Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Son's Riding Lessons & the Jewish-Catholic Hood

Some group is still very actively bullying my family. They are not letting up.

My aunt writes me letters that are not her style, and that have nothing to do with her style but things that people who are NO GOOD try to say to me over here.

It's gangsters who work for people who are controlling the State case with my son. They have gangsters working FOR them and protecting them.

My family has said nothing to me because they are being threatened, knowing if they do, worse has been threatened to happen to me or my son.

I was told I could send my son toys for Easter and then riding lessons for his Birthday and some gangster group is going to try to take my son's toys from him, like they did everything else, and they are trying to keep my son from having riding lessons on a horse. They don't want my son to have riding lessons or anything and this group is attempting to punish my son and me by telling people to fire me from work, and prohibiting my son from having toys from his own mother or riding lessons from his own mother.

One of the guys connected is a man named Jordan who I work with and who was making a big joke out of things, along with a black set of tables who were asked to come in and then work together to complain about me just so managment or people who wanted me without work could have another excuse against me. Jordan is connected to military or police friends. I get more of the impression he's with police and he has screamed at me in the middle of work, called me a cockroach, and said some incredible things in the workplace to me. He flips out at a moment's notice. While my son is being made fun of in Dryden, and tortured, I have had to work with people who make fun of me. All the time.

They have been some of the meanest, cruel, truly mean-spirited people that I've ever had to work with, in my life.

I have never had so many haters in one place at one time, as in this job. Then some of them have lived here forever and they know people and if they want to create a complaint about me, they call in some regular customer that they know and have them work out a complaint.

I have also never been tortured with military technology, in any of my jobs, until I worked here.

Not once.

No one ever did anything to me when I worked in personal households, that was of a physical torture nature. Not once, in Washington, Oregon, or on the East Coast. No one ever tortured me with technology at the oil refinery in Blaine. No one tortured me at work in any of the restaurants I've ever worked at in Washington or Washington D.C. I worked at a Chinese restaurant and nothing happened, even if off-duty a coworker shot me in the butt with a bee-bee gun. No one harmed me at The Post Pub even if I was medicated or harassed at the end and illegally fired and screwed over. At least when I worked there, during work, no one ever tortured me or assaulted me with military technology. No one ever harmed me in ANY of my jobs except for in Nashville, TN at Jersey Mikes someone did something and then I was defamed and fired, and then at this other job, it has happened on a regular basis and when you think about what kind of people were concentrated in that area, and some of the people I had to work with, it's no wonder.

The only time anyone has dared scream at me or degraded me constantly, called me names in groups, mocked me and ridiculed me, has been at my current workplace. They have done some of the meanest and lowest things I have ever witnessed, in my entire life. They have, the majority, no manners and no shame. And I kept my mouth shut and have tried to be peaceful and do my work anyway, even when they are torturing me. This is the kind of thing they say to me, since I worked there, almost every day:

1. "You low-life coachroach, you know what we do with cockroaches? We get RID of them."
2. "You think you're something, but you're NOT."
3. "If you don't get out of my way, I will MESS YOU UP--you don't wanna mess with ME."
4. "ANSWER me when I talk to you! DIDN"T YOU HEAR ME?!! Don't you WALK AWAY from ME!
5. "Is there any reason why you don't want to talk to me? WHAT's WRONG WITH YOU BITCH?!
6. "Bitch, I will mess you UP."
7. "It's not a BIG CONSPIRACY...We're trying to HELP you." (smirking and then turning to others, to say, "She thinks that since have 1 broom instead of 6 brooms here, that we're conspiring to hide them from her."
8. "You're CRAZY. I gotchoo. You need some HELP Bitch. You're CRAYzEE."

These people are white and black and hispanic and they have been the most hideous coworkers I've ever had to deal with. And they want to make MY life a living hell when I'm a good server.

Last night they made this whole sick and vulgar joke about size of penises almost all night and how big wasn't better and on and on. It was so disgusting and then when someone they asked to come into the workplace said, "Show me how big the skewer is" and I held up my hands to show her, that was included in the sick joke. Then I get to my email and my aunt, writing in a totally uncharacteristic style, wrote to say he liked the toy but it didn't have to be "big". It wasn't my aunt. It is sick people who have managed to get into my family or proximity and exploit and intimidate us for sport. They have used us like gladiators and then I have these people collectively laughing over it.

They play the meanest sickest jokes and get away with it. They have all grouped up together before and just stood there to laugh at me, too. I am not kidding. I have never experienced workplace harassment like this, EVER.


And I have gone to work because I need the paycheck and I enjoy being a server.

I have also never had anyone use me like a research guinea pig (to my knowledge or I just didn't notice) and never had anyone torturing me on the job either.

I go back to the women's shelter and as soon as I'm there, at least lately, in the dorm I'm in, I never ever have anyone using technology. If I was crazy it wouldn't "shut off" at exactly 7 p.m. It's not mental illness. It is political and the work of horrible people who are connected to horrible things. There have been a few times someone did something at the shelter but only in a much larger group, when I'm in chapel, or for a short time, when I was in a particular dorm. Otherwise, it's never been a problem.

I am having to fight for my job when I shouldn't be the one having to fight for anything.

And then I finally figured some of the problem out--I have been working in the Catholic hood. It doesn't look like a hood until you start figuring out who is involved, where they go to church, and how strong the Catholic and Jewish presence is in that specific 5 mile parameter. This is where they work, go to church or temple, and where they live. Their community is all right there and I got stuck in the wrong community.

I probably could have worked at a totally different branch and had absolutely no problems at all. But instead, I ended up in the Catholic-Jewish branch with a couple of cooperating Muslim thugs. I think about 5% of the workers there are Protestant, or less, and they have not been exactly "practicing" Protestants or very sincere about their faith at all--none of them go to church or read their Bibles or really believe or act out any kind of Protestant faith. I have never been so degraded in all my life, by coworkers as I have been there.

I was trying to get work in Nashville, at just one temp agency that was blocking me from getting work. I should have looked into other agencies but I didn't think about it until later. Then, just as I was starting to gain momentum for getting work, I was called up and offered a job. I thought it might help but all they did was torture me and try to make me look bad and then set things up for me to be fired after Kate and William's wedding day.

I'm not joking or exaggerating and this is the God-honest truth.

Now Panetta is sliding into the Pentagon to cover the people there. The FBI was run by the Catholic church. The CIA is run by the Catholic church. Obama is being run by the Catholic church. The Supreme Court of the U.S. is completely Catholic except for a couple of token Jews.
Now, the only institution that was still majority Protestant is going to have the Real Bull moving in.

The U.S. is controlled, at the top, by the Catholic Church first, and then by the Jewish community second. The Protestants are starting to look like the Middle Men and they think they are doing just fine because they don't get it.

Instead of having an America that was The Best Country In The World because it was mainly run by Protestants who believed in Free Will and who were willing to change and allow immigrants in and be tolerant of all, the Catholic and Jewish communities have bought out all the seats and passed them to their friends, and run Wall Street too.

The very fears that some Protestants had, historically, was that some Catholics had competing interests--that of allowing their religious alliance to Rome would compete with the free thinking American spirit. While the Catholic run intel in the U.S. profiles Muslims, they strike anyone who dares question the conflict of interest between claiming one is U.S. first when they have made vows to God to be Vatican first. The concern with Jewish, was that some might not be U.S. first but put Israel first because of the strong connection to the fragmented Jews around the world, since they have gathered in Israel, the idea is that Israel is sort of like a Jewish Vatican.

How many Protestants in the U.S. Supreme Court?


How many Protestants in the CIA at the top?


How many Protestants as Obamas top advisors?


How many Protestants at the Pentagon head?


Then you start looking at the courthouses and who is on the bench. 8 out of 10 are Jewish or Catholic.

Who are the practicing lawyers? 7 out 10 are Jewish or Catholic.

Who runs the "volunteer attorney" firms that are supposed to help the poor public?
9 out of 10 are Jewish and Catholic run.

Now Panetta is moving into the Pentagon to appoint and promote more Catholic interests.

This is NOT good news for the U.S.

Panetta is the guy who advocates for torture of Muslims in Cuba. He is pro-waterboarding and pro-torture. He will have the ability to now supervise who is being experimented with in the military. If you're Catholic or Jewish with good ties to the Catholic community, you might be okay. But how many Catholics and Jewish love to serve as the soldiers? Not very many of them. Which is why the military is still predominantly Protestant. Which is why the structure of the higher chain of command still had a Protestant majority. Not anymore. Panetta will move in and reorganize to promote Catholic interests.

The entire frickin' U.S. is going to hell in a handbasket and I'm tortured and my son tortured just for saying so.

I just saw some of the President's address on T.V. about storms and rebuilding and things.

The storms are not over.

And as for restructuring of the intelligence it looks like the Army is running the nation, along with religious factions. Army CIA newbie and Army Pentagon and Army DSHS Administrative Hearings in Washington state as well. They didn't reschedule my hearing. They cut me off in a hearing and I gave them my email address and they didn't bother to even call back, knowing it was about disability.

I knew they were setting things up this way. And then I have coworkers wanting me to be fired knowing I have no benefits to force me onto TN payroll. I won't stay in TN if that happens. There is no way I would go onto TN benefits after what this state and Nashville, TN FBI did to me. It wasn't just Nashville FBI, it was from the top in D.C.

By the way, not all those who claim to be Protestant are good either. There is a psychic who stays at the shelter and while thankfully she doesn't use military technology, she has passed on a lot of weird info about me and doesn't like me. There are several women who have been there since I've been there that are intel and/or psychics.

I didn't like Obama's speech. Something felt nefarious about it. Or maybe not. I think what feels wrong is that I am trying to figure out why these people capitalize on things I might even say or do but my son and I are left in squalor.

It makes no sense at all.
I just laughed out loud for the first time today.

First I read my mom's note about how "most parents send a kid an easter basket for Easter" or "something small like that" and how "that package weighed 75 lbs and came in a box 4 feet long and they had to move things out of his room to make it fit". She said they had been working on assembling it all morning and it would take another 1/2 day to do it.

I think this is the good energy I sensed. My son being able to work on his train table. So I had a big smile on my face reading this and then I was going to write more into this post and looked at the title: "My Son's Riding Lessons & The Jewish-Catholic Hood" and suddenly burst out laughing thinking of little red riding hood.

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