Saturday, April 2, 2011

Brad Uhl and Nashville FBI Defamation--Chris Rozollo

I will put all of this in order, from one man to the next, but, since I was just recently medicated again, without my consent, I have a good reason for lining some of the people up who want to say I am mentally ill. 1. Mykal Holt--Slept with my Ex. Wants to say I'm mentally ill. Several of my belongings stolen from her house. I see the same friends photo on her fridge that is on the fridge of another man I stayed with who had to have sexually molested me in some way. 2. Brad Uhl, DEA for Nashville. Sees me for less than 2 minutes and declares loudly that I'm mentally ill. Brad Uhl is from Florida. Chris Rozollo, the man I had a short fling with after I broke up with my fiance, has connections not only with "construction" and other things, but the DEA. Chris Rozollo wanted me to go to jail for Failure to Appear. He looked happy about it. My friend, my REAL friend, Geoff Rasmussen, paid bail to keep me out of jail. Chris Rozollo introduced me to some DEA guy he was friends with. I don't know if that DEA guy was corrupt or not. But Chris Rozollo is from Florida. I move to Nashville and all of a sudden, Brad Uhl and his wife decide to move over here and start calling ME nuts and when I went to Vanderbilt, it was Brad Uhl and Nashville FBI that were defaming me to Vanderbilt and had it set up. They knowingly sent me to a place where I was going to be assaulted and injected with medications. The main man there, who yelled at me and kept saying there was something wrong with me, before the Eastern Indian doctor made the order, made all of these references to Chris Rozollo. And I can make a LOT more connections than that. Ryan. Alvaro. Chris. Tony. Omar. Mike. Mark. James. Army. Army. Army. CIA. Army. Army. CIA. And probably other associations and intel as well. I want my son BACK. You fuckers, you fucked with my family for the last time. I was most recently medicated at only one of the following: McDonalds, work, or Holiday Express. Otherwise I took food unmonitored from no one. I had a salad at work and I suppose someone could have done something to the dressing first. I had the Big Breakfast pancake and eggs platter a few days ago and felt something was wrong right away. There was all of this crackling...some kind of a very bizarre sensation to my head like something literally WENT to my head. I have had coffee at the Holiday Inn. Otherwise, I see no way how I could have had anything. And I know I am not having my period, which has ONLY happened when someone has been medicating me. And I am also having the droopy eye again and this is NOT possible without my being medicated. I only get the droopy eye if I'm having a migraine and the fact that I'm having this droopy eye and no migraine this month, indicates I am medicated without my consent. I haven't had normal or typical energy levels, at ALL, ever since the fuckers at the mental health place gave me massive injections and then other overdoses of meds on top of that. You QUIT calling ME crazy, you QUIT screwing around with my life and medicating me at your own leisure, and you QUIT your fucking research and allowance of others to torture me and my son. Anyone trying to DEFAME me by saying I am mentally ill is my enemy. Period. If someone in the FBI is saying this, they have someone to protect and something to hide. If someone in the CIA is saying the same thing, ditto. DEA, ditto. The ONLY people I give any allowance to on this at all, is my own immediate family: mother, father, brother, because they honestly do not understand or know what's going on all the time. They do not think I'm nuts or that I need medication, or they wouldn't have gotten me out of the "evaluation" (I wasn't hospitalized technically--I was "evaluated" and drugged for over a week and then released when it was determined they had no legal cause for hospitalizing me). If my immediate family now and then doubts me, I give them allowance because they have had people work on them as well, to work against me, and I understand that it is sometimes most difficult to get people who are close to you to really believe you about everything. So I do not think my family is my enemy ever, I only think they are duped and confused sometimes, and being deceived by people who want to benefit their own special interests. I think that, by the way, I left a message with some agency (either the Al-Jazeera news...or?) about my involvement with the Pentagon guy, but I said a wrong name for his last name I believe. I didn't know him by his last name anyway. I knew him as "James" period. What I know, is that someone has obviously infiltrated the U.S. intel and law enforcement and made it look like they are on MY side while they defame me or line others up to do this. Because there is no reason for the continued problems unless this is the case. I finally sense some decent energy for once. It's 10:07 a.m. I have to work. And by the way, I'm working with the second set of shoes that is destroyed by someone with an exacto or pocket knife. The shoe that was ruined is totally destroyed and I'm walking on it a half inch lower than the other foot and am going to have to puncture the other sole and dig it out, just to make it fucking match.

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