Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why Haldol Is Used For "Punitive Psychology"

I included a link above about why Haldol, specifically, continues to be used as an off-label and experimental drug on people who have no mental illness. It also explains why some groups would choose to imprison or falsely arrest someone as well as call them mentally ill or put them in a ward involuntarily, rather than kill them. I made a request for the article at the bottom, which answers this question succinctly: why imprison someone in jail or a mental hospital rather than kill them? The link has been removed but was posted there in 2005 or later. I asked for someone to send me the article, for hoover 032. I am also now reading an article called "Shrinking The Freedom of Thought" about how the Soviet Union did the same thing to activists that the U.S. has done to me and my son Oliver. So far, the U.S. has prided itself on being "above" Russia and yet they have allowed the FBI and CIA, and even others connected to other countries, to brutally harm me and my son. I find it ironic to read how "The U.S. became concerned about the high rate of 'schitzophrenia' cropping up in the Soviet Union"...and it talks about how falsely applying this label, which is what the Roman Catholic Church did to me (and let's face it--it wasn't just the Mt. Angel Abbey and their Benedictine Order or The Archdiocese--it was people they knew in the law firms, insurance firms later, and FBI and CIA), ends up being the EXACT same thing that the U.S. has done to me. I also find it strange that Soviet techniques have been used on me and my son when I specifically told Catholic church connected persons (during litigation) about a book I had read about Soviet mind control and techniques and how this would harm a person most. My enemies took it one step further and intentionally fashioned their schemes against me through an educated strategy. Not only that, part of the point of marrying Alvaro, if he was really Catholic (and not some other religion) was to try to "marry out" any conflict which could have resulted when I first went to the East Coast and was starting to prove what was happening to me in the NW was heinous. I had brought that up with a friend too, about how enemy countries sometimes just married people together to try to "marry out" the conflict. How does one party still fight another party if they're intermarrying? Some groups had this in mind and other ideas as well, with regard to my marrying Alvaro Pardo. This article about Shrinking The Freedom of Thought is fascinating when you read the Soviet had some of the people sent to specific mental wards where KGB monitored with interest. Which is exactly what the FBI and CIA did when I was kidnapped and held hostage at a mental ward in TN. I am also reading that reactions like convulsions of muscles and twisting of the tongue, and the things I experienced because of assault, are things that once established, are sometimes permanent. They can become permanent even after discontinuing treatment. This article states Haldol is used, not because it is "sedating" but because it affects parts of the brain in such a way that it is "a chemical lobotomy". This is what my country has done to me. After all of the horrible things that have already been done to me and to Oliver, who is innocent. My country, through the FBI and other federal organizations, arranged and intended for me to have a "chemical lobotomy". Which is exactly WHY the Soviet Union was using this specific drug. The wiki site is wrong, claiming Haldol was only used because it was "the most readily available". It was the most readily available because the Soviet Union PAID for it, and therefore had the large stock. They paid for this drug, and wanted it, because they felt it was the most effective way to ruin someone who had a political voice they didn't want to hear. Or, I'm sure, who may have had evidence or a testimony about "public corruption". The Soviet Union fell. I wonder when the U.S. will fall. I wondered why the Soviet Union would specifically want HALDOL for dissidents. I knew it wasn't growing off of trees or being washed ashore in bulk as some kind of natural surplus. There has to be a reason they wanted this drug most. And what I have found so far, is that THIS is the drug that countries which are run by corrupt officials, use on those they are afraid of. Why? because the chemical properties affect the body in a way that is humiliating and potentially permanently damaging, and it affects the mind by almost chopping off a part of the brain that is responsible for having the energy, drive, and motive responsibilities. I read the testimony of one Russian escapee who fled to the U.S. and he testified that first he "...lost all interest in political activities, then I lost interest in scientific problems, and then I lost interest in my wife, children, and family." Leonid Plyushch (paraphrasing his comment) who was given only small doses of Haldol. Another comment: "The sparkle, exuberance, and vitality of an alive human being are shut down.." (which is maybe why I'm not funny anymore, or writing poetry like I used to, which actually was an effect that occured even earlier from other drugs I was given but worsened by the Haldol). It is also said that any kind of convulsive effect or twisting of the tongue is an indication of brain damage. My favorite line to this article is: "By enfranchising the medical profession to control people with deviant thoughts and beliefs, modern democratic States avoid being directly implicated in violations of human rights protected under Article 18." It goes on to say that democratic countries do not have superiority over non-democratic countries when it comes to this, and that the "human rights" status of a country do not protect it from being held responsible for violations against individuals. Not only have I been tortured, I continue to have persons trying to write it off as research and experimenting with me and trying to predict things, such as whether or not I might write about "sluggish schitzophrenia" and betting on it with slug candy the day before. I had an entire night go by almost, at work, without problem until the end of the night, when someone just blasted me in the back and it had to have been when I was seated at a table rolling silverware and in one place, with my back to the window and in plain view of the outdoors or it had to have been after I got up and when my back was turned and something that can be done to instantly harm. My son and I have been defamed and tortured and then systemically deprived of all justice by investigation of crime. There are people who have wanted others to believe they are "the good guys" or that they have no motive for harming me at all.

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