Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Making A Splash

First I got to work and I was told I am concerned that after all of this harassment I've been putting up with, that I'm going to be blamed again and I am doing an excellent job. I had to write down employee names for writing to corporate I guess, but not putting anything online of course. Then, I walked out and it started to pour rain and in a few minutes just huge rivers and puddles and a torrent of rain. At first I was sort of annoyed but then I thought, "It's not cold out at all and this is kind of refreshing."

I was happy to notice some were driving by to see if I had mascara running down my face but I didn't wear any make up today so there were no tracks.

I had so many people harassing me though and laughing and mocking and finally it was so rainy I didn't step around the puddles, I just went right them because I have shoes on that dry out fast and not wearing socks. As I approached the first huge puddle I hesitated and then went right through and I stuck my tongue out at the cars paused at the light in front of me and then I couldn't help grinning and this man walked by and I had the best feeling and thought it was so funny.

I guess I was glad that I didn't allow the weather or harassment to get the best of me.

I even thought to myself, "Hmm. I guess you do still have some spirit after all."

What was really horrible though, was dealing with the phone stuff. It is not TracFone, I don't think, that is doing some of the weird things that have happened to my phone lately. I tried to call my mother after being harassed at work and the phone gave me a message about "Error 52" or something like that. It was something weirder than that. Then today my phone started making a cu-cu clock noise and it wasn't from the rain because it hardly got wet at all with my hand over it. It was more like a recording or something someone did and with a few odd things suddenly happening with my phone, I think this is CIA or military again. It's not even anything that TracFone operators could do if they tried.

I really don't know that Panetta should be the head of the Pentagon.

And honestly, I guess I've decided I don't think William and Kate should be getting married either, but, well it's not too late exactly, but imagine. It would be the most amazing Runaway Groom or Bride story the world has ever seen.

I am trying to think of ways that England could cash in on this if it angered those in the tourism business, but I don't know. Movie rights?


I mean, the publicity could still be worth something. I guess Diana got right up to the day before and thought about backing out and didn't and seeing just a few clips I guess I could understand the pressure.

I just think something is wrong. I'm not trying to rain on a parade either. I saved it to the last I guess, and I thought so many times that I might write about something but I never could. I was too unsure about what I thought but something MAY be wrong. I don't know what to pinpoint other than something in the lining is not ? I don't know how to put it and I don't know why I said lining either. Maybe I mean background or, I think what it is for me mainly is all of the horrible violence and harassment that's affected me and my son and so I question who is behind everything. I wonder who is in bed with the catholic church and a whole number of things.

I think someone even loved my son somewhere and my son has been left to be preyed upon by military research, psychics, and gangsters and he has been assaulted too, more than once. I feel that when things are bad for me or my son, it has to be over something very important.

My whole family has been in danger and no one has been able to express this except me.

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