Thursday, April 14, 2011

Terrorizing Oliver Garrett & His Mother (updated 4/15/11)

I had problems with the FBI prior to torture of me and my son. This is what stands out the most, though I had also reported someone for raping me earlier and had more police harassment when I tried to report this. The vandalism of my property and cars, and stalking, all occured when I was first reporting Abbey monks for misconduct. That was the first time, ever, that anyone accused me of being "unstable". It was only those who were associated with the Abbey in some way, or church. They even had young men or teenagers who did horrible things to me, who were affiliated with this and it only looked like revenge or retaliation for saying anything about maybe the church, or Mary, or their priests. I don't know if any of the priests had gang affiliations. I probably was first "noticed" when I went to the East Coast as a nanny, but before that maybe through the advertising of my singing ability, even though I didn't know I was being advertised. Two things happened: I reported Malcolm Butler and his clinic for doing some bizarre things and giving my son medications twice and then refusing to give me the batch number or information on it. My son and I were very seriously injured in childbirth and it was as if the midwife, Stacey Stubblefield, had intended it to be this way. She had her fingers inside of me for so long it was unbelievable and Butler was attending the birth. Prior to this, I had one incident where I was at a BBQ for someone and had severe lower back pain. The husband of the woman who I worked for, at a deli, was there and he was Army or former military. Other outliers would be that I contacted some Irish wondering if there was anyone who knew how to deal with religious persecution and harassment that I faced after litigation (and during). Another thing was that I left Oregon because of the vandalism and harassment that began there and increased when I reported the Catholic FBI agents Bujanda and Garza. I had a very serious increase in harassment from police after I made this report. It was not bearable and I decided to move partway to Washington. The lawyers and groups for the Abbey and Archdiocese basically set me up to fail, before I had even moved to Wenatchee. I later found out they had certain friends who got the ball rolling by trying to defame me there, in Wenatchee and it spiraled. In Washington, it was Malcolm Butler's clinic people. Most of those who work there are Catholic and I believe they wanted revenge for saying anything about him because he's liked. However, I had also spoken up about vaccination issues to make everyone aware, not just to help my own son. Another outlier would be that I contacted an Irish guy who lived in Malaysia but was British. He was English and married a Malaysian woman and had a blog about extremely gifted children. I believe he was Catholic and at first I had a nice exchange with him but then he got cold and I wondered what was going on. I had written into his site because my son was showing so much extraordinary ability I enjoyed learning about others who had children that did the same. Someone must have become jealous because it wasn't long after this, and after I told Christa Schneider I was going to raise my son to be whoever he wanted to be, but a man of integrity who would fight corruption like I'd been through, that both my son and I got blasted with technology. Nothing had happened to us physically before that point. It was also at this time that I noticed bizarre things happening with my computer, fax, and phone, and it was the first time, aside from a couple of fax issues in Portland, Oregon (and harassment) that this happened. The only other outlier would be that I talked to a Russian guy who had a disabled son and they had a restaurant and he said something about how some guy who got poisoned should have kept his mouth shut. I called the CIA (only time I've done that until recently, to get my son back) just wondering if that was odd. Then I thought about it, and later realized this is just how some Russian express themselves: they can be blunt. I wasn't nuts, I only called the CIA because I thought it was shocking to be flippant about anyone who had been poisoned who was a major political figure in a country. I also had a friend who was affiliated with gangs, named "Nacho" who died a couple days after I made Christmas cookies. He was shot in Yakima. I wasn't really friends, friends, but in the sense that he worked for my grandfather and I was friendly with all the workers, he was. He was the only one to visit the house a couple times after I had my son aside from women who came in. He was shot in December. I didn't know he was affiliated with gangs at all, until after he was shot. I still don't know which gang he was with. I have no clue and I guess I never thought to ask either. The FBI, which had been totally hostile to me, and had refused to give me FOIA, from both WA and OR and D.C. was actually receptive when I called to find out where he was because he wasn't answering his phone. I said, without knowing he had been killed, "I think someone killed him." They wanted to know why I thought this and I just intuited it. And then they confirmed yes, he had been killed and seemed pleased that I had called or guessed correctly. It was the only time they treated me like a human being. It was the only time that the FBI treated me like a human being. The other thing that happened was I called "Missing Persons" which I found out is connected to the FBI. I didn't know this at the time. I still had my son with me and I called them up to tell them where I thought a missing woman, with the last name "Cox" was. She was on the East Coast and it came to mind one day and I looked it up and then had an image of this woman and "saw" her, in the mind's eye, in a grassy location in a specific skirt and sweater (or dress and sweater). So I said to Missing and Exploited Children, "She is _______ and described everything" and said I knew it was weird but I felt I was supposed to tell them where to look. Then I found out someone found her in the exact location I had said she was in but they didn't want to credit me with any reward for finding her and attributed it to someone else randomly finding her. I wanted to know if I had been right so I got the number for the local department on the East Coast and called their police. The detective confirmed, yes, that is where she was found and this is what she was wearing. In the meantime, I had people still trying to claim I was "schitzophrenic" which was only something the Abbey and church people were doing. It was only the mental health professionals they knew that ever dared say something like this--because it was untrue but they were the only ones with motive to say this. Unless maybe this one guy who raped me had said something in his defense, but the police backed off on even investigating after The Willamette Week got their desired results of totally defaming my character as being a criminal (committing trespass or misdemeanors when I didn't and wasn't even filed for charges for this) and seductive (which I'm not, even though they got away with lying that I wrote sexually explicit email to monks when I didn't even write this kind of thing to my own fiance). But now, I had this feeling that after I had reported the FBI guys, I had been smeared in FBI records as mentally ill. I could feel it and it was the only thing that made sense, because why else would I be harassed so much by police who felt they were getting away with it too? Then, I had this confirmed, that my name had somehow been slandered in some kind of database, internal memos, or file, when a female officer said to me, in Wenatchee, "Ms. Garrett, your name is known by law enforcement throughout all of Washington and Oregon state." I thought, that is very wrong, considering I've never done anything. Why would MY name be "known" and for what?! So I pressed harder for discovery and FOIA and the FBI got nasty. I also think someone tried to claim I hadn't really "seen" the missing woman and that it was a sign of hallucination or mental illness. I was still driving to college in Oregon, and trying to get FOIA, and then I got pulled over and had my car towed in the middle of the night by an Oregon officer who said Washington police had "alerted" them, that I had a "suspended license". Judge Warren, who was connected to Abbey lawyers and persons in Washington, but who was a Wenatchee Judge (catholic) had done this. He had fully put a false note into my account and had it passed onto police, knowing I would have my car towed away. How would I then commute for college? He refused to lift it, forcing me to go to the DMV to prove it was never legal. This was the first time I saw anyone do something totally illegal, which affected my life, and made me look like I was a criminal of some kind, or not in compliance with the law. I guess before that it was Abbey lawyers and personnel that tried, but then nothing until Judge Warren used his authority in Wenatchee. He THEN was the one to have me thrown in jail on false arrest for 14 days, the night before I was giving a story about the Catholic FBI agents to the Wenatchee World newspaper. I was pregnant at the time. They tried to get me to plead guilty but I said no and I had evidence to prove I was innocent. My public defender was on THEIR side until I said, "If you don't do it, I WILL and I have these records" and was going to do it myself. Then they agreed it was wrong and threw it out. However, police were trying to screw me up and abuse their authority anyway possible, telling my grandparents to throw all my legal documents out of order into boxes and things, which held me back in my legal affairs and caused me to miss a payout of $50,000 which I was supposed to receive for a serious personal injury to my knee, where I had to have surgery because of a hit-and-run driver running into me. I never got the $50,000 because of what Abbey lawyers and persons connected, and Judge Warren did to me. I also had to drop out of college because I was literally afraid to drive, out of fear he would do something arbitrarily illegal again, and I would be stranded somewhere. It was also at this time that I lost out on filing a bankruptcy to get rid of a totally unethical and fraudulent claim of $40,000 in a lien that the Mt. Angel Abbey had put upon ME when they harassed me to the point of being medically sick (chronic bronchitis). I later found out there was possibly black mold in the apartment I was in at that time as well (in Oregon) which may have made things worse. I lost a lot, and then I was being falsely arrested. So that got thrown out and then I was still harassed by police everywhere. It was beyond comprehension. I knew something was very seriously wrong. But everyone refused to turn out the FOIA and I finally started calling human rights groups and looked into political asylum. At that point, medical professionals started calling CPS when a few Jewish and Catholic employees started defaming me in social services (and one or two Protestants too, with connections to law enforcement or medical persons I was blaming). I was looking for a firm for medical malpractice for me and my son and I started having problems with social services acting like cohorts for the medical community there, trying to prepare against lawsuit by suggesting to me that I take disablity for mental illness or anger management courses, or something, anything besides disability for physical injury from childbirth. I tried to get help with filing for disability for medical phsyical reasons and the social services director blocked me and then they blocked me in Spokane, and I did research and all of them were Catholic and Jewish. All the way through the line. My son and I were then very seriously being tortured and had odd solid green helicopters (at least once) flying into almost landing range of my house. I was following what was happening to Britney Spears at the time and was sort of aghast, and wondered what in the world she had gotten herself into--something seemed very shady. I made a few comments into message boards about it and that was it. The torture was unbelievable. From Methow first, to then all the time in East Wenatchee, my son had one day, after he and I both threw up in a very weird 2 hour flu type of thing (where a lot of other people were at the hospital for too), from talking fully to talking gibberish. He was still talking, but it was all confused and it happened when we both threw up and then were experiencing torture and had odd twitching all night, both of us. It wasn't our food, because I only bought organic for him and was extremely fastidious in everything being clean for him. Me, I might take something off the floor if I dropped it, in a split second, but I would never give it to my son. I put my son much higher than myself, far above my own desires and needs and I never felt it was a burden, but an honor and a joy. (I will finish this post tomorrow as I have to go to work right now) I'll start again on this post and continue through. ***************************************************************************************************************** Just to forewarn, it may be slow-going today as I already tried to post something and someone deleted everything that I wrote. So I have to write it over. What I first had to say, was that I will only be able to write a small amount now and then I have to write more somewhere else. As I was saying, my son and I were being tortured. It was hard for me to know who was responsible because I had groups that didn't like me, by that time, and there were medical professionals covering up for a medical malpractice lawsuit, and then the original problem with Catholic groups that affected my social services and how I was treated, as well as medical care. This was on the tail end of a Judge going out of his way to falsely arrest me and falsely suspend my license. It should be no suprise then, that if everyone saw they got away with doing this, that everyone thought they would get away with kidnapping my son by false pretense and fraud. They tested the waters first. They put out a false suspension of my license that caused me to lose my college studies, $50,000, and a timely bankruptcy claim. They got away with illegally using authority to commit fraud. Then I was falsely arrested. They did not even have enough evidence or reasonable cause for taking me to jail in the first place as they had zero witness statements from anyone. They got away with it. If then, everyone sees a group constantly getting away with fraud and defamation of my character, WHY would they think anyone would censor them or hold them accountable for kidnapping my son and setting me up, premeditating a false arrest? These instances were not even the only ones. There were other things that people were getting away with. Next I was fleeing for my life, literally. My son and I were tortured so heavily I knew neither of us would survive. We had no help from the U.S. Corrupt persons in the FBI had shut their ears and turned their faces from us. Family didn't know everything that was going on and didn't believe it. I was constantly being harassed by police and by social services and was started to get forced out of housing in the area, which was why I lived in a place that belonged to my grandparents--because I was being blacklisted. All of the things I blogged about, in the beginning, that were happening, happened. We had all of the symptoms I have described and there was no cause for it other than technology. I found out later, that when the car pulled away from my house, after retrieving something from a pipe, that had Russian Baptist members in it, I didn't know then that they were from this church. I recognized them later. I also didn't know that the Russian man who I called the CIA about, who regularly visits Moscow, and his wife, I didn't know they belonged to the Russian Baptist church. Having someone torture me on an occasion, in that church, regardless of whether it's Protestant or not, should not have been a surprise to me, but I never had any ill will towards anyone, none of them. However, the technology torture had possibly started before I ever met them because I met them when I was looking for a new apartment and they had apartments. It was right around that time. I had pretty good cause to think it was Catholic influenced, because of former problems I'd had and all the other vandalism which occured long before I ever met anyone who was Russian. There were outliers--some did things to us for different reasons. But my son and I were fleeing for our lives. I would think, that if the U.S. had ever really not known then, they certaintly knew later. And they have not done anything to effectively stop this and protect me and my son and return my son to me, when there is ample evidence to prove he was illegally kidnapped. There are even Mormons there who have done horrible things to us. I have realized, just because someone says to me that they are Mormon, it doesn't necessarily mean anything. A lot of people are converting to that church and I believe part of the appeal is some of the secrecy, for those who don't do it for religious reasons, they see membership as an opportunity to be part of a group that has gained some power in numbers and resources. Some Mormons even, have instructed me to go to the church in person and I know, having attended a baptism of a new adult male Mormon, something was wrong. My son and I fled to Canada and we were chased and followed there, but none of the same things were happening. As soon as we left, the torture and ability to access us for this, was reduced by over 80%. I still noticed a couple of things happen though, when someone had an opportunity and we were in public places. In the Wenatchee area too, there was a very large Catholic population (Hispanic, Irish, and Ukranian, Russian). The Mt. Angel Abbey abbot, was from the adjoining town and came from a Ukraine family. I later recognized some of those doing things were also Jewish, but there was more of a motive for them to be involved later, I thought. I do know that Donna Titleman was Jewish and did some questionable things that affected my social services and when I called about a synogogue once, I got the cold shoulder in Seattle, and I thought it must have something to do with someone being upset I ever said anything about my taxes not being paid by the Rabbi I worked for, or the Jewish guy who owned or was Editor for The Willamette Week (the paper that defamed me). Picking up where I left off, about being jailed in Canada for 3 days. Most of the people I was dealing with in that framework, were officials who were undercover in some way. I was legally there, but some officials were persuaded by malignant American officials to premeditate how to get me and my son back to the U.S. We didn't want to go back. We had good cause for not going back and we, of course, were best off together. My son and I were exceedingly close. I was taken, flown by a small plane, to an immigration detention facility in Vancouver, WA. I think I also wrote about this, how I was there for a certain number of days and refused access to the lawyer who affirmed I was in Canada legally. After it was ruled, arbitrarily, and with zero evidence, that I had supposedly violated immigration law by "trying to become a resident" (when I was only trying to get political asylum to start with), they said I was being driven to the border that day. This time, instead of being shackled inside of a metal cage in a van, they handcuffed me and had me sit in the back of a van. They drove me to the border where I was told not to re-enter Canada for 1 year. They fully assigned a "crime" or offense to me, that was false. They assigned a criminal offense, or misdemeanor, to a mother who was trying to save herself and her son by political asylum or at least staying with guests until she got enough money (by donation from churches or something) to fly OUT of Canada to another country. THAT was the plan. Not to live in Canada, but to "make it" there long enough at least, to find out if Toronto, Ontario might be a place to request asylum, OR to just get enough money for a ticket to fly abroad. I felt, when I saw someone was still targeting us in Canada, that we were not safe there either. Someone was obviously finding us accessible. At the border, I had nothing. I was told, "Go back to Wenatchee" but the lawyers said if I did, they would probably try to justify what they had done by throwing me into a psych ward to be evaluated before I ever had a chance to clear my name and prove what had been happening to us was seriously torture by technology. And yes, we were literally physically tortured and then I have, at least, still had someone doing things or trying to pick it up while I'm in Nashville even. I was at the border and I had less than $30 left with me. I'm not sure why I only had $30 when I was dropped off, because I entered Canada with over $300 and never spent any of it except for on gas and we already had food but I think I bought McDonalds. Anyway, I didn't even have enough money to get back if I'd wanted to. I called my family but they said they wouldn't wire me any money. At that point, I was not on good terms with my own family at all. I really felt they were working against me. None of them wanted me to have my son, as a single mother. I had been ignored through my entire pregnancy. I didn't get one card or phone call, from anyone--not even my parents. I didn't hear from anyone until I delivered my son and then they rallied for me. But I still felt they were not entirely supportive of my decision. Then, we had arguments because I was devastated my parents wouldn't allow me to move back to Oregon to stay in one of the spare houses they had, when my son and I were being tortured. They didn't believe me, that the torture was literal, or said they didn't believe me. I was so upset I was okay with leaving my family behind, because what everyone was saying to me, was that they had a different idea of how a family functions and supports eachother. I had to survive and my son was my family and my priority. They were angry with me for leaving to Canada "without telling your family". They were also angry over things I had written in my blog. So I was stuck in Blaine and had to find a place to sleep. I didn't have enough for a hotel room so I was reduced to begging basically. I asked a man who was driving by if he knew where a cheap hotel was and explained my situation and then he paid for half of it. Someone gave me $100 after I stayed there, I think it was the hotel owner and I don't know if it was from her or someone else, and maybe it was less, but I couldn't go back to Wenatchee at that point, and I didn't know what to do. So I used some of it to buy a curling iron and make up because my best odds were to go to a bar and hope someone offered a place to stay for the night while I made it clear I wouldn't sleep with them. I was immediately looking for legal help. I went to the law offices all throughout Blaine, to get my son back. I was desperate. I found a place to stay a couple of different nights and I didn't sleep with anyone, kiss them, nothing. I talked to people, visited the bar to talk, and tried to find lawyers. I also asked about work because if I worked even PT I was proving Wenatchee wrong. There was nothing "mentally" wrong with me. I was being TORTURED physically, and there is a huge difference. In Blaine, I wasn't tortured. I somehow stayed afloat and then about a week later, I had to find out how to get my car and I went to the Border and that's when the fiasco happened where I was falsely accused AGAIN, of committing some misdemeanor and trying to get back into Canada. It was a lie. I never tried to get back into Canada. I knew I had to wait 1 year. But they made me sign a paper admitting I had "tried to get back into Canada." It was a false statement that I was coerced to make, under threat and penalty of being taken to jail instead. All I had done was be instructed by U.S. Border patrol to walk across the lawn to Canada border patrol to ask them how to get my car back. The guy at the station said, "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE IN WENATCHEE!!!" (I thought, "Yeah, and be in a nuthouse thanks.) I said, "I am working things out and I don't have to go to Wenatchee right now. This guy was outraged that I hadn't gone to Wenatchee to have my fate sealed. There would have been no way to get my son if I had gone back. They wanted to say I was "schitzophrenic" and the FBI was supposedly backing them? they would want to nail me with this before I got out from under them and proved it was a lie and proved damages from torture, and proved there was a cover up. Not only that, they had just illegally kidnapped my son. They premeditated and plotted this. It would have been their first priority to discredit me and justify themselves by having me diagnosed, right away, as nuts. I then went from this Border Patrol to faxing over documents to Washington from a Blaine business office. I was right away trying to get my son back and prove they were wrong. I also asked for visits with my son and Wenatchee refused to schedule them. Instead of scheduling them and preventing damage to my son, they wanted to deny all visits to pressure me to go back to Wenatchee. My son lost over 7 lbs when he was just 1 1/2 months. He was physically ill and couldn't eat, and had violent nightmares and cried all the time, wondering where his mother, who never left his side, was. I looked for work as a server at restaurants all day and then ended up eating at a small diner where I met these 2 guys who looked like ruffians. I didn't have a plan. I was just eating a bowl of soup or something or maybe I was only having tea and toast. It was something small and they were having breakfast there. We were the only ones in the back room and I was chatty and asked where they were from or if I could use their phone or something. After I used the phone they asked if they could help out and what I was doing. I explained and they said to come with them, I might be able to stay with their family. I stayed at a camp like a Lion's club camp. I was still hurting from injuries from childbirth but I tried to help out at the facilities. They had a hostel there in the summer but said I could stay with them for awhile. I stayed there and tried to make contact with arranging for visits again. I didn't have any of the torture stuff happening, so others were delusional to claim that I was mentally ill. I also didn't give out my address for a long time, because of valid concerns. I worked and raised a small amount of money and then looked for work downtown in Birch Bay (which is next to Blaine). I ended up at a bar, talking with people again and the one guy was moving out of his mom's place and I had to find something else. I met this other guy who said I could stay at his place. Was this all a great thing? No. And it's not something I have EVER done in my entire life. But I was desperate to do whatever it took, legally, to get my son back and I had been cut off of benefits to support me when Wenatchee took my son. They cut me off of everything. I had no income, no housing, no medical care and I was still having problems with injuries. Not only that, I was recovering from torture. My family wasn't helping me with money at all, so this was what I was forced into. I didn't sleep with any of the guys I stayed with. Then I sort of had a fling with one guy who I moved in with when I was intoxicated and he told me about a job at an oil refinery. I was at an enormous disadvantage to be exploited this entire time but the State didn't care. I stayed with this other guy, even though I couldn't put my finger on it, but thought something was wrong. I met him while talking about Christopher Hitchens. I was reading this book while at the bar. I really don't know how I made it through all of this. I would say it was adrenaline and stress and being medicated without my consent here and there. I did high risk things, like hitchhike and frequent bars to find a place to stay and something to eat, in order to survive. Not because I was having "fun" and it was all for my son. 100%. One hundred percent and twenty. I do not know many mothers, other than other refugees, who have done the kinds I've done, to try to work things out all for the benefit of their children. Most people in the U.S. are not forced into this kind of thing. Most people, I believe, are also not tortured, falsely arrested and defamed--truly persecuted, in the way that we've been constantly hounded and persecuted. I worked part-time at the oil refinery. I got visits scheduled to see my son. On the way there, I almost died in a collision the bus had with a huge boulder in the middle of the road. We all should have, could have died. I felt very strongly that it had been an assassination attempt. I was proving I was not mentally ill. What if I also turned around and proved we'd been tortured and that my son had been kidnapped? I think that because it wasn't working out the way someone wanted it to, they were desperate for other ideas. Also, the driver on the bus was on some kind of hit list because he was an informant for a major case on the East Coast and the FBI was dickering about whether one state or another state gave him Witness Protection. I talked to him because I felt my son and I needed Witness Protection. And honestly, we still do, and those who are corrupt in the FBI, need to get out of the way. I worked at the refinery but my back was killing me. Before that, I was at a resort cleaning condos until someone from Wenatchee found out and axed it. My supervisor was a nice Canadian but she left about the same time I did. She was my help, but when she wasn't there, there was no buffer anymore. I had one woman who I think was Jewish and very interested in me, working there after I did. I remember wondering why she was so interested in me. After the condo thing fell out, because Wenatchee was trying to keep me out of work, I worked at the refinery PT. I tried waitressing at a Chinese restaurant, which I enjoyed until a coworker shot me in butt with a bee-bee gun (a white guy). The police came out and I had to show them my butt cheek where I had the mark. I never followed up on the case because I was too worried about my son. I stayed in Birch Bay and tried to get visits increased and just get my son back but my lawyer was covering up for others there. I was telling him I could prove I wasn't delusional by showing my medical records, which proved medical injury and he said no one was "against me". I told him there WERE people against me and setting me up and putting evidence in the file would clear me. He refused. I also tried to get change of venue to have the case transferred to where I worked and Wenatchee refused. They wanted it firmly in their paws. Since they knew they had kidnapped my son and committed fraud, I guess the way they wanted to keep it under wraps, was to control it themselves. When the Judge Hotchkiss hung up on me in a hearing, before the hearing had even started (at the beginning), and awarded the State default custody of my son, I fled Washington. It was one more example of a corrupt official abusing authority to illegally affect my rights. If he could break the rules of law and just keep my son from me, next thing he would break rules of process and Order that I was thrown into a psych ward. I had to prove damages from torture anyway and no one in Washington was going to do it. So I fled and hitchhiked a ride from an apartment renter, to a reststop where I hitched a ride with a truck driver. Then I hitched a ride with various truck drivers until I got to New Mexico. I didn't do anything with any of these guys, I just had to get to the East Coast where I wanted to see if a military base would do a blood assay to help me prove I had been tortured. But now I know why the U.S. military never wanted to help me with this. Because they are in on it. There were only 2 places that I found which would do this: France and some military hospital on the East Coast. And if it was too late to have the blood assay done, I was going to have a tooth pulled to prove it (another form of measurement of damage from technology). I told my parents about this and they said, "A tooth?!" and thought it was horrible and maybe try a blood assay but not a tooth. To me, of course it was a last resort, but if THIS was how I had to prove trauma and get my son back, I was going to have one of my molars pulled. I wanted my son back and I still do. Wenatchee was very backed off about things until after the time had expired for me to have a blood assay and when they figured my family wasn't going to help me with a PET scan (to prove migraine which they claimed I didn't have and also prove a normal brain, ruling out schitzophrenia) or private attorney. But before getting to the East Coast, I was stopped off in New Mexico. Really, think about what I have been through because of an illegal kidnapping. The U.S. should have given me and my son witness protection and instead, corrupt persons used us for other reasons. I didn't entirely think the military could be part of the problem until later. If it wasn't a mafia, it was military, or a combination of both. I was in New Mexico and got off because a truck driver was belligerant. I walked to a gas station where I asked to use a phone and this guy said he could give me a ride to this other place. He was young, good-looking, driving an older Volvo. He was young 20s or 19 or something. We started talking and he liked me enough I guess, to want me to stay with him and his housemate in Alburquerque. I stayed with them for a week and they were going to connect me with work, but I had to move on because my objective was to get to a military base or hospital where they would test to prove damages I said I had. So I was at a truck stop and then this Catholic Irish guy who was former Army came in and said he could take me as far as his stop in, I think PA. I can't remember at this exact moment. I talked with him about a lot of things and I can trace military connections from this point, though some of the others I stayed with somehow knew my ex. I joked with him about a lot of things and the only thing I thought was strange was that while we were traveling, he was fine but as I was getting out and leaving, I looked back and he had such a dark look on his face, like he really didn't like me. It sort of scared me and I wondered what it was about. He had some video with him too that was a kind of spoof on "The Crown". It was Canadian or English. I had a short fling with him and I don't know why except that I was traumatized and not myself. I remember talking to him about how the CIA sets up their guys with escorts, and even the military when they're abroad, they've been known to do this, and he acted shocked that I knew anything at all about intelligence or the military. A few things happened with him that made me wonder if he knew something about how I had been tortured. I got off and sat at the stop, wondering how to get to Georgia. I was going to get some medical support in Georgia, where I had heard there was some facility in touch with a research group that might be able to do an assay. There were a couple of different places. Georgia and another military place. I wanted to get medical care for my childbirth injuries, and take this to prove there was a cover up in Wenatchee/Washington and a motive to lie about me and also to have the assay done. As it turned out, this man came in and we were talking and he said he could buy me a bus ticket so I said okay. The ticket took the bus through Washington D.C. and as I got out to transfer, having a delay in stops, I decided I liked D.C. (had been there once before in my youth and liked it) and I was going to try something with it because it was also near military stuff. I had just a little over $300 on me again, because anything I made in my PT jobs, I spent on faxing and mailing stuff for my son, and gifts for him when I visited. I went to the Bethesda Naval hospital to find out about assays. I met a security guard there who flirted with me and when I asked where a hostel was he said he had a place where I could crash. I was never tortured or experienced anything of the kind when I stayed with him and he was a black man, Protestant, and was military. He thought something sounded weird though, I think. I think he believed me. At first it was too much and then I think it started to dawn on him and he felt I was possibly in, or had been in, danger. He said, "No one is going to be this nice. Everyone expects something. They will always expect something from you. Nothing is free. I'm just being a nice guy but other guys won't be like this." There was nothing romantic between us, and he let me stay there for 1 month while his girlfriend was on leave, and maybe something could have happened, but I didn't want to and he never pressured me. I slept on the couch or floor. I visited the Navy hospital and all their research stuff and wanted information about assays. I didn't have the money though. I was hoping they would do it for free to help me, but they wouldn't. I was being framed as mentally ill and my son kidnapped from me, and no one was helping me to prove I had been tortured, defamed, and that criminal activity and fraud took place to take my son. While I stayed with him, in Maryland, I looked for work to try to raise money to have tests done, to get my son back. If I had known then, that all I had to say was "YOU KIDNAPPED MY SON" I would have. But I didn't have enough discovery to know it was premeditated and I was too traumatized to look at the laws about this. I got a job at a coffee place where a lot of the customers were rude and didn't want me to be working there. The owner was fine, and a lot of tourists and others were nice, but there were some who acted like they knew who I was already and wanted me out of work completely. I did a good job but I was fired when some customer complaints came in (some were Catholic, some Jewish, and some had British accents and I don't know what religion). I had taken a second job already, at a pub in D.C. and was working both. I took a bus that was an hour drive back and forth and I worked sun up to sun down practically. I spent every free moment trying to get a lawyer. No one would help me. I met someone at a coffee place right after I had written a blog post about Edward The Abdictor and his romance with Wallis. I am not sure why I remember this but I do. It came to mind to look up one day and I read about it and thought it was such a romantic story and posted about it. I thought I noticed eyes on my back or someone watching me so I turned and this guy who had been looking at me stumbled over a garbage can, knocking it over. I joked or quipped about it and we talked and then he offered me a job on the spot. I was still working at the coffee place but needed more income. I was attracted to him right away I remember, even though he was younger. But I was also wanting to make sure I got a job first, before anyone had any ideas about anything. So he wanted to be with me and I declined at first, waiting until I got hired for work. I needed work first, not romance first. I was hanging out at the pub, having a margarita and not knowing much about anyone, and joking around. I had my normal sense of humor, I'd had a break from being tortured, and my creativity was coming back. And then I had a drink and I was actually funny or clever (no really, it happens sometimes and it's not my imagination either). On one night I stayed to hang out and have a drink I met the Pentagon strategist man. But I didn't know he was Pentagon, or a strategist, or what he did. I didn't really care anyway. If I have been with someone it's never been because of their position. So I was joking around and at one point, the pub worker I met was on one side of me and then the strategist on the other side of me and I put out one hand to one of them and one hand to the other. I said something like, "I don't know...I can't decide." They both took my hand and kissed it and I withdrew my hands. When I first came in the strategist was very to-himself. He sort of ignored me as if he wards off attention a lot or talk but I was just myself and having fun and joking around and I made some dry quip about the light over his head or something which made him laugh. Then he was more relaxed and I never had any intention of anything happening with anyone. I was only there to get work and in the meantime, I was joking around with people, no matter who they were. For some reason I said several funny things or was clever that night and got the attention of more than one. ************************************************************************************** I will come back to this in a minute. I need to take a break. I am back for now. Some of these things I would never write because it doesn't make me look good, and I believe it would be best to have unknown. However, CPS was told I had stayed with countless men which was a lie. I only stayed with a couple and had few romantic interludes. It was more frequent for me, possibly, because of not even being in my normal frame of mind and in panic mode the entire time, which means stress and adrenaline played a huge part in my decision making, along with whether I was intoxicated or not. Mainly, I was under the influence and only under the influence because of the high toll of stress from having my son kidnapped and being tortured (both of us) and invalidated on top of it. What is incredible to me is that I could regain such ground, and climb out of the Washington pit and then end up there again and torn to pieces. Shredded and with other groups happy about it besides. I was held back before, and when I broke up with my fiance, i was trampled underfoot and my son suffered in ways I cannot describe. Certain things that were possible then, became impossible because of how trashed I was and then how I reacted in unflattering ways which anyone who is a victim of torture would understand. For some strange reason, in spite of the unflattering portrait, it is also of a mother that HAS walked the wire for her son. I would have my teeth pulled for my son. There is no one else who has a claim to my son than me and even though he was rightfully mine before, he is more rightfully mine now than ever. No one else has risked their life and taken the chances that I have, all for the love of my son. For some reason, I started to sense very good energy around 11:30 p.m., around the time I was talking about the strategist, which makes no sense. I don't know why I would feel positive energy then but I guess someone started praying for me. Or maybe someone took their mitts off of my son. Where I left off--I gave a hand to each and then I ended up going with the strategist. The other one tried to keep me from going and had my bag but he was very drunk. All I knew about this guy James, was that he was military. If he said what his title was, I would have had no clue what it meant. It was later that he explained how he developed strategies and I thought it sounded interesting. He was only there for a conference and I ended up with the other guy who insisted I be his girlfriend until the Russian princess (the one I described) didn't hit it off with me and for some reason, that made him reconsider. However, I stayed at his place in D.C. He was going to have me go until I showed him some card I got from a woman from Israel and then he said I could stay with him. Then, he acquired a Jewish girlfriend, which was odd to say the least. And I experienced some retaliation from this situation. After all the things that happened to me, I was finally pregnant with twins and then fired. I had people doing crazy things again, with my telecommunications and couldn't get medical care and people stalling on things. I met my fiance and he later seemed to know one of the guys in Birch Bay but I didn't know why. I thought my fiance was the answer and that I could get my son back faster and everyone, including CPS, pressured me to be with him. But others didn't want me to be with him. Some powerful international people and some domestic people. Also, something happened to me the last time I was with the pub guy, Chris, and then with Alvaro, when he knew it was the last night. I felt it indicated they were connected and even possibly that others were too. For all the power between these people, and knowledge, no one came to my rescue, or my son's rescue, when I was back in Wenatchee, being tortured again and watching my son made to suffer. Alvaro was from Colombia and people backed off, but he was also someone who didn't want me to do any research about mines in D.C. (my interest was mine data and princess diana), and I was being set up by someone to go to prison for marriage/immigration fraud. This was, I believe, after my fiance was persuaded to skip out on me. There was possibly another woman. All I knew was that I loved him and grew to care about him more and while I knew it was the best way to get my son back and avoid torture, I didn't have enough reason to trust him when I had all these other things going on. I may have loved him to some degree, but I didn't trust him and what might happen with my son. So I backed out saying I needed more time (though I didn't rule out marrying). Everything that happened from that point on, was sheer gangster, torture, and retaliation and Army and CIA. And then after they tortured me and used me and ridiculed me about how Kate middleton was marrying (all the time, from even those I had to live with who tried to get a handle on what I was thinking). I have more information to add later, but I was forced out of all housing, had all of my belongings stolen, and James was not the only important person I knew. Alvaro was connected to people, and I met a lot of people with high positions in D.C. All of the Catholics started torturing me again and then even protestants went along with it in Wenatchee. Every single man I was forced to live with was Army connected. This one man Tony, was former Army and I couldn't tell if he was raised Catholic or Jewish because of how I was treated and mocked about Kate middleton. For example, one day he said he had bought a box of kleenex for me in case I wanted to cry (over William or something and I had never talked to him about anything)...this was last spring and fall. He used technology to torture me though not all the time. More of the time he was sitting around trying to see if he could read my mind and predict what I was going to do. I haven't even touched on the DEA either. One day this guy had to go to the hospital and I think he thought it was even punishment from God for what he'd been doing to me, by trying to degrade me and invade my privacy. I was subjugated to being called nuts and used like a lab rat and refused IRS investigation or unemployment for my work at The Post Pub. Out of all the important people in D.C. who at one point were grooming me, for riding lessons even and ettiquette and other things, and out of all the military and intelligence and doctors who saw I was not mentally ill, those people left me for the wolves. And then they wanted everyone to leave me for dead. I left again, to Nashville, and made gain and then some group still comes after me and I then get assaulted in a psych ward, on top of everything else that I've been through. Also, I don't know that Alvaro is even Catholic but someone who has worked with Catholics. I know a whole huge group of Jewish were involved in wanting me to not get ahead in work or anything in Wenatchee. I think they were worried I was going to get together with someone if I showed any kind of positive progress. A woman who was going to hire me in Seattle for a good server position was Protestant. But I was falsely arrested again. When I got back to Wenatchee they just railroaded me and dumped more false accusations on me, to bury me. I had risen above them and they did their best to falsely accuse and make false reports of crime, and to torture me and then call me crazy all over again. Alvaro nodded off to both my family members and also to law enforcement. James was Pentagon. Mark, the Irish Catholic truckdriver, was former Army. Chris was military or intel in some way, I think Army. Alvaro's cousin worked for the Army. Alvaro came over on a boat called "The Odyssey" with his cousin, who works for the Department of Defense. Or took a tour called "The Odyssey" at least. Now we have "The Odyssey Operation" in the Middle East. Great for everyone. Great for me having to live with a bunch of Army connected people who allow torture of me and my son via CIA consent. And gangs who have tortured me and then I am called crazy and defamed by the FBI. I worked at The Post Pub where they decided to turn on me. It's based out of California even though it runs in D.C. Then I start looking for work and someone calls me to work at a restaurant where I am tortured again and experimented with for psychic stuff, whose base is again out of California. The same stuff they wanted to do in WA, which brought a guy over from Stanford and other universities to ask me questions, is brought over to TN. Some of this is absolutely gang connected. Which is what the U.S. already knows. I have someone who has been using the technology on me again as I write. It's been since I came back to write. I kept writing after mentioning James and someone tortures me. Both Chris and Alvaro first gave me yeast infections from some woman they slept with who wasn't clean, and then on the night they decided they weren't going to be with me anymore, they left me with a blister on the exact same part of me, and it's not herpes or any genital thing because I have been tested. It was like some kind of irritant was put on me, as a final 'farewell'. It didn't happen after Chris Rozollo but he had no notice that I wasn't going to be with him again I guess. It is hard to describe, but this is exactly what happened. Then after I broke up with my fiance and was celibate after Rozollo, I had all this pressure from Wenatchee men of various positions, to put out for them. They treated me like a cheap whore and from what I understand, the women who go along with this in Wenatchee, and perform favors for the lawyers, Judges, and law enforcement, don't have as many problems. I refused to have anything to do with any of them. I had zero interest in any of them and some of them took it as an insult.

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