Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kate A Princess; My Son A Slave (and SHE is no Esther, by the way)

It has been more important to some group that Kate is a princess and ensuring this happens, than making certain my son is not a slave and tortured.

I suppose any child, for that matter, but my son is a slave and has been tortured and part of this is to make sure she is married to William.

And I didn't think it was true or dare think such a thing until it came into view more clearly this week.

There was some British woman outside my door when I was first writing, who was saying loudly and wanted me to hear, "Isn't Giovanni the 'little' man?" I had to think for a minute. Giovanni, and that must be Johnny in Italian. What could she have meant, to want me to hear this?

Meanwhile, I thought about it, and my mother told me the box for my son weighed 75 lbs and was 4 feet long. It wasn't 4 ft. long, which led me to think of a child-sized coffin. It was 2 feet long or so, and I saw the box because I was there to pick it out.

As light and nonchalant as the emails are, I have heard otherwise over the phone.

My aunt starting to cry when my son was opening up the package of toys from me, where the Wells Fargo man threw in a plastic "ruler" and squeezable coach, for good measure.

My family is not always alone when they are talking to me.

It is also not my aunt or uncle that would be telling me I cannot send toys to my son.

I have heard my mother over the phone, not too long ago, and then an odd sound in the background like a dog crying out in pain. My mom almost started to cry over the phone with me and I said, "What was that?" and then she said again, "Come, come" but someone was telling her to say this and her voice cracked as she did and then she said, "Oh, I need to let the dog in." The dog was already in the house. Someone was in the house with my mother and wanting her to act natural and say the things she was saying and it sounded like, to me, that someone was holding her dog and causing it pain until she said what they wanted her to say and the dog so-happened to let out a squeak. Which is why I said, "What was that?" It wasn't a kid, it wasn't my Dad, it was my mom's dog which she really, really, loves.

I felt someone was there at my aunt's house when my son's toy package was being opened as well. I sensed it and even though my aunt was trying not to cry, I could hear my son in the background, shrieking out in pain. I said, "What's wrong? Why is Oliver crying?" and she said, brushing it off, "Oh, he's just upset because he wants everything that's in present maybe and Pablo is taking some of the garbage out of it."

My aunt would never say Pablo was taking "garbage" or "trash" out of a present I sent my son. Someone was telling her to say this and someone has been torturing my son.

How many times do I have to ask for someone to help my family?

My own family has been pressured to say they think I'm mentally ill when I'm not. And they don't think I am either, they are only saying what someone has been telling them to say or they will do worse.

I have heard both my mother and my aunt trying not to cry when I distinctly felt or intuited someone was there, not husbands...people who are gangsters or who work for the State or government as gangsters.

My family is being blackmailed and tortured.

Someone wanted me to know that my son might die if I keep talking about things. Some of the people over there who I had a bad feeling about were black and probably connected to my Ex and wantd to punish someone, and theer is a decent number of people here who are black and don't like me for some reason, as well as white. Other people who were getting access to my son were police officers and gangsters and FBI connected people who wanted my aunt and uncle to know they were connected and would never get help. Who helped my son when he had perm solution poured down his throat? The Catholic visitation monitor brought my son to me one day, Anne Crane, and smiled smugly when my son then threw up all over after saying, "Mama, I'm sick." Ms. Crane was not alarmed that my son threw up. She was expecting it to happen and wanted it to happen in front of me. When my son threw up I was so shocked to see that Crane was happy about it, that I said firmly to her, "I need to take him to the bathroom."

I did, and washed everything and Anne Crane's response was so bizarre I thought she might have even been the one to have given him something before he got there to make him throw up at that moment. Then she was in charge of driving him back. I absolutely believe now, that it was Anne who gave my son something to make him throw up. My son had not been sick at all, and I had talked to my aunt before that and he wasn't sick and then he was being given something to make him throw up right in front of me while she laughed about it. His throw up was solid colored blue. I still remember the color blue. It was the color of the blue on the Jewish flag. Not the dark sapphire blue that it appears to be from some photos, but the more smurf blue that it is in other photos. And my son was given something by Anne Crane, who lied about all the visits in writing, and she was smirking when he threw up and staring at me this way. She wasn't worried, didn't go over to help, nothing. She stood there and watched and smirked.

I have seen my son afraid to leave me and go with my uncle Pablo because I know that sometimes he has been taken to meet someone who will reward him or punish him depending on what he says in the visits to me--.

It was Jews who decided to find out something about me to make me an embarrassment and make it humiliating for anyone there to even acknowledge they'd ever had any interest in me, for any reason. They tried to find out who the father of my son was and made this an issue. They got off on the idea that it would be so humiliating and how humiliating for me to be single mother. They helped medicate and dope me up and helped others to torture me and then got off on the idea that I had memory problems.

who was then, with help from their friends, charged over and over with crimes by people like Mykal Holt, Michelle Erickson, and ridiculed and blocked from justice by the Woods law firm, Justin Titus with the Catholic firm, and even Justin Collier. Finally, stalling so that no progress is made and it looks impossible for progress to be made by Tanesha Canzater.

These people have allowed my son to be sexually abused, and experimented on for military reasons. They have cut my son's fingers, burned him with acid, given him perm solution down his throat, and I witnessed bruising al the time which I now believe was possibly self-inflicted because of trauma, if he had been strapped down and was grabbing his own legs, or if some other KID, more likely, was doing this to my son.

I reported and pointed out the acid burn on my son's fingers. CPS did nothing.

I made several reports and no one did a thing. Even the Mormons in that town were practically worthless. I have met better Mormons in Mother Hubbard's Cupboard. The FBI agent there was supposedly Mormon but I don't think he was anything at all. He defended some very corrupt Judges. And then I was being almost coerced to donate eggs just to have money to fight discrimination on getting housing.

I slept outside and had to stay with horrible men, because I refused to sell my eggs. But of course, this means nothing to people who think that I lose everything and sell everything away, even sentimental heirloom pieces.

My aunt and uncle do not put acid on their kids. The only people that would do that are Washington State and other officials who have gang members using muscle and intimidation for them and some military criminals who are making reports about it.

I am positive about all of this.

I am also positive that some of the royal wedding snubs, which I am just now getting to, have something to do with a few things as well. To not invite Gordon Brown was wrong. But welcome to the Middleton clan England. I can't remember but possibly Cameron, the newer guy, is Catholic. I'm sure there's no chance he's not in bed with anyone.

I don't know what was happening to my son before I got back to Wenatchee. But I know someone was playing audio of him where he was screaming and crying and then I heard him screaming hysterically at daycare when I called. Screaming in a way he never did with me.

If William marries Kate, he is just throwing in the towel. I am positive now that all of the torture to me and my son was to keep me down on behalf of ensuring she was in this position. There is NO OTHER accountable reason or possibility for CIA, FBI, military, and other international interest. There just isn't. No one from Australia, Scotland, England, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, East India, Pakistan, or anywhere else would be interested in me for any other reason and that includes Asian countries as well. There is also no other reason Italian, Mexican, Jewish, and other groups would wrangle with eachother on what to do with me and my son. Period.

Now, just like I thought when I first got hired for this job where I've been tortured, I have been told to go in on Friday to have a talk. Friday is the day they want to fire me, as a wedding present to the Middleton family and all of the international thugs that have wrecked havoc on the lives of my son and I. They set it up to have a couple of complaints in line, and then reserved the one last final complaint for the day of their choosing, which was already picked out. They had all the coworkers jointly harassing me to no end, throwing things at me, calling me swear words and other names and making derogatory comments about me, and then brought in friends they knew over here to come in and complain.

I would like to know which Italians William knows. And which people Kate's brother knows.

The other person I forgot to mention, who I had to stay with, was also from a Catholic family and military and I don't think he is a good person even though I had to stay there. His name was Bill and he claimed to have met Princess Diana. He had a mean streak and something worried me and he was doing psychic research stuff and I believe he and a lot of others had access to my son.

People were paying others to torture me and my son. And intimidating people into saying I was mentally ill to discredit me as well.

I had someone steal my cell phone again today.

But when the U.S. intelligence stands by silently while my son is given things to make him throw up, tortured with acid, sexually and mentally abused, his fingers cut, his face sliced down the side, his toys stolen, held in closets, held in chairs, and tormented and drugged,

WHO who Hell cares if my cell phone has been stolen?

And why the Hell does anyone care about a wedding that was precipitated by nothing except violence and torture. She is going into this like Bloody Mary. And this is how Samson had his hair cut.

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