Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alvaro Pardo & The FBI (and U.S. vs UK)

It doesn't matter if Alvaro was Catholic or not. Regardless of religious affiliation, some people negotiate with others for their own interests or another group's interests and it wouldn't matter if Alvaro had been Protestant, Catholic, or Muslim. People can be persuaded to do favors for others. Even if Alvaro claimed, when drunk, that he wanted to be with me, that doesn't mean anything. He was an excellent liar and had already worked with someone to try to have me sent to federal prison. Maybe he was conflicted, and maybe he cared in some way, but that doesn't mean he wasn't working for someone whose interests were more appealing than those of me and my son. Also, if someone is on my side and on my son's side, then why am I still being medicated without my consent, defamed, and trapped? If someone was on my side, someone would have said to me, "Cameo, you're being medicated and this is who is doing it and what it is" or "This is what they're saying" or "Here, Ms. Garrett, here is your son back" or "Ms. Garrett, we are putting you and your son into a Witness Protection program" or "Here are your records from FBI as you requested for years through the FBI". Alvaro Pardo told me that when he was in Colombia he worked with the FBI. He gets engaged to me, to work for the U.S. FBI on an expedited basis and then the FBI trashes me to cover up for their @#!*% . I prayed last night and asked God for help. I also prayed for a dream that was symbolic to show me something and I woke up, realizing beyond any shadow of doubt that I am absolutely doped up on drugs the U.S. has given to me, AGAIN, without my consent or knowledge. I have proof positive signs, one of them being a total inability to focus on anything I was focusing on before, and this is affecting my ability to handle any of my legal affairs or get things mailed and attend to medical and college records. These @#!*% have medicated me to keep me down and nothing else. I also feel nothing emotionally even though before they doped me up again I was feeling normal and reasonable emotions of anger and had a drive. My memory is not the same and I have no short term memory when usually I can store a lot of things short term and don't have to write anything down. I was starting to do this again at work and remember everything and then someone medicated me again and I can't remember anything without looking at what I wrote down, because of these drugs. I can tell they medicated me because I lost my period almost altogether and it's been irregular since they've been doing this, when my period is totally normal off of any medications or drugs. I also have zero hair growth that I normally would have. Before they medicated me, my hair growth on my body was normal and then the minute they doped me up, it quit everything. The hair growth is a positive sign because I have had this since I was a teenager and it is always the same and I have this unless I am on medications or drugs. My hair growth was normal again until someone doctored me up in the last couple of weeks. And I noticed that someone who had a British accent was happy about it because I was doing fine and then they were getting nervous and freaking out and when I got doped up, they felt relaxed about it again. And I remember that around this time my mother and aunt were supressing tears while talking to me and they wouldn't do this unless they knew something was going to happen to me or my son and couldn't say anything about it. It is something that affects horomones and testosterone. I have had it with the U.S. I absolutely loathe and hate this country, after what they have allowed others to do to me. I hate living here and I hate this country, not because of what it stands for, but because of how the U.S. has manipulated and abused me and allowed others to take total advantage of me. Also, I believe Colombia is suspect as a party in Diana's death. Which is another reason why I wondered why I was being hooked up with a Colombian when I was interested in her. The last country she visited, aside from a vacation, was Colombia and she did this about land mines, and this was one of the #1 countries where they proliferated. If anyone royal was involved, there were a lot of things going on that may have been purposed to deceive them. (This pizza delivery guy just came through the hotel lobby carrying 4 pizza's from a Sicilian pizzeria as I was typing this...I guess someone staying here is hungry). Some people in the FBI were a problem for me before and they slandered me and cut me off from being able to access protection and help. Then when I was in New Mexico and reported some Judges for exploitation of a mexican woman (soliciting favors by coercion), I called the FBI because even though NO ONE has had the guts to speak up for me and my son and report torture and expose people, at least I had the guts to do the right thing. If someone had informed anyone, I would know about it. I would know about it because I would be seeing a difference in the way I am treated in the U.S. and my son would be returned to me. I asked the FBI to at least provide me with safe transportation to the East Coast since I needed to get out of New Mexico after making that report. This truckdriver shows up who worked for the Army. He didn't look like the typical truckdriver. He wasn't an overweight older man. That was Mark and after he was intimate with me I guess the U.S. thought they could pass me off and over to the Post Pub Army guy who had the Pentagon man waiting there for his blow job. I didn't give him one, but he wanted one and he was connected to these other guys. I LOVE how the U.S. trashes ME and does nothing to correct a major, MAJOR injustice. These guys thought I was a present sent from the CIA. They were all Catholic, except for the Pentagon guy, and they all allowed me to end up in Wenatchee being tortured. And then each and every one of these Catholic guys who made sure I was connected to them, must have defamed me so I never made headway anywhere. The Post Pub guy, Chris, nodded off to Mark on one day when Mark came back into D.C. to see me. They gave eachother a military salute. When I was pregnant, it was Army that was trying to be my doctor for prenatal care. What happened to my twins? They died. They died because no one in the Army or elsewhere wanted me having kids when they'd be experimenting with me with drugs and meds and wanted to use me for other reasons. Then all of a sudden, Alvaro Pardo shows up. His cousin was connected to Chris I believe, and worked at an Army office or in a building where Army was. I was hooked up to marry Alvaro so the U.S. could use him or do a trade. It was the only time the U.S. decided to keep me safe, overall. If there were other things going on, I'm sure there were. If I got their guy into the U.S., the U.S. and other parties were willing to WOW, work with Washington state and put pressure on them to stop persecuting me. I was told I would have a thorough psych evaluation of at least 16 hours, and given visitation of my son, and the chemical dependency woman who evaluated me was being fair and not trying to say I had a drug problem. If I had married Alvaro, my son may have been back with me right away. They were working all things out just to do favors. I could have ended up with my son and married, and then had Alvaro and the FBI or some group decide...(then this second pizza guy came in with a 5th pizza and then comes back downstairs saying they didn't want it and if I want it I can have it for $10.)...If I was married to him and my son was with me all he had to do was say I was crazy at some point (as he eventually did like the cowardly @#!*% he is) and then claim rights to custody of my son. My son would have gone to Alvaro, the Colombians, and the predominantly Catholic FBI. That way, my son is not even in my family at all but goes to the person I was married to. They could have legally taken my own son from me. I know Alvaro is a coward which is why I never considered getting back with him, except out of some desperate DESPERATE attempt to do anything for my son. The FBI is one of the most corrupt agencies I've had to deal with. They have been refusing me FOIA since 2004, after Catholic persons defamed me. Then THEY tried to set me up and want to cover their own @#!*% again as I was nailed with death threats, assassination attempts, POISONING and then they encourage that I am MEDICATED and assaulted. My son Oliver and I are hostages in the U.S. The FBI worked with the CIA, not because they ever cared about me. These people never cared about me or my son. They cared about themselves. If they had cared about me and if these people, any of them, had been "friends", I would have never suffered the way I did and have and neither would my son. Alvaro stood his ground and said I wasn't crazy and supported me and defended me until he was sure I was of no interest to him or his group. Then he told me, when I called him, when I was at Steve Mays house being literally tortured, "I don't know...maybe you really are crazy." He hid whatever he really felt until that point and then showed me what he was made out of. He was made out of the same kind of "integrity" that the FBI has wrongly prided themselves on as they REFUSE to fire people who have obstructed justice with regard to me and my son. I prayed for an earthquake and wrote about how God told me "earthquakes" would occur because of the gross depravity and corruption of the U.S. and what they were doing with me and my son. And Chili had one and I got this weird phone call in the middle of the night. I don't have anything against Chili. I actually didn't pray for earthquakes. I had my legs swelling up, and my heart was irregular and burning. I had my hair falling out. I was being literally tortured and some of the people involved were not even U.S. people. There were young men from the UK coming into Wenatchee to pay off people. In my desperation I prayed to God, "What are you going to do? Please tell me what is going to happen to avenge me and my son" and all that came to me was "Earthquakes". Now the Pacific NW has nuclear waste washing in. And these @#!*% still haven't figured it out. Right after I directly had God speak to me about how there would be earthquakes, I was on my blog writing and so upset and the Chili one hit. I know a lot of people are against the idea of Divine Retribution, and I am too, in general I think it's a horrid idea. But when I specifically ask for something and God gives me an answer and then I see it come to pass, I have to wonder if there is something there. I also never told Alvaro I wanted to get back together. He wanted to get back together and all of these people were pressuring me to get back with him because WHY? it benefited THEM in some way. I was pushed out of housing and work and unemployment and told I couldn't have anything on my own and if I had a fiance or someone to help me they would rent to me, give me a job, unemployment. I endured TORTURE and saw my son TORTURED and even if I wavered, out of sheer desperation, and didn't want to break ties because I was @#!*% AFRAID, I didn't ever ask him to get back together with me. Not once. I tried to BUY @#!*% TIME. Alvaro Pardo slept with other women, which at first, with my knowledge or permission, or discretion, was not a big deal at the beginning but as we were solidifying the relationship, I told him to tell me. He did not have the decency to spare my dignity and be discreet in Wenatchee or honor me and my son. He chose himself and lust over making a difference. That showed me something. He was also the person who tried to have me framed to go to federal prison. Which is why I believe Colombia may have had a part in what happened with Diana and another reason I had doubts in the back of my mind. I was looking into doing research about mines to find out who would have been most affected by arms like that and Colombia was high on the list. Alvaro was also getting people to say not to be with me because I wouldn't kiss him all the time so I think they found their substitute for him to marry to get a Green Card. I was also getting medical records at that time and had just had an MRI after the back wacking that proved I had medical injuries from Wenatchee. All of a sudden, my own @#!*% fiance, who worked with the FBI (nice, right?), is asking me, when I told him I was going to the Maryland courthouse to clear things up with the Nigerian matter where they put a restraining order on me to make me look bad...He asked me, for the first time ever, where I was going, where I was going first, what I was doing, and what time I would be there. And I was met by a Maryland undercover man who tried to set me up for immigration and marriage fraud. Alvaro was part of law enforcement or there wouldn't have been so many supportive police officers out there who were always so happy we were together. Some people thought this was some kind of great romance and others knew I was being led into a trap. I am sure I'm a BIG threat from federal prison for 10 years. My own fiance tried to @#!*% set ME up. What did I do? I stayed calm and pretended like I never suspected this @#!*% . I said, "Someone asked me about marrying someone else today." Alvaro looked at me closely and stood against the wall, and looked guilty. The man was GUILTY. He said, "If you want to, do whatever you want to do" and he was ENCOURAGING me to marry someone else. I could not believe it. Right. This Maryland undercover guy had lined up how to try to frame me because they had nothing to get me with, with Alvaro. I said, coaxing and demurely, looking up through my lashes, "But I trust YOU." Trusted him like a rock in my @#!*% shoe. When I said this, he backed up against the wall, and didn't know what to do except look guiltier than ever and say everything would be fine. I "trusted" a RAT. And then I continued to sleep with him and hang out with his friends and I did love him--more than he EVER loved me. He never loved me. I was with him because our personalities worked most of the time, and there was some compatibility but mainly because of my son and because I didn't want to go back to Wenatchee alone. As soon as he left, I was up for the wolves. This is someone who tried to put me in federal prison and then dump me off in Wenatchee and at the last minute, knowing I was being tortured, say "he didn't know" and maybe I really was mentally ill when HE KNEW I wasn't. OH I have so much more to say. The only reason I say some of this now is because I have fasted and also I am not in Wenatchee and have lost some of my very real fear that kept me from saying anything out of fear of worse torture. ************************************************************************************** What did I dream last night? I dreamed about my son Oliver. That was the dream I had and I don't even remember all of it. I asked God for a dream and it didn't seem very symbolic to me at all. I can't even remember all of it. All I remember was that my son was shorter and smaller than he should have been, or would have been if he had been in my care all along, still in the 90th to 100th percentiles. And then I had this dream that some police officer and others were letting him drive a car. He was going to go home with me or spend time with me and then he was this kid (age 5 or so), and he got into a car and drove it to the end of the road, with police there and knowing and encouraging and then I was at the end of the road waiting for him and he was nowhere. I said, "Where is my son?" and he had disappeared and I blamed the police for letting him drive as a minor. I was looking for him and woke up. He looked like he was having a good time and knew what he was doing when he was driving but I was worried about him. ************************************************************************************* I need to take a break and come back to this. But there is so much more and people wonder what the FBI has to hide. Everything. ************************************************************************************** The only reason Alvaro Pardo would decide to invalidate me, to my face, when he did, was either because someone convinced him there was something wrong with me, or I was past expiration date and some other strategy had been acheived. Some goal was accomplished so it was okay to dispose of me. That was in November-March of 2009-2010. It seems to me that someone got what they wanted. Alvaro had photos on his laptop from before he met me of parties with people with him wearing a multicolored clown wig. And him sitting in surroundings where everything looked Thai or Vietnamese and it was some kind of meeting with other men. All of these photos disappeared along with my computer and every single thing I ever owned, in Wenatchee. I hadn't said I wanted to get back together, but it was shocking to me, to hear Alvaro say this to my face, because I knew he was lying and it was a cop out. He was saying this to get out of something and because he no longer thought it was necessary to make me think he was on my side. He was on someone else's side. I went from him to being defamed by Mykal Holt who had the same friends photo on her fridge as this Assembly of God guy. Both he and Mykal were trying to keep me from getting involved with Alvaro so they had agenda's of their own. On his part, he tried to interest me in HIM, and I declined his attention. But they, the messianic Jew and the guy with the Canadian girlfriend, didn't want me with Alvaro. He also, the Assembly of God "royal rangers" leader, threatened me one day, saying I wasn't going to get my son back and to "be nice" to my Aunt and Uncle or I would never see my son or talk to him. This is the same guy who was monitoring what I did online and had his computer networked with the computers of others (which I discovered) and who left a pocketknife with blade extended, on the kitchen counter the morning before I saw my son and noticed 3 of his fingers had been sliced at the base. His ring finger, middle finger, and forefinger. I was being intimidated in a number of ways, to not say anything about anyone. I went from Mykal Holt's house, where she went to Brazil all the time and slept with my Ex, and called me psycho, to ... Oh, and guess what? There might be no connection at all, but this woman who I introduced my fiance to, whose former ex was Colombian, became pregnant right about the time he left. She named her daughter "Elizabeth". I went back to see her and she was avoiding me and avoiding eye contact and acted so guilty. Just a sidenote. So it was Mykal Holt's place and then I was in San Francisco (which is now being flooded with nuclear waste) being followed all over the place and harassed. I was a laughingstock. I got to the airport and was in Seattle and that's when a wine reviewer picked me up and housed me for awhile until I was told I had to go. Basically what happened, is really interesting. More questions about would I rather work for the U.S. or England when I was intoxicated having had a couple of glasses of wine. Next thing I know, I am getting a ride to Wenatchee for a hearing and I planned to go back to Seattle because I'd been offered a job at a good restaurant at a yaht (I will never remember how to spell yaht) club. She looked very closely at this man who was driving me and they had some kind of knowing exchange. Somehow, they knew eachother. My sudden chance to get out of the Wenatchee hole and start making money was dashed because the man who gave me a ride to Wenatchee had ulterior motives and plans for me. He was fit, good looking and of European descent. He had sort of an angular face and was blond. He asked me 21 questions on the way over, most specifically, "Do you want to travel?" over and over, what kind of work did I want to do, did I like traveling and how important was it for me to travel and where did I want to go? He was the same guy who ditched me at the courthouse when he'd promised to take me back to Seattle and as he drove away, and left me there, the man to approach me and for SOME reason, know I needed a ride, was the same guy who lied and told police I stole his car. It was one of the slickest set ups. High power buying low life trash. I walked out of the courthouse and saw the man who gave me a ride had ditched me. And he ditched me with the knowing of his identity by the woman I had been staying with in Seattle, whose husband was Canadian. She was American, and had traveled and lived in Scotland and England and the UK at some point. He was Canadian. For all of the great sushi I had with them and how nice the stay was, I was trusting up until the end. Went to the yaht club with them, met international people who sail and enjoyed sailing and learned a little more about wine. It was really nice. And she still has some of my belongings, the contents of which, I believe, were possibly shared with others because I noticed some things about me being leaked. People they knew, knew other Catholics and Jewish that interrogated me in Seattle. So here I was, getting a ride from someone that she knew somehow or was "sent" with someone's authority or say-so. That man intentionally dumped me at the Wenatchee courthouse knowing I had a job interview the next day in Seattle, at a fine dining restaurant. And who comes driving by but the low-life they commissioned, who leans out of his window to say, after laughing with some other people who were parked in cars in the lot watching me, "Can I give you a lift someplace?" They knew I was dumped and didn't have any money on me. The blond man looked German, possibly Eastern European, or UK. His features were this way. I had no way to get back to the hotel and get my belongings and didn't have money for even a bus so I said okay. That man was connected to Wenatchee police. Some kind of low-life informant or something. They deliberately sabotaged my work opportunity. I was stranded in Wenatchee. I told him I had to go back to Seattle for training at a new job. It wasn't an interview. It was training. I had been hired to train. I had finally secured a job, and I still had my nice clothes and things to wear and could have made at least $300/night in tips there. I could have paid for a private attorney for my case and been on my feet. Instead of being stuck with Mykal Holt's assessment that I was "psychotic" and allowing Wenatchee, WA and other assholes foothold, I could have risen above it, without a man in tow. On my own. I went in there and I got the job. Period. Next thing I know, I'm being dragged down again. I had no way to get back to Seattle so I asked this man if he knew someone going that way. I also had no place to stay in Wenatchee. Which the blond man driving me there already knew. I stayed with the low-life because I had no options. He said I could borrow his car to drive to the coffeehouse and work on my laptop (to basically send out ads on Craigslist trying to get back to Seattle). I had only a day or two to do it. That's when this low-life called police and had something set up. I knew it, because 3 or 4 officers were suspiciously following me all around in Wenatchee that morning. I borrowed the car again, and returned it on time, but then his girlfriend came back (from Arkansas of all places) and claimed the car was HERS and I had stolen it. The police were already waiting to arrest me. These people knew ahead of time that it was not her car. But I was told I was being arrested because I took the car without HER permission and it was registered to HER, not the man who gave me permission to drive. This man is the low-life that wanted me to watch the movie "Let's Go To Jail" the night before. He rented it from Blockbuster just for me. I kid you fucking not. The police arrested me with zero evidence. They did not even ask for the registration, because if they had, they couldn't have arrested me because it was in the low-life man's name. These people lied about me. If the police were not in on it, they wouldn't have been laughing as they followed me all around, anticipating what they knew was going to happen next and they would have checked the registration. Instead, they arrested me and entered a new file into the NCIC about me for "Grand Auto Theft". Alert the UK, U.S. and world, Cameo Garrett has now been charged with "Grand Auto Theft". anyone? I'm sure this improved my odds of "traveling" around the world. I was handcuffed and thrown in jail, the night before I finally found a way to get back to Seattle to start training for my new job. I was falsely arrested, for the umpteenth time. And it was premeditated, again. After I was thrown in jail and harassed and humiliated, and possibly medicated too, through my food, I was released pending court and found out the entire arrest was invalid. The car was registered to the man, not the woman. They lied, I didn't lie, and I lost my job because of it. Then I was told I couldn't leave Washington state. They made sure I was trapped and had no way to leave the State and find help or work somewhere else. And when I got my purse back, police had deleted evidence I had in my bag on my minicam that was of visits with my son which proved the monitors, CPS, and the State (along with the FBI and CIA most likely) were committing fraud and lying about me. They destroyed evidence. After I lost my job and realized the people in Seattle were a part of possibly setting me up, I couldn't go back to Seattle. I was trapped in Wenatchee. The next time I went to Seattle, I was poisoned, followed, and assaulted. A lot of international people were involved at this point and I didn't know why. But basically, after I lost my job in Seattle, I was offered a place to stay with military and police-connected individuals at a house with a bunch of guys who reported back to Michelle Erickson. Or whose girlfriend's did. Some new people moved in and started using technology on me when they were there. Ben was connected to local police. And all of this was after I was with Chris Rozollo who knew someone from the DEA and then the DEA was interested in me but all I wanted was to be safe and have my son safe and relocation. I had belongings stolen from the house that Ben was at. Memory cards and clothing. One guy had a father who was a career Air Force guy and had been stationed in England. He assaulted me while I slept in his room on the floor, with some kind of technology device. The other guy, Ben, was an informant for police. I left that house to go through Seattle to a psych eval appointment in Vancouver. By that time, after I was blocked from work and falsely arrested, Washington state was trying to nail me. They backed out, for 1 full year, on getting the psych eval done and then went from saying they would pay 16 hours for a real exam (with Alvaro-cum-FBI in tow) to 1 1/2 hours with Lucretia Krebs in Vancouver, Washington. With a firm or group that was directly connected to Portland, Oregon where I was initially experiencing harassment first. I had to take a bus through Seattle and it was then that I was getting more death threats. I was getting them in Wenatchee, after I would visit my son, I sat on a bench and this black man told me to keep my mouth shut because the Judges were corrupt and I would end up dead. ************************************************************************************ I will write more after work or tomorrow. I have a lot more to add than this--more information, more dates, and more names and details. And more about some other snoops. And yes, despite what some hateful media would like to think, I do have the "details". ******************************************* By the way, I had absolutely no problems at the Holiday Express this morning when I used the computer. No one was using any kind of technology at all and there was no burning of any kind or other strange thing going on. I also noticed it was different employees there bc I was there before 5 a.m. at about 4 or 4:30 a.m. Then I went to The Hutton and had problems, minor, but with the burning. Not happening this moment, but it was earlier. ************************************************************************************* Not to be totally indelicate, but only to prove my need for political asylum, I know I am being medicated, because more specifically there is a hair (I guess we all have random hairs, no matter who we are or what we do) under my chin that grows if I am not being drugged and doped up. I don't get mustache hair like some women but I have a chin hair and one stomach hair near my belly button and if I am medicated, they don't grow. Some assholes medicated me recently. The chin hair grows fast enough for me to pluck every day or couple of days or so, but if I'm doped up on drugs that lower testosterone, like mood altering drugs, this hair quits growing. And I lose my memory, my creativity, my ability to think clearly and straight, my ability to feel any real emotions that I should be feeling, my ability to handle legal affairs or prioritize like I would normally and I lose my drive and determination and energy. I knew the approximate time it happened and then I could feel it in my system and right after that, with all of my enemies MOCKING me, I got the proof. My chin hair quit and the 1 belly hair quit growing and I didn't have to pluck it out. Which meant positively I had been doped up and explained why I couldn't think straight anymore. You FUCKERS think you will get away with all of this and you will NOT. And I guess I apologize to God if swearing is not glorifying him, but that part is me and not God and don't blame God for my faults and imperfections. Just look at me as a human being. It is possible to be close to God or have a good heart and still be imperfect and tired of charades. I have seen some of the worst hypocrisy within even Protestant christians, as if they do not even know who God is at all. I thought about this this morning--how to bring out the points that will best prove I need political asylum because of very serious human rights violations. I love my country more than most of the people working as an employee for this country, but I am not going to continue to sacrifice myself and my son to be your scapegoat. Which means, after I write about the military Army-Air Force guy assaulting me, I move on to all of the other military and voodoo, kaballah, witchcraft people who have been all over me and trying to keep me down. If the U.S. is not directly drugging me and doing all these horrible things to me and my son, they know who is doing it and they are saying nothing and refuse to investigate the crime of kidnapping my son. Either the U.S. is drugging me or they are knowingly allowing other criminals to drug me. And I have international and domestic people who are happy as long as they believe I'm doped up. I want out of this God-forsaken country. To prove need for political asylum I have only to prove severe violations of human rights. Which would include involuntary detainment, false arrests, involuntary medication (to impede free speech and with political motive), refusal to provide medical care to me and my son (birth injuries and aftermath), refusal of local, state, and federal law enforcement to hold people accountable who harass and assault me and refusal to keep us safe, involvement by CIA or FBI in my personal affairs in a way that is detrimental to my life and creates harm. Non-involvement by CIA or FBI in my personal affairs in a way that is detrimental to my life and creates harm. Use of U.S. personnel against me or my son. Premeditated kidnapping and collusion to falsely arrest me in order to kidnap my son. Holding me and my son hostage by refusing due process and creating a fraudulent CPS case to cover for the kidnapping of my son. Deliberate harassment by Pentagon, CIA, and FBI, as well as DOJ personnel when I have tried to call to get help or assistance. Telecommunications, email, and postal mail interference and surveillance. Discrimination for temporary physical disabilities. Defamation of my character in file databases known to be visited by foreign parties and international intelligence communities. ************************************* I have a feeling, based on the hatred, that there was something to do with William of Wales. Which is the only thing that would explain all of the international interest and ganging up against me. Most likely, he was impressed to trust certain individuals he maybe shouldn't have trusted, and shouldn't be trusting still. Too late.

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