Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Assault at Work NOW & Italian Scoop On Wenatchee

I am off for the night but the people who did this may still be there. I was closing out tables and had several very sharp and sudden jolts of pure heat, and it was technology. I left and it quit but what I noticed was who was there watching me to see how I reacted. This indicated they knew something was happening or going to happen.

Suspicious table #42 with 2 black men and one white (middle eastern?) woman. She was sitting closest to me when my back was turned. One of the men had a jersey on that said "O'Neal" which is also the name of an Irish guy in Wenatchee who caused some major problems for me. It is also the name of a family that Christa Schneider was connected to. Another group was at approximately table #44 and included a whole group with British accents who were watching my every move. They are all still there and just ordered. The only other people possible was a group of men, 3 white men I believe, at table #52 adjacent to me. Other than that, it was only 2 coworkers, one cleaning up a table and the other had gone around the corner to the other side of a wall to check tables.

It was very severe. Which is why I am reporting it immediately.

I also got a little discovery on some kind of biological thing that's been done to me recently with some kind of airborne (I think) item. It causes me to cough and choke up to tears and sneeze and it's like inhaling particles of dust. I believe it's airborne because since someone has been coming in and bringing in people to do this, I have tried holding my breath and this works. If I hold my breath and don't breathe in that area, I am able to abort my coughing or keep it from happening so I believe it's something released that I am then breathing.

I noticed one Vietnam Veteran who was watching my every move and then when this happened, he got up from the table looking satisfied, and smirking, and left. He was sitting several tables down watching and I was next to a few other tables at the time. What I found strange was his intense interest and then when I started to cough, he looked satisfied like I had given the show or reaction he was looking for, and then left. I made note of his and his wife's name.

One woman works as a bartender there and I have noticed several times, her alerting others in another section of the restaurant, when she somehow knows or suspects I am onto someone. I have seen her look nervous before and get people to leave early or take their receipt with their names on it.

I am not going to put up with assault of any kind. Just because I work in a public sphere doesn't give anyone the right to assume they will not be tracked and caught and/or spoken of at some point.

I also believe my family, I believe more than ever, is being blackmailed and even held hostage in a sense themselves and they haven't let on at all and I wouldn't be able to tell if I didn't just have an intuitive feeling that someone is bullying them and intimidating and coercing them to say things or to advise me in a manner that this group wants. I would not put it past someone to actually gain access to my family at their house, and do something horrific just to put pressure on them. I have seen some unbelievable, unimaginable things and so far, my family has no protection.

This man from Italy, straight up Italy, came over to the U.S. and I'm not going to say who it was but I met Old School or Classic or Traditional Italy Italians and he said, trying not to cry, "There is so much violence here."

In Wenatchee.

I am not joking around nor am I playing around. The whole area is CORRUPT, from FBI to police, to justice system and judges, and they all cover eachother's backs and get support from medical personnel and military too.

And you have serious Italians, who know a thing or two about mafias, and they are stunned at the level of violence in Wenatchee and Washington.

It is not drive-by shootings. It is the use of technology that cannot be seen, to harm, threaten, punish, and assault others and these people are getting away with it.

Some guy just got caught by the FBI for being willing to sell some drug agency tips for a new SUV and money--an officer. This is nothing compared to what I and my family are dealing with. No one will say it, except me.

The corruption is all the way through to the bone. The FBI is picking up one guy selling tips, while a lot of people are being literally tortured with technology and these people are acting as true terrorists in this country and nothing is being done about it.

The person who is speaking up, someone like me, is being pushed down and silenced and discredited as being crazy. Why? Unless more than half of the FBI is literally in on it and corrupt.

Listen to me.

People from out of this country knew about Wenatchee's reputation as corrupt. From Eastern Indians, to Pakistani, to anyone, people who are on the outside, have heard incredible things through their intel, that the U.S. won't admit to, about Wenatchee and WAshington and obviously, some of the people who are just as bad over here and have concentrated their efforts on me again.

Now, you also have Italy Italians who know the same thing. The American Italians are just in on half of it. They don't even have the same code of honor the old style Italians had or have. Maybe a little more than some other groups, but these are people who know a thing or two, and they are saying, in disbelief and with full understanding of what kind of crime is accepted and allowed:


Do you hear me?

Because I don't think you figured it out yet or you did and you who are in the FBI are not worried about it yet because you sleep just fine at night and your family doesn't suffer.

You defame me to internationals and to domestic people when you are supposed to help me and my son. You should investigate public corruption and investigate the kidnapping of my son. Why are you not even calling me or meeting me to take the facts? You spend all this time and resource on 1 officer who does a bribe and give him 1 count of obstruction and fraud. Why? Because it's easy. You haven't been willing to do what is hard yet.

You haven't yet been able to look your own coworker in the eye and say to yourself, I don't care, something has to be done--as much as I like this guy or woman, they are wrong and they are in the way of an investigation of an important crime.

You don't have just 1 obstructing justice in my case. You have more than a dozen. But you are too lazy and too weak to pick up the hard work.

I was once told the FBI is a bunch of glorified cops who snack at donut shops. If all you do is go after the one easy piece of pie, then maybe this is true. But I expect more for my tax money and as a citizen and it shouldn't take the entire world to tell you something is WRONG and that serious crimes are committed and violence and assault is occuring against a mother and her child and will occur against others too, left unchecked.

No, it's not easy. My case and situation is NOT easy and it's complicated and there are very powerful and monied people involved. That is not an excuse to not do anything.

Since WHEN do you have grown American men crying because they know what's going on and feel helpless. Since when do the older military who knew my Grandfather and know a thing or two, cry or tear up when they realize something is going down they don't know how to control? Since when do you have Italians who are hardened and worldly and experienced in every kind of knowledge of crime, crying, because THEY say the U.S. is "violent"?

In Mexico they do drive-bys. In the U.S. they use sophisticated military technology and make it slick enough so the Americans and those they pay cannot get caught.

The terrorists are IN the U.S. and some of them WORK for the U.S.

I'm glad they caught the 1 lone solo officer who was greedy enough to take a bribe. What happened to catching the criminals, the whole horde of them, in Washington state and the ones that get away with harming me now who are connected?

I'm tired of the incompetence.

I really think someone in the FBI didn't want me there because I would have kicked their ass and fired half of the squad.

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