Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I just found out the head of the Office of Administrative Hearings, for the DSHS offices, used to be a lawyer for the Army. This is the head of the organization where I had a hearing about being improperly cut off of benefits and then had Robert Krabill trying to talk over me as I described what I had been through was partially because of Nashville FBI effort. Christine Gregoire nominated this woman--a former lawyer for the Army. Because, I guess, that's what all welfare recipients need. An Army lawyer running the programs and hearings for programs that possibly they ended up in beCAUSE of the Army. Not only that, if it is true that CPS is taking children of parents to be guardians of the state in order to have better access to them for experimentation and research, what better way to cover all the bases than to get an Army lawyer in charge of any kind of hearing for benefits through the State of Washington. I find this interesting because the Army is federal, not State-based, and if they or someone in the federal government wants to make life hard for someone on any State level, I suppose all they would have to do is make sure they use the people they know to put someone between a rock and a hard place of course. I have had some unbelievable things happen to me while in the workplace here, and just as I start to put pressure on some organizations, I got all of this retaliatory backlash and reports written about me, which I was told to sit down to today. They piled all this stuff on me, all at once, and then tried to claim it was "retroactive" or that it was from the past, but yeah, they're only bringing it up now because they couldn't get around to it earlier. B.S. It's retaliation and not only that, they are squaring this up, and threatening me with complaints that are baseless and are not really valid or grounds for termination, and then telling me 1 more and I'm terminated. I suppose they wanted to hurridly line up paperwork to make it look like they could fire me instantly and do this in conjunction with whatever Washington State and other federal persons want to do. I have never been harassed more by coworkers in MY ENTIRE LIFE and this is not an understatement either. I would say it's my first experience ever with other things being allowed to occur as well. I swear to God, NEVER, in my entire life, have I EVER been treated the way I've been treated by some of the workers here. And I have worked in a lot of places and not once did I have a problem getting along with coworkers. I have treated people the same way here, or been the same myself, as I've been in any position and I work hard, and it's one lie after the other, and harassment like I have never seen before, and violations of all kinds of things against ME and all of a sudden, someone is feeling the heat somewhere or somehow and they decide to try to slap all this stuff on me all at once and intimidate me further. I just decided to keep to myself and do my job well and that's not enough because then I have some of these workers bringing in their buddies to sit at the tables they know I work at, and then complain and harass me more. I have said nothing about the other coworkers and then these managers put complaints in front of ME, of ALL THINGs, as if I'M doing something wrong, which is serious B.S. I may not be perfect, but the kinds of things the other coworkers are doing are the real things someone should be fired over. Then I was told I had to read these written complaints, which, by the way, were written and put together hastily today, to try to RUIN my chances of getting work anywhere else. They said read them and if I disagree, write down how I disagree and sign it. I said I wanted to take it home and read it over and then I would decide how I wanted to reply. They said then that I had to write on a blank piece of paper why I wasn't going to disagree at that moment and sign. The guy who first hired me is not only part Colombian, his wife is or was in the Army. And that's not all. These people are totally, and completely unbelievable. I do my job, I make money for the restaurant, and I have seen the same people that I serve, come back and I end up serving them all over again. Most of the people I get are halfway normal, as customers. I'm supposed to have something wrong with me because...? I don't like being harassed and tortured? and it possibly interferes with my work to be used as a human guinea pig? Yeah. Let's see if this is the plan...hurry! line up paperwork to get ready to fire me the same day the Judge in Washington finds some lousy lame ass excuse to deny WA benefits so I can be on TN welfare which is NOTHING (it's super super low) and then be trapped here with a file with some restaurant whose coworkers used me and then whined through their snotty noses because they don't know how to be mature and keep to themselves. Everything that is coming down looks like retaliation and I do NOT accept having my good name smeared.

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