Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Son Designated By CIA

My son has been designated by the CIA and military for experimentation and abuse. They have knowingly allowed known child abusers, gang members, and law enforcement to participate. They have sought to dismantle his personality and ruin him and use him for experimental reasons and since they already began to invest their abuse and time into him, they don't want to quit now. They have intimidated me and family members into having him taken to locations where horrible things have been done to him. They considered returning him to me if I married Alvaro, because then Alvaro would have Green Card status so that was part of the deal. They basically sold me. They literally paid money and sold me and my son. They paid money to keep me from getting my son back and paid money for others to lie about what was going on. Then they tried to discredit me by intimidating others, including my family, to say I am mentally ill. I am not the only one who has had to live with Army or military personnel. My brother has. My brother threatened me to not say anything to anyone about his associates and "friends", some who were never his friend and only gaining proximity to get access to information to supply to the CIA and others. My brother claims I am not important enough and that he's not. I said, "Maybe you're not important enough but they have thought I am." The last housemate my brother had I didn't like. I didn't like him at all. There was something wrong with him and he didn't want me staying there overnight for even one night. It was my own brother and this guy told my brother that although they'd shared a house for a couple of years, that he wasn't comfortable with my staying there more than 1 night. He was military. Then, this woman from another country was transfered into my brother's workplace or vice versa. She is from The Dominican Republic. Or was. Her major is international business and she was going to college in Florida. I thought it was a little odd that my son was dating an international woman after I was involved with Alvaro Pardo. Both the military guy my brother lived with and his girlfriend, decided to distance themselves from my brother about a month or more ago. The military guy moved out after November of 2010. My brother's relationship with the Dominican woman was dwindling about that time and then they broke up. The other event to take place was that my brother was divorced awhile ago and went into counseling. I told him not to because I was newly with Alvaro and I believed someone was trying to type my brother and family and get information on us for intel reasons. He chose not to believe me. After his counseling, the Dominican woman got involved with him. I asked him, "Did she ask questions about our family?" and he said, "Yes, of course" and I said, "Did she ask questions about me?" and he said, "Yes, like any girlfriend would." I said, "Levi, you have a Pink Panther concept of what a 'spy' is. A spy is not some 007 Superman, doing unbelievable tricks. A spy tries to get even simple information on what you like, who is connected to whom, religious beliefs, family problems, anything and everything to find out how people tick." He shouted, "I SAT THERE WITH HER WHILE SHE WAS WITH HER MOTHER WHO HAS CANCER!!!! SHE'S NOT A SPY." I felt incredulous. I said, "Levi, spies get cancer too." He had/has some crazy idea that if a person is likeable, or has problems with family or health, or appears to be a commoner, that they are not a spy. I hang my head in shame. I feel like I am the only person in my family that has any kind of grasp on what really happens in the real world. Even if I can't believe it myself at times, and even if I've seen the rocky horror side of reality, I still have a grip or insight into reality and what possibilities or dangers might be. "HER MOTHER HAS CANCER!!! SHE TAKES CARE OF HER MOTHER!!!! SHE HAD TO TAKE TIME OFF OF WORK AND COLLEGE BECAUSE HER MOTHER HAS CANCER!!!" He may as well have added, "A. I saw her crying, therefore B. she is not a spy." Right. They fucking moved right in and then moved right back out when they were done. I will tell who is NOT a spy. My 5 year old son. And after age 11, anyone might be a fucking spy. It's not like someone has to be over age 18 to be a spy, as if there is an age limit. There is a saying about "Don't trust anyone over 30". I would say, for those who have political problems, or might, "Don't trust anyone over 10." Or maybe not even after fucking age 7. Spies are Tattletales first. They fucking graduate from being Tattletales to either Informants (low level snitches) or they get picked out to be high level spies. And they fucking get cancer and have problems like anyone else and they fucking cry and sob and poop and pee and love people and hate people and do stupid things and clean the mud off of their boots just like everybody else. And my son is being tortured to be "of use" and I want OUT and I want my son OUT.

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