Thursday, April 21, 2011

Assault Quit (just now)

I wrote, 2 posts ago, about how someone was using something where I was and then after I wrote this, I don't know if they were afraid of being caught, because it stopped about 20 minutes ago or so.

I am still here, and NO problems.

I am not kidding. Whoever was doing what they were doing, must have gotten worried someone was looking into it because they stopped about 15 minutes or so after I first blogged about it. I am about to leave now anyway, but I'm glad. I think it was possibly one of the employees because it was quiet here and not too many guests milling around. And I have had something happen here once or twice, though more isolated. I think it must be some employee but I don't know who.

I am just very happy they stopped. I wish that always happened when I complain or report what's going on.

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