Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grant for Art House: Obstruction With Telephone & Email

Someone is blocking me from calling the place that needs a grant writer. The one that is putting together an art gallery for reformed convicts. I just called other numbers and there is no problem. And I've called this number before and had no problems. However, now I have just spent over 10 minutes calling a variety of phone numbers that should work and my call is being blocked from even going through to ring at all. And then it was putting me on hold, or the call "on hold" when I hadn't pressed any buttons at all. There is a meeting today that I was going to attend and I was looking up the number online and then my calls are not going through. The other thing I noticed is that someone deleted all of my email from the woman who first contacted me to do this. I had wondered why she hadn't called me or emailed and then I saw her a couple of days ago and asked and she said she'd emailed me. But I got nothing. So she thought maybe it went to junk mail and I checked and there is nothing there. Now, I just tried again and got through. But it was very odd that my calls weren't going through in the first place. It was like this time I had a week or two ago, when I tried calling a specific embassy and all my calls were dropped and redirected too. I had to call 411 about 9 times and they gave me the right number half the time but then it wouldn't connect at all. I am still writing the grant. I'm trying to go to a meeting today or tomorrow but I might have to wait until next week and then go with the woman who told me about this. She has her own non-profit start up as well but it's sort of part of this other one. I basically have to get the pin or DUB number from a guy and then I can look up and research all the grants and apply them, which is what I was trying to do a week ago but someone had deleted my contact number for her from my phone (not kidding) and then someone did something with the email she sent me because I never got anything, and I checked junk mail and it's not there either. And I'm really tired of this layout where no spaces are allowed for my blog posts. I have email obstruction, telephone obstruction, and blogger layout obstruction? I'd like to know why there is such an effort to keep me from writing an art grant or volunteering for homeless newspaper vending. Why? because I know what my rights are and I want my kid back?

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