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News & Jewish-American Gangs & Middleton Family

I just read some hostages were freed today in Mexico. Sounds good. How strange to think, if true as it's reported, that 2 gangs that worked together all the time would become enemies and suddenly turn on eachother and the people too.

It said they're fighting for control of lucrative drug routes to the U.S.

Tell me something. If we know enough to know that there are lucrative drug routes, then why isn't something being done about it?

It's the U.S. fault for having so many people here who are buying these drugs. Colombia makes it or supplies, Mexico distributes, and the U.S. consumes. Get rid of the consumption and you get rid of the supply. No demand, no supply.

I don't know why, instead of saying "It all failed", the U.S. doesn't fully legalize marijuana as a controlled substance with education to discourage use unless medically necessary and then get rid of the entire supply and consumers. Making pot legal would take the market away from Canada and Mexico and the U.S. Making all other drugs impossible to buy in the U.S. would eliminate the gang need and fighting. They wouldn't even have these many gangs if it wasn't making money to sell drugs.

And now they're selling women and kids too. They make more money, supposedly, on trafficking of children and women than they even do with drugs and it's harder to catch. You can catch and capture drugs as a material good. It's harder to catch acts of sex abuse and other things.

Also, I believe a lot of the U.S. doctors and medical community are corrupt.

How and why? They are in the drug industry too. And some of these doctors that claim they can't give people in pain the medications they need, are creating a desperation that makes for a nice market. People in horrendous pain might buy drugs off the street, just to medicate their pain, if the doctors are withholding. And doctors could get paid to withhold and bribed and offered rewards and perks for doing so because THEY help facilitate the market need. Some of these doctors are not just pharmacists. A lot of them are actively engaging and cooperating with the mafia. If elderly and young are getting pain medications they need to treat their pain, they don't go to the street. The medical community preaches a totally reverse story, claiming if they prescribe meds, then they're distributed and sold to the street. The problem is, if they do NOT prescribe needed meds, these people are going to the streets anyway and they're not the ones getting the perks. The doctors are. So it makes for a nice little bit of extra pocket change for the doctors. Even if they are not being paid outright, they can have lunch with people they know are in the drug market and then take invitations to events, clubs, lavish dinners, and vacations. There are also nods and promotions and social recognition.

Doctors can also penalize people and set them up to be blackmailed if they want, if they need medications for a medical condition or painkillers. If the doctors withhold pain meds, they know they are affecting someone's life so that they are either unable to function at all, or desperate enough to buy them on the street and then they get set up for other things.
I looked up American-Jewish gangs on wiki. It says that the more modern groups work with or are comprised of more Russian or Ukraine groups now. Which might explain why I was being fried at the Russian "Baptist" church in Wenatchee.

If Kate Middleton was in line to be royal and I accidentally got someone's notice, isn't it possible that those supporting her or wanting to be hanging on her coat-tails (or train), might get someone to do something about me? Her own uncle was into drugs and Jewish. That might explain some of the Jewish hostility I have experienced, and isn't it possible that some groups decided to go after me or work with others who hated me, to trash me?

I have noticed even a few Muslims and even Eastern Indians who act like they hate me but it's not a huge group. I have had a muslim daycare (as a little girl), and worked in the households of both Jewish and strongly Catholic families. I have actually never worked for a Protestant before, in all my work history. Not that I can think of. I am not prejudiced against any person for who they are or their background but sometimes I have to pick up on where things are coming from if you can understand this. I would fight for the rights of any child, of any religion, in a heartbeat.

Also, if it's not just her uncle who wanted part of the action as being "grafted into the royal tree", it is also possibly other family members. "Gary's World" may be "Gary's Underworld" for all I know.

This would also explain why Kate might feel welcome in New York, where the main hub for Jewish mafia activity is. Her brother would suggest she move there if she wanted to, because he had his own thugs that could look out for her.

If Kate and the Middleton family are positive influence people, then why was I being drugged, chased all over the place by Jews, attacked and tortured with military devices, defamed, exploited, and lied about?

I'm sure not all of the Jewish didn't like me, but some of them had motive to work against me with Catholics that didn't like me for reasons from the past (litigation conflict).

Let's imagine that I am even Jewish myself. I'm not, but what if I was? Even if I was, that doesn't mean that some other group or family that's connected to other people, wouldn't go after me to keep me out of the way and trash me.

I do not think they would harm my son. For some reason, I think they might protect my son, which is important, and they may have some ethics there. But they allowed me to be tortured, knowing everything. And some of them were jubilant about it and others didn't even care if my son was tortured too.

The Russian Baptist church had Jewish people in attendance on the Sundays that I went there. I had wondered why they were there and they sort of mocked me and then I ended up being fried there and couldn't figure it out.

However, according to wiki, if it's true that modern Jewish mafia works with Russians, maybe that's why this happened to me in a Russian church. As a favor to someone in the royal family or someone who was picked out to be part of the royal family.

I also never said this, but felt something might be a little bit "off" when this UK Judge "Michael" decided to claim that he knew Diana was a threat to the arms industry and that's why she was killed. He wrote this article and had it published, out of the blue, right about the time I was being told "It's too late" and they started grooming Middleton in earnest. I thought, "Well, he's writing something that validates my thought that her activism about world mass weapons might make her into even more than an activist--she could be labled as a spy."

It is no wonder that William loved James Bond. He got it from his mother. William and Harry's mother was not just a princess. She was a spy in every sense of the word. Howso?

Because all that a "spy" is, is someone who gathers information on world-important issues and gives this information to another party. First I had thought, "Diana is a volunteer and an artist and a princess". Then I was convinced, "She was an ACTIVIST." And she was, and this gets downplayed. But when you take it a step further, she was a bona fide spy but 007 was maybe nervous she wasn't 007 enough if she was reporting on her own country's officials as well as officials in other country's. Yes, Diana was unique and do you really think some of those same countries she was checking into, want another Princess-Spy in the royal house with an international voice? Kate Middleton is a safe bet because she will never be a spy. I-Spy-Parties-&-Cakes is not going to save the world and threaten any part of the rest of the world that might need to be taken to task. She's not going to research and find Diana's killers. She's not going to do anything except some nice charity work and look gorgeous and put others who have bad connections and power into a better position. I'm not being sarcastic to be mean to Kate bc my idea is that she must be very nice. But facing facts, she is no Diana because she is not the spy type that was so threatening and loose-cannon-like.

What might happen is that Kate has kids with William and their children are introduced even further into the Jewish community and these interests are protected. At least the interests that are Jewish and also have a foot in the mafia and drug world.

Michael's assertion that Diana was a threat to world arms' industry and this alone was made at a conspicuous time. What it did was lay all of the blame on the idea that she was only threatening to arms and military people and took heat off of the Jewish community as having an interest in Di's association with Muslims. Just as Middleton's associates will be grafted into the royal tree to their satisfaction, Diana's possible involvement with Muslims could have resulted in the same thing, and concerned others. Why would Michael write this at the time he did unless the Jewish goldman mafia supporters were worried William was postponing because he had doubts?

Alleviate the doubts by firming up the suspicions that it was all about arms and nothing to do with culture or religion or other country interest. And if this Judge was Catholic, and the RCC was supportive of Middleton or her family, maybe there was a reason to be. Maybe not all, but many.

I cannot believe I never made some of the connections I made until recently. With all of the hideous things that have been done to me--it is amazing. I just didn't know why fully. I'm starting to figure it out though. It took me 2 years to figure out the motive for some to have me falsely arrested in Canada...I finally read the laws and found out that according to all international laws, there was no provision for taking my son, so they had to set me up for false arrest.

I couldn't figure out a motive for anyone in the Jewish community to be worried about me or see me as a threat until now. I suddenly put 2 & 2 together. Drugs + mafia + Jewish + royal seat vacancy. And then throw in some of my old problems with litigation and this would be why some Jewish and some catholic would together against me. Maybe some muslims or others didn't like me as well, I'm sure, for their own reasons, but it may have been just plain dislike after hearing me swear or freak out after being harassed, tortured, and provoked so long.

And too, those who are involved in the drug industry mingle. That means even a few Muslims might mingle with Jewish just for drug trafficking, or other deals and business.

What if William married Kate and then found out some of the people involved in setting up his mother were affiliated with Mossad? He just married a woman whose brother (?) and uncle and who knows who else, are connected to American-Jews that are connected to Mossad. According to wiki, American-Jewish mafia interests have always supported Israel and Mossad. They have traditionally sent money back to Israel.

His mom had a Jewish lawyer, a Catholic rosary and friends with priest, Muslim lover, and Protestant others. She was open minded evidentally. But some groups were worried about her and even if a Muslim driver took $10,000 in bribe money to report things before crashing a car, do we really think the Muslims were the ones who felt threatened by Diana? Probably NOT. They were about to be grafted into the royal tree already even if she wasn't married to Charles anymore and they would have some influence with her sons who might end up having Muslim half-siblings. Imagine. The only reason anyone Muslim might have anything to do with Diana would just be a tip-out here or there for info or if someone was in the drug industry and for some reason had the idea that Diana was passing on that information to someone else and they were worried about it. But in general, I don't think they had much to worry about.

Also, Diana was like me in the sense of wanting to have greater control and influence her sons. Some in the establishment were afraid of this.

I have also had people worried about how I might raise my own son, and how he could turn out if I was the one inspiring him and helping him develop his conscience. I am only a nobody.

Diana is quoted as wanting to be "The Merlin" which I'm sure she would cringe at now as much as she later cringed at her fluffy wedding dress with the puffed sleeves and all the lace. But if Diana had evolved into becoming Spy Extraordinaire, to the shock and dismay of many, imagine what kind of ideas she could fill her sons with. She might encourage them to compile dossiers of their own, on a regular basis, to help other people, at any cost, even to the reputations of those who protected England interests.

They are artists. Those royals in that family at least, are artists first and royal second. That's just the way God made them. Every one of them is an artist in their own way. I think they all do good and lots of hard work with little praise sometimes and a lot of problems and trouble and harassment. It's not as if they're never provoked.

But while the Queen may be taking a lot of private notes, Diana was putting things together and then announcing to everyone what she was doing and people knew her information could be endangering.

She was an activist and a real live Spy.

Di the Spy.

Since when do spies want a Princess turning her kids into mini-me-spies? It's not like Fergie doesn't know. And guess what? She's not going to the wedding either.

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