Friday, April 29, 2011

Retaliation At Hotel Hermitage

I was retaliated against right after posting that I had been drugged.

It was while I was in a hotel using the computer and I guess they didn't feel the need or desire to monitor my emails any longer.

I never had a problem, and went in on occasion and they all knew I used the computer but never with anyone waiting. I was polite and kept to myself.

Today I left my bag unattended for one second and someone removed a stationary that was on the floor and I am not sure, but my cell phone that was stolen...someone put two the backs inside the pocket of my bag. I found them right after I left and someone had to have stolen the cell from me first, to do this. Not only that, it was 2 different backs to a cell bc I had two of the same and I had been missing the back for the one before the second was stolen and wondered what happened to it.

This security guard came up to me right after I had blogged about being drugged and his name was Kris. First this woman who sits at the desk came over and asked me what my name was. She already knew but I didn't say this to her. I said, "Cam." She said, "Kim?" recalling all things Post Pub in Washington D.C. I said, "No, Cam." She said, "What is your last name?" and I said politely and kindly, "Is there any reason why you want to know?" and she said, "No, no reason."

Then the security guy came over and just out of the blue blurted out, "Ma'am, don't come back here again or we will have you arrested." I said, "For what? You're going to have me arrested?" and he said, "Yes, this is a private building and we'll have you arrested for trespassing." This is the same place where a couple of times someone has used military technology while I have been there and quit when I announced it was happening there.

So I thought this was very interesting, especially because one of my coworkers who decided to apply for a job where I work, after I was there, is Sicilian Italian and I have pretty much gathered he is one of the individuals who has used military technology on me. He's gay and acts really nice but something was wrong. Then, the dream I had where someone was taking me to an outdoor market and I found the earrings but they weren't sapphires, that dream, he was the one in the dream and he got shady in the dream and then disappeared and left me at the market without a way to get back. That was my dream but I didn't divulge that part.

I believe he's pro-Middleton and thought I was in the way. He told me he had been hired to do all of the decorating for The Hermitage and he knew everyone there.

So I asked this security guard who was responsible for telling me not to go back or I would be arrested, and he said, "Janet Curtz" and I said, "Who is she?" and he said, "Marketing and Sales". If she does the Marketing and Sales, I'm sure she knows this guy I work with. She would have been part of the decorating strategy and wanted to be in on how to sell the place by appearance and features and market to the public.

By the way, right now as I write, I am at the public library and someone is using technology here since I've been on the computer.

Just the other day, yesterday, I was being made fun of by 2 different men when some guy named "Ryan" at the Y was putting on a whole "Ryan-Marine-from-Wenatchee" imitation. I saw how they mocked me and enjoyed it and asked if I recognized them. They said their names and then I said, "What do you do?" and they both talked in a gay sounding voice and then said, "Decorating."

There are only so many downtown Nashville gay decorators here.

I wondered why they didn't like me enough to not even know me but want to mock me so this is why I had asked. I hadn't been sure what to think about the guy I work with. At first I liked him but then I noticed an expression on his face a couple times, when I turned unexpectedly and saw him looking at me, that was sheer hatred. And then a couple of days ago I saw him smiling in this very tender way and leaning back and just looked "warmed" so to speak and so I looked and it was some tall Kate Middleton look-a-like that was leading a man who was slightly balding with a cane, out. I thought, "He is feeling reminiscent about Kate and William?" I don't know. But I had gathered also, more importantly, that when the technology stuff was happening at work, often he was one of very few that was around when it happened. So this made me wonder. I really thought he was on my side as a nice fellow employee until I realized some of the technology stuff was happening when he was around, and almost always if this other guy who knows police was around. Almost all of these people were catholic. Then too, some were wished-they-were-marines. On the day right before everyone really laid on the harassment, on Tuesday I think, she came in wearing a baseball hat with the print of my underwear on it and then was smirking at me and with other guys there, about it. She didn't have this hat before. She bought it to wear it around me for whatever reason and then laugh about it with everyone else. I guess someone watched my purchase when I bought the underwear and I just alternate and wash and wear 2 pr. That's it. I don't have money to spend on myself and anything I have I give to my son or try to save to help put myself in a better position to help my son. I am not spending money on ME. I have 1 pair that's black lace and the design of 2 roses is on it, in lace. Which everyone already knew about. And then the other pair I got cheap too, from a sales rack, and it's yellow and white cotton with specific colored little stars all over. Kelly green, pink, purple, blue, whatever. I didn't get it because I loved them but it was cheap. So this coworker comes in with the exact same unique pattern and then grins about it with the men who are coworkers. She is someone who said she was in pre-Marines training in high school and took classes for military prep even as a junior. She was hard-core into the military and then she was told she could go in because of a bad back and health problems.

This is on top of people pulling down their pants in front of me to show their rear ends, throwing things at me with a very hard aim, calling me cockroach and then on the last day they all, as a group, I am not kidding, got into a circle and then a line up against the counter that I had to go by and began taunting me. All of them. These people, knowing it was just me on my own, and then them, stood together to ridicule and make fun of me while I tried to work, saying, "You need some help." "You bitch, you need a check up." "You're crazy". "She is crazy. I have decided, YOU crazy." "Yeah, she's worthless." They went on and on about how I was a mentally ill, crazy, low-life bitch and how then they all started laughing out loud at me. There were at least 5-6 of them lined up where we pick up food in the kitchen. Then they did it again, in a group in the front of the restaurant but not loudly where customers could hear. But back in the kitchen, again. I finally burst into tears & said to the manager and in hearing of them, "That's it. I am going to make reports." So they started laughing at me and taunted me more. "YOU'RE going to report us? Go ahead! We don't care! Go for it. See how far you get." I then said, "No, I'm not just talking to them, I'm putting it in writing." So then it was, "Go ahead, it's not going to hurt us and it won't go into our file either." I said, "You can't decide what goes into your file or not." Not only that, they were repeatedly taking customers away from me that I was in the middle of taking to my section. Over and over, customers taken out from under me and given to other coworkers whose sections were already full. I am patient and I even allow others to get tables ahead of me at times and ask, "Do you have any tables?" to see if we can be fair and to allow for them to get something ahead of me if they don't have a table. But they were taking away all of my work. I had, all night, just a couple of people and then after they did this and harassed me on top of everything, I said I was making reports. They wanted to fire me and worked overtime for it to happen. After I said I was making reports they decided to give me some customers and took them to my section and I found out they all knew eachother. They knew eachother and knew the coworkers and made false complaints about me to the manager who was already worried I was going to write a report so he said I was a problem and don't come back until I talk to the manager. This is right after the bartender threw very hard peanuts, not peanuts in the shell but the peanuts, and something else, at my back. It was not a friendly toss. And she is someone who is really bad news. She's a Catholic psychic but I think she must do some kind of witchcraft or something too. If someone was doing something gangster and I was making note of it, she was right there to try to get them out of there. I can't say any names because I am working there.

If my reports, without names, are a problem, I think there is something seriously wrong with the whole chain. I believe they can fix this but it's being turned around on me when I'm not really doing anything wrong.

I have never in my life, ever experienced any kind of workplace harassment like it. Never. You would think I was working at a Sloppy Joes in the worst part of the Hood, getting paid under the table in some kind of ghetto sweat factory. But no, I just happened to get a job in the Catholic-Jewish part of town. Which, as you can see, really has it's rewards.

They have said so many horrible, mean and cruel things to my face and to eachother about me. And I have had some of them using military technology on me too, some really wacko stuff and I just tried to ignore it and alway hope it will be different every day. Some days are better than others, depending on who is there. But even though I didn't want to go to work because of torture or harassment, I still went, every day and then a couple of times someone would say to me, "You haven't quit yet?" or "You're still here?" and they wanted me to quit after they were through with picking my brain and experimenting and torturing me. I didn't quit because I need the work that bad, which is how people are held hostage and exploited in the real world. I need money and they know it so I get offered a job before something good comes along that's real (sort of like men & women in political relationships) and in the meantime I'm used, tortured, and have to take it if I want a paycheck at all. I was dealing with this too much, and all of these other legal things that were thrown my way, and college and trying to go back, to even look for a new job more than I did. I was trying to get different work and I think they want to fire me before I do. My goal was to still work there and then take a second job that didn't conflict.

I think right now the technology may be because I'm sitting inbetween 2 women who each have something with them. I moved and now I'm not having the problem. I am wondering if it was the women or something else but moving to a different spot fixed it right away.

I feel like some people really don't know who I am or what kind of standards I expect. I expect to be treated with a basic level of respect. I don't expect to be gang-harassed, tortured at work, lied about with customers, treated like a guinea pig, or called cockroach and degraded. I don't do any of these things to them in return.

Some of these people act like I would go for a man like that too, and it's so unbelievable to me. I have never, in my life, EVER, been in any relationship with a man who screamed at me. If any man did that to me in our relationship, it would be over unless there was some good reason and we were together for a long time. I have NEVER fought like cats and dogs with a boyfriend and I've never ever been harmed, touched, or beaten by any man in a romantic relationship or even dating. I wasn't raised watching my Dad abuse and hit and scream at my Mom. They had some respect for one another and still do and I have never been drawn to any man who was mean, verbally or physically abusive. I am not attracted to that. No amount of money, power, or incentive or chemistry could possibly draw me to that kind of person. And, to date, I have never once been abused by a boyfriend in that manner. Aside from things I've already written about. I value men who value women and treat women well and I actually notice and appreciate good manners or ettiquette. I don't know why so many women get into lose-lose relationships unless it's that their background was seeing an unhealthy relationship and that's not their fault but something to overcome. The most I've ever done is swear and throw a sandwich. I even sort of tolerated cheating if I thought the relationship was open and not firmed up, but then when I agree with someone to loyalty or talking about things, I mean exactly what I say. I am not one of those women who says, "I need your loyalty" and then is going to stay with the guy after he throws this in my face over and over again. If you cheat without telling me or discussing things first, after we make a pact, that's it. The End. I don't do "deals" on loyalty. What is good is that while I expect loyalty at some point, I am also very easy going, not clingy, and not jealous. I feel good about myself and unless there is something I'm really concerned about or has affected me or my family, I am never going to be a nag. I have been this way, easy going, with coworkers too.
However, in restaurant work there are temporary tiffs and tempers flare sometimes, but not to the level of what I've had to deal with.

So it's been one thing after the other and a lot more going down at work. All I wanted and all I want is to work and be left alone to do my job. I do this for others and am not trying to take their work away and I feel it should be done for me.

When I was at the Toys r Us in Madison, or near there, getting toys for my son that night, I was being tortured. It didn't happen earlier in the day, but that night and then this guy who was checking things out for me was throwing this clock out, which I thought was an odd gesture and nod to Wenatchee and Tennessee style. That clock was on the wall in the visitation room with my son and different people in Wenatchee were always bringing in a replica of it and then putting it at some location and making remarks...hard to describe. Like, leaving one on a desk where I was going to have an appointment, or, in the psych ward in Nashville, TN, the trivial pursuit man put one in his shopping cart where I could see it. There was already a clock in the room and a watch on his arm. Then this guy at toys r us picked up a clock like it, in front of me and said to the other checker, "I think we can throw this out now." and there was nothing wrong with it and she said, "yeah." It was bizarre how they were putting it. His name was john and then something like malchovitchz but it wasn't that, something that sounded slavic though. I then went from Toys r US to "Book-a-million" and the same torture happened there. It was just these 2 places. I took things to the counter and talked to the checker and asked him what his ethnic background was because I couldn't tell and we'd been talking awhile. He said "Irish" but he hadn't wanted to tell me which I thought was odd if he didn't have anything to hide. ? I don't know, maybe it was someone else there. He said he traveled a lot.

After I left these stores, I called my mother who had to get off the phone because she was physically ill. I thought it was strange and I got very worried because if people are doing these horrendous things to me, they are probably doing something to my family too. Most people wouldn't talk about it though because they know it sounds crazy and maybe they're threatened with worse.

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