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Assault At Work & Harassment in Catholic-Jewish parameters

At the bottom of this post is a list to prove I am not exaggerating about being in the hub or concentrated area that has all of the Catholics and Jewish in nashville. Nashville is something like 80% protestant but then the other 20% is all within a 5 mile radius of my workplace and where I live. Which is why it's easy to have the problem and harassment look like it's "everyone" when it's not, but they group up to do this and they all live in the same area. If you look at the wiki for TN it's misleading. It underestimates how many Jewish are here and the numbers are missing bc they used to be there. It underestimates how many Catholic too and puts it at 6% but the concentration is all within a 5 mile radius of where I work, along with the Jewish community. So even if protestants are 77% or so in TN, the rest of the equation isn't spread all throughout the state. They are all living in Nashville, in a 5 mile radius.

I called to report assault but decided I am going to write out the report. I made a call that was documented but I am not going to even meet with police without documenting this on my blog first, for my own protection.

Then, after I was assaulted and ridiculed and harassed the entire night, and refused to be given hardly any tables, I was told I was fired and that he was going to make sure I was fired, after I stated out loud that I was going to write up complaints that would go into the employee files.

He told me I was fired and made some excuse with a cooperating couple of people that were sent to my section. These customers were not even good people and already knew the people that worked there. They were sent to my section not very long after I said I was going to write reports about all of the people who were harassing me.

Then I called the police and the operator for the Metro Police was a woman and she said her operator number was 2218. I talked to her at about 9:18 but I don't know that she gave me an honest number for her ID. The reason I don't think she did is because when I told her I'd rather meet the police somewhere else, I said, "I don't want to go back there", she said, "You're NOT."

The manager said, "You're not coming back here" and then he said (this is the shift manager not the general store one), "You come back tomorrow and we're going to talk with the manager about this because you were not 'guest first'" or whatever. Then I was going out the door and this coworker Jordan, said to me, "You're not coming back."

Then I was on the phone with this police operator and when I said I wanted to have someone meet me someplace else because "I don't want to go back there" she said to me, "You're not." and then I said, "What do you mean I'm not?" and then she fully lied and claimed she never said this.

I decided then that I was not going to stay there while someone came out to take a report and lie about what was said.

There were a ton of people driving by waiting for this to happen. A very large percentage was Jewish and 2 cars with NY plates went by. My old manager from Jersey Mike's drove by as well.

There is no reason to fire me unless someone just wanted to have me work for a short period while they had people trying to do crazy research on me with people they brought in for this purpose, from other restaurants and locations. And, they wanted to keep me distracted I'm sure, until just 3 days before The Royal Wedding.

I had the weirdest feeling when I took the job and had the first week of torture and harassment, that it was going to be to try to distract me or pacify me so I didn't report about things, after coming out of the psych ward I was thrown into.

If anyone remembers, I got this job after I was thrown into a psych ward courtesy of the FBI and local police and DEA.

I went promptly to the Post Office and filed for an immediate passport. They all knew I was leaving and getting the hell out of here. So all of a sudden, out of the blue, as I started looking for a real job, in an office, where I would make a decent salary, I got called, over a month late, to work at this restaurant.

And I had a feeling it was to pacify me.

Quick. Give her a job and torture her there so she sounds as crazy there as Jersey Mike's made her out to be. Make sure I can't work anywhere else and that I get sucked into another job from a company out of California, where the last restaurant job that screwed me over was from (The Post Pub).

I had a feeling that someone didn't want me leaving the U.S. and also that giving me work where they could control more things done to me, and do more of the torture, would reinforce the idea that it's me and not them. They didn't want me to actually have a normal job in a normal office. They wanted me in their own confines again. And then too, I was ready to talk about a lot of things, after this psych ward stunt happened, and someone didn't want me talking so they gave me a job, hoping I would shut up long enough to allow things to happen. It is also possible that I got medicated while working there. I am not sure how or who by, and I don't know, but I know that it was either there or only one other place. I am getting tested for the medication.

Meanwhile, a bunch of Vanderbilt doctors have come through and observe me all the time. One is British but maybe he's the only one I notice having a British accent. This restaurant is right next door to Vanderbilt and it's a bunch of medical people that usually come in.

Recently, just last night, this guy came in with his fellow professionals. An entire 6 of them and all well-dressed and when I asked what they did they said they worked at the Sarah Cannon Baptist research center as IT people. I gave them absolutely 100% perfect service and they tipped me nothing.

The people who hate me have so coordinated their efforts against me they have had people over HERE trying to dress up like people in Wenatchee and doing all kinds of crazy stuff. No one in Nashville was doing this until a month after I was here and then it was just more and more as some group started feeding and growing the group to harass me. I am not kidding. I had no torture for almost 2 months too. Not one person willing to use military style technology.

So this shift manager tonight told me, "You made a mistake" and I said, "No, this woman changed her order."

I had not made a mistake. The woman changed what she was ordering and then whined about it so this manager could claim I did something wrong when I didn't.

She ordered 2 sides and no entre. I repeated the order back to her and said, "Is this all that you want? just the _ and _?" and she said, "Yes." Then, after I delivered their food, she said, "where is my fish?" and I said, "I can get you fish. I had written down you ordered the 2 sides but not fish" and she said, "I ordered fish." She didn't. And I know this because I repeated the order back to her.

Mind you, this is a black couple that came in with another 2 people, at the same time, and they were seated in my section on purpose. So then they were both working me on all sides. The one table was backing up the other table and they all knew coworkers. I just knew they did. So this shift manager cannot EVER be wrong. But he said to me that I had made a mistake when I didn't and he wouldn't let it drop. He repeated this over and over and over. Then he said, "You can't ever admit when you're wrong, can you?" I said, "Yes I can, and I do." Which is true. Already that day I said, "Make sweet fries bc I accidentally entered fries into the order but it's sweet fries." I admit when I have done something wrong. But he didn't let it go.

And this was after they had harassed me all night. One of the workers, George, pulled his pants down so far that his butt was showing and made a point to expose himself while cleaning a dressing station. He has bent over before and his shirt covers him and his pants are up. But he went out of his way to pull his pants down.

I am NOT kidding. It wasn't an accident and it was done when he and other coworkers knew I was coming around the corner. Then they did a really horrible sexual harassment joke and staged it out and this guy came in with a very lewd t-shirt as well. This guy George, drove away laughing at me and he felt comfortable enough tonight to laugh at me to my face, I guess because he felt at liberty because he thought it was going to be my last day there.

He had his pants pulled halfway down his entire rear. It wasn't just a little bit, it was all the way down and I had to look away right away. Almost all of the people I had to work with who tortured me or did weird things were Catholic or Jewish. There were even at least 2 muslims and this isn't typical for a restaurant in a diversified city. Out of a predominantly Protestant state, I work at a restaurant that is about 1-3 miles away from the main diocese for the Catholic church and also the Jewish synogogue. There is a huge preparatory school, several Catholic churches, and even some boy's home facilities. Then, the other direction, there is a very large Catholic bookstore that is 3 stories high and takes up a whole building, about 5 blocks the other way. To have such a large bookstore, there has to be a concentration of Catholics in that area or this wouldn't be where they all are hanging out, going to work, with all the buildings for boys homes, prep schools (it's an enormous campus), and the main diocese there. Then there is a nunnery only a mile from where I live. It's about a mile or 2 away. The Jewish synogogue is right on the main road a couple miles down and it's a decent size. So really, even though I looked at the statistics of where I was moving to, and it was mainly Protestant population, in Nashville I ended up in the area that is where all of the Catholics and Jewish live. All their buildings are right there. It certaintly makes it easier to harass me then. They have to drive by me anyway, to go to church, work, temple, or their houses. My workplace is in the center of their war zone.

Yesterday no one tortured me except after this Muslim-Catholic guy told me to go back and get some silverware to roll it. So I went back to the area where I would pick out silverware and the burning started so suddenly I knew it was technology. There was no one behind me and then I went around and saw there were all the cooks and prep people standing around (all Catholic except for one who I think is Muslim or something) and looking at eachother. It was one of them, but then I realized, it wasn't just one or more of them. It was also this other guy who knew what was in store for me and told me to go back and roll the silverware at that specific time. Then after this happened, he went out of his way to be nice all of a sudden but I felt it out as a reaction to being worried I caught on somehow. He is moving to Florida and has family there.

Out of all the workers in this restaurant, maybe 35-45 workers total, maybe 7 of them are Protestant background. Then there is this one woman who is, for example, I guess Protestant or nothing and she is married to someone who is Israeli jewish. Not just American-Jew but sephardic Israel Jew and for all the whining she does about him, you could fool me that she doesn't go out of her way to harass me partly for him.

These buildings are all focused in a radius of about 2-3 miles. It's even less than that because I've walked it.

So really, I would like to say I have a change of pace here, but not really with the location. The other people in the surrounding areas are the buffers. If it were not for them, I would probably suffer much much more. I only suffered at this workplace bc they were concentrated there. But as soon as I left, I rarely had problems unless I showed up someplace where I was expected or likely to go.

Some of the people who are leaving are leaving right after the Royal Wedding. They got hired on about the same time as me or one of them 2 years earlier maybe, but a lot of them are leaving all at once. One of the guys who hired on the same day I did, and signed up to come in, who is Jewish I believe, is leaving next week. A whole bunch of them are leaving within the next 3 months. And someone is trying to have me fired after using me and trying to keep me under control.

If anything I need a transfer if these coworkers are not able to be civil and normal and allow me to do my job without bringing in their friends to complain about me and ruin things for me.

I only walk within a 3 mile parameter and the Catholic and Jewish concentration is all right there.

Now I got signed up for public defense by a law firm in Spokane that has at least one possibly Jewish partner and I wonder how that's going to work. It was all Catholic and Jewish psychologists that were screwing me over and not just me but MY SON, saying they were going to evaluate and then canceling at the last minute. I believe out of all of them, 1 was Protestant.

I wrote down many plate numbers but I will just give 2 for now: TN plate 249 DKR and Georgia BPS 2983.

To prove what I am saying, here is the evidence and the statistics:

From my workplace, here are the Jewish synogogues:

1. West End Synogogue--0.1 miles away from my work.
3810 West End Ave

2. Sherith Israel--0.4 miles away
3600 West End Ave.

3. Chabad--5.6 miles
209 10th Ave S.

4. Congregation Ohabai Sholom--0.3 miles
5015 Memphis-Bristol Hway

5. Center for Jewish Awareness--3.9 miles
142 Belle Forest Cir. #B

6. Congregation Micah--4.2 miles
2001 Old Hickory Blvd

7. Jewish Federation--7 mi.
801 Percy Warner Blvd

8. Akiva Community Day School--6 mi
809 Percy Warner

9. Jewish Organization of Young Adults (NJOY)--5 mi or so

10. Vanderbilt Hillel--0.1 mi
Vanderbilt University

11. It says "temple israel has the largest congregation, of 1850 families", but I don't know which one it is.

12. Then, I tried to click on a site called "cooperation between Israel and the State of TN" but it wouldn't come up. The byline said: "Statistics and information related to relations between Israel and the State of TN." But nothing would come up. I wanted to read about the cooperation.

13. TN Torah Network (radio) is coming "soon" it says.

Some of the buildings are fairly large, like #4 if you look it up. This is what I get just by typing into google: "synogogue, nashville" and these are the ones that come up. All of them are within a 5 mile radius from my workplace and where I live.

Then the Catholic presence is even stronger:

1. St. Mary's Bookstore--0.6 mi

2. Catholic Youth Office--0.3
2011 West End

3. The Catholic Center--2.0
2400 21st Ave. S.

4. Catholic Charities of Tn--1.5 mi
10 S. 6th St.

5. 7 Catholic churches within 3 mi from work
over 8 large preparatory schools within 5 mile radius
1 college (aquinas) within 3 mi
20 Catholic churches within 10 mi radius

So anyway, as I was saying, I landed in the middle of a section of TN that is heavily populated with Catholics and Jewish and I wonder why I've been harassed so much and targeted and even tortured again over here.

I will write more tomorrow.

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