schitzophrenia!

I found out she was suddenly diagnosed with schitzophrenia when the Abbey lawyers whose defendants were defaming ME as having schitzophrenia, found out there was zero history of this in my entire family. When they found out there was no history in my family, and then all of a sudden I was being called "schitzophrenic" after the age of 28, which would be an abnormally delayed onset (it doesn't happen and esp. not with women with no family history), some doctor in Bellingham decided they needed a scapegoat in my family so they diagnosed HER with this, and I'm sure certain parties in the FBI relished this because then they could try to say to coworkers, "Hey, it's in the family...her Aunt Charlotte has this." My Aunt Charlotte was experimented on, but she never had someone wanting to say she had schitz until lawyers wanted to draw a link to justify calling ME schitz. My Aunt could not believe it. The whole family knew she had some anxiety but suddenly, she was being diagnosed with this very severe illness and they MEDICATED HER for something she DIDN"T HAVE. She doesn't even email people anymore because she knows the U.S. has allowed certain persons to destroy my family for their own agenda. My Aunt Charlotte is not poor. She and her husband have nice houses, and used to have one in Bellingham or Bellevue not far from the water, where they kayaked all the time. She has a degree in English Literature and is very smart. He, her ex-husband, is also sharp and they had 2 kids. I have no clue what they are driving now but they were driving brand new SAABS or Subaru station wagons I believe, when it was the first vehicle on the line, almost 2 decades ago. She is not an "at-risk" poor person and no one in my family is. The brains of the Garrett family, and talent and looks, have not been anything to be ashamed of--ever. What is shameful has been the use by some politically motivated persons, to ruin us.

So I called my Aunt Charlotte several years ago and she was absolutely aghast that a doctor had colluded to diagnose HER with "paranoid schitzophrenia" to try to justify fellow Catholic defamation of me, for legal reasons and also within CIA and FBI (and probably international intel has access to some of these records).

She got a real evaluation from someone who wasn't politically motivated, and it was just a diagnosis of your basic "Anxiety" and then the medications she took for THAT actually worked, because that's what the issue was. Normal, everyday anxiety.

Because of U.S. assholes with political motives, they not only diagnosed ME falsely and have done horrendous things, they diagnosed my AUNT Charlotte falsely too!

And I am not kidding. My Aunt was wise enough to tell me, "Don't go to the Bellingham ER for any reason" because of what they did to her, and now, she has good cause to not even communicate by email anymore.
And for the record, I moved to a different computer and now I am not having any problems with overheating, but there were 2 different men near the other one I was on and they were using something while I was there. One was white and one was black. However, it felt like laser.
My Grandpa Garrett was a Marine, and a top notch one. No one in the family knows exactly what he did, but he was the top notch naval commander and force, and then his brother was the Air Force or Army test pilot who tested all of the new planes coming off of the Boeing assembly line. This was not a small job.

This is a family with brains and will, and they've beat us down. That's the Garrett and Howard side.

Moving on to the Baird side, my mother's side...I was talking to my Grandpa Baird last night because I was thinking about that side was also sort of persecuted, and I thought he had been audited by the IRS something like 4 years in a row. I heard somewhere that it's only about 1-3% of people who get audited and usually the top income earners and they can only do it every so many years. So I called up my grandpa to ask how many years in a row he'd been audited by the IRS and said, "Wasn't it something like 4 or so?" and he said, "No, it was 20 years in a row." The Baird Brothers, orchard owners were AUDITED 20 YEARS IN A ROW?!!!?

I thought this was bizarre and then decided, "Well, at least you have been able to work and have your own company and a family."

But then I think about what they've been exposed to too, and my mother and this photo of her with dark circles under her eyes when she was a little girl. She looks the way my son did at visits after his torture sessions with someone who has been on us since before his birth. My mother had her thyroid taken out in an area that is only 40 minutes away from one of the largest nuclear sites, Hanford. But she supposedly doesn't think her thyroid issues are from drift of nuclear waste.

I think something is up with my mother's family too, and use of them, but I am not quite as sure really. I know the IRS was all over them for decades. But I know for a fact that the Howards and Garretts have been systematically tortured, used, and exploited.

And now I have even more evidence this is happening with my own son.

My son's favorite color is not "spring green". I asked what his favorite color was and I was told this is his favorite color but it's not true. I don't believe it's true. I might go with it here or there, but I don't believe it unless I hear it from my own son and we are talking naturally. My son is still held hostage and my family blackmailed and he has been repeating what other people want him to repeat. After not being able to get through to him for over a week, my aunt picked up the phone and I heard my son and said "What is he saying in the background?" and he was swinging this cord around, I was told, and my aunt said he was "spinning it" and saying "whoo whoo". Spinning it after I blogged about my dream with the sapphires that weren't sapphires and looked like blue spinel. I also remembered, there WAS some technology stuff against me when I was near Ryan, the irish catholic marine guy. And he was the one who wanted my son to give me a green scarf with balls on it right before the Irish Catholics presented me with a "termination of parental rights notice" on St. Patrick's Day. Hello Patrick, Chief in charge of FBI public corruption department. You won. It has been Italian Catholics, Irish Catholics, and Mexican Catholics and then a few bad-mannered Jews. Oh, and then I had some of the Jews most recently try to involve a few Greek guys. I guess that's because the psychiatrist I dated briefly, who was jewish and knew the 2nd top CIA person, dated the Greek diplomats daughter (i think it was Greece). I don't know. I know this woman I work with is marrying a Greek and then all of a sudden I had a couple of Greeks approach me to humiliate and insult me and then I noticed jewish guys on the side watching and laughing about it. As far as i know, the coworker is jewish and her boyfriend is greek. Then I had this Greek guy approach me to ask, "Do you want to do some acting?" and I said, "No." and then he said, "Because I have a part for you in a movie where you would play a drunk person for an AA documentary." At that moment I saw the Jewish guy walking by and looking in laughing.

I get Ryan who is from Boston, and then then I got the Irish Cathlic judge for Eastern District who refused to acknowledge my request for injunction.

Don't tell me these people didn't try to affect my life or my son's life. Did they want us getting anywhere with a man of notice or with work or anything at all? No.

I lived with Ryan and had forgotten that there were a couple of small things that happened when he was there. One of the things had to do with my being in the apartment next to his, and then he was at his apartment and something was going on with the computer and technology and I heard scraping around from ryan next to the wall I was next to.

I also had to live with this Army affiliated guy named Theo whose father was not just Army but his son had been very deeply into witchcraft. He had printed out my photo and blown it up and put it on a coffee table to focus on. He also had a photo of me on the wall by the mirror in the bathroom. He used technology on me when I was there and he also harassed me and did some unspeakable things, even giving me clothing that was used, one shirt with a dab of feces on it and then with the town of Wenatchee wondering if I'd wear it after all my clothes were stolen. Theo claimed to be "Nazarene" but he was still full of witchcraft vibes and he was constantly trying to figure me out and hone into me and try to find out if his psychic skills were accurate or not.

I could go on but I'm stopping here for now.

I currently live with some women that have done the same thing and spread information they think is accurate about me, to others. This is at the homeless shelter. Not everyone who says they are a protestant christian is. One is protestant and has tried to tap into me and share things with others and then on one night, I started sort of figuring it out. I thought, "Something is not adding up." There was one night my curlers were stolen and then this weird fear when a different night i was curling my hair and I had this feeling, "Someone is in town that they don't want to see me". I'll write more about the line up later. And the people I had to stay with.

I'm talking to a P.I. finally. I am going to get proof of being medicated or drugged without consent and I'm going to find out where some of this is coming from. I am also interested in having someone investigate the FBI. If persons within the FBI are refusing to give me records about me, I have a right to know why. I want someone to investigate the FBI personnel and do some surveillance of them for once. I guess we could start by finding out what Diane Harsha is up to. And maybe someone could investigate Brad Uhl.

I don't care what my Ex is doing, Pardo, but on the other hand, since he was trying to set me up, I could always ask to find out what he's been up to.

I am going to find out who is keeping discovery from me and withholding and who is drugging and medicating me. I want to know who is responsible for defaming me and blackmailing my family too. I might just find out if I can get someone to start investigating who is getting access to my son and to my family.

The U.S. has people in there who are a part of the problem. I have a right to put these parties under surveillance. That means I start finding out where my son is being taken, who he is with, who is going up and down the road, who is blocking the road or patrolling it, and who is going through the orchard. Who is at church and how my son is treated at church and at daycare.

And I don't have to say whether or not this happening or not and who I have decided to go after first.

I could also have someone tracking Abbey lawyers to find out how people they know have connections to people in WA.
On another note: I laughed at this flashlight that was a tractor flashlight. You wheel it along and it opens up with a big flashlight and makes this noise. I didn't get it but thought it was funny. then I saw these light up shoes with a skull and crossbones and when they lit up I started laughing bc I could not picture my son wearing them and imagined him saying, "Scary!" I didn't have any impressions except for at around 5:30 p.m. yesterday, someone doing the macarena. i kept getting the macarena, for almost an hour.
But yeah, tracking this back to Oregon is going to be helpful. It started there, went to WA and then had people in the D.C. involved and then someone decided to rally gangsters in TN.

I am investigating officials and I am investigating, if I can, gang members who are connected and being used.

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