Friday, April 1, 2011

Blogger Eliminating Html

I just checked the Html to find out why my blog posts have sentences running together. As soon as I did, someone from Blogger or someone else, immediately GOT RID of all Html on my blog. Basically, deleted the functions for Html. After writing my last post, about the liver and heart, I went to "edit html" and saw the tag at the beginning of the post which said something about "justify" and then the very end Html tag at the end of my post, which said something else. So I decided to look up Html on my earlier posts before someone started messing around with my Blog. And now for some reason, someone is enabling me to write with paragraph breaks again but I'm not able to see the Html anymore. When I went to an earlier post, that had paragraph breaks, I clicked on "edit Html" and as soon as I did, there was no Html and the entire blog post smushed together into one block of words. And Html disappeared. So obviously, the person tampering with my Blog is experienced at computers. Not only that, they would have to have the ability to almost instantly remove Html capabilities from someone's personal blog. Every time I try to look at the Html now, it refuses to let me read it.

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