Friday, April 1, 2011

Calm Before Storm

I had to break and take my mind off of what I'm trying to write next. I am thinking about how to describe who has been involved in some of the things that have happened to me and my son. Not all of it, I won't write about everything, but a few things I am trying to line up. I stopped, and wanted a candy bar. Then I tried to distract myself by looking up "prince harry news" as it has nothing to do with this. I read he's in the Arctic until the 5th of April. Then, I looked up the line for a couple of other royal things but didn't click on any articles--just read bylines. I was thinking about how strange it is I am even interested, and how it came to be that I went from never in my life caring about anything "royal" or connected to that, even with all of the princess diana all escaped me. And then it's like one day I go from being totally oblivious to wondering about diana. And it's not royal stuff in general or I would probably be looking up other royals as well. There are some very interesting ones out there I'm sure. What the attraction or draw was, I think, was the case, and how I felt I could relate. I guess it branched from there, and my interest has had peaks and valleys, depending on what I'm going through. I think I need a candy bar or something. So I'll be back in a little bit and maybe finish what happened in Canada as well.

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