Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CIA Experimentation of Vietnam Veterans

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I typed in, for the first time ever, "experimentation of vietnam veterans" and voila! I found the class action lawsuit my Uncle Howard needs to join, against the CIA.

The article is from August 28, 2010 and from the newsletter:

Veterans Today: Military Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal

"Vietnam Vets of American Slams CIA Stonewalling In Lawsuit On Experiments On Troops."



(I found this while listening to "Mary, Mary's" song "Shackles (Praise You). I'm listening to it over and over).

This says the CIA experimented with over 175 drugs on soldiers while they were deployed for the Vietnam war.

This included LSD, adding THC to marijuana (both of which my uncle was given and not including other drugs he was given). The article says they used at least 250, but possibly as many as 400 biological and chemical agents on soldiers.

This is why my Uncle Howard came back a totally different man. And everyone still living in my family can testify and it is also a fact that every single one of my family members has been, and continues to be, experimented with.

The CIA has had a field day with us for decades.

This article says the experimentation was in Maryland at Army bases but I highly doubt it was only contained there. I am positive it was done in Vietnam too.

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