Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tanesha Canzater & My Stolen Legal Documents

I am still about to file some documents regarding Tanesha Canzater. She is corrupt. I was distracted from doing it earlier by being terrorized and harassed non-stop. I still have people stealing from me too. Most recently, my key and then it was returned to me at the gym when I left my jeans for a moment, in a corner, someone put the key back. I don't know why. And I had someone return documents that were stolen from me, to the gym. They handed them to me today, and I don't know how long they've had them but these are the same documents that I said were stolen right before a hearing and I had to have them resent. They were stolen! I just had them returned today. I didn't leave anything like that behind at any time. It was always in my bag (computer bag) and the only place I put my bag is in the locker, or with me and I didn't take the mail out. Someone had to have gone into my locker somehow, or taken it while I was at the bank. But it was just returned today. The stolen documents were for a different case, but this is all at the same time. I'm going to get the printing done tomorrow, of her crap, and make my motion too. I am seriously interested in who it is she "knows" in D.C. She's also living in Bellingham which is where this guy I had to live with, "Theo" moved to for awhile. Doing all his wacko psychic stuff, and torturing me too, and with his dad STILL in the Army. It's been Army, CIA, Army, Army, CIA, Army, Army, FBI, DOD, DOJ and church stuff making people look better than they really are. Tanesha is the "appeals" lawyer sent to "defend" me who went to a Catholic Benedictine college, and some Baptist college in the South. But she lives in Bellingham, WA. It's the FBI's responsibility to investigate crime of public corruption but are they too corrupt to even allow the good agents an opportunity to investigate?

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