Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dreams and this morning

I finally have a short letter-humorous story idea for my son. I have book ideas and no place to write and I am not comfortable writing any kind of book online where anyone could potentially read it. I want a manual typewriter and a "room of one's own" for that. However, I was trying to think about something funny to write to my son and I decided the royal snot was something I could turn into an amusing short short story. After seeing all these people blowing their noses into tissue and then looking at it, I started thinking about a story--sort of a reversal of who has the right size feet for the glass slipper...who has the right kind of snot for the woman (er....that designates it's The Heir To Her Lair). And a play on this, instead of the prince finding the woman, the woman finds the prince, but then maybe making my son happen to be the prince or twisting it up into some other outcome or idea. I was thinking of all kinds of snot ideas: snottingham, name it. I might have it start out as a reversal cinderella thing to turn out to be just kid-centered. Will have to think more. Some british man (middle age or older) bug-eyed and Egad about it. I thought, I don't really know if the snot was from altitude or for someone else being sick or even crying and then blowing nose. I don't know. ********************************************************************************** I am in the middle of having more personal privacy violations but I don't want to write about it right now. But I made note of it. *********************************************************************************** I had 2 dream fragments but I don't remember them both. I only remember one and it was some movie commercial about "The Man With 2 Badges", no, in the dream it was "the man with a double badge" and they called it a "double badge" in the dream. It was like being a double of some kind, but specifically with maybe police in some way or FBI. I think, because "badge" sounds more like that than CIA or intel or espionage but I don't know. It was a clip of a car scene and looked like some kind of cop or suspense movie and then there was only a specific reference to having "A double badge". In the dream it was a movie trailer or whatever, for an upcoming movie. The colors were sort of dark in the movie trailer, like black and blue and midnight blue and a little white, sort of like a noir type of trailer. It wasn't like "the man with 2 badges" and then the clip was of a country scene in the bright sun. I had no impression that this man was a bad man either, it was just dark and noir all around in the clip. I don't know why I can't remember the other thing. I woke up and focused on both so I would remember but the other one escapes me. It wasn't about anything really exciting so maybe that's why I forgot. It wasn't about anything out of the ordinary. I guess that's all for now. ************************************************************************************* I have the State of Washington screwing with me again. I specifically asked for an expedited hearing and they are stalling. I am supposed to have benefits on the 1st of the month and this is why I asked for an expedited hearing, specifically for this reason, and they are stalling which is affecting my income and everything. I do not have enough money to be able to pay for my meals every day, and have anything to use to save at the same time. They know this. They know that I rely on the benefits and that I have been saving to go back to WA and they gave me the hearing expedited but then didn't lift the Order to Vacate immediately, which is exactly what the hearing was FOR. Not only that, they were happy to hear about what happened with my being detained and injected against my will but the MINUTE I brought up the FBI having been involved as one of the parties that those doctors said defamed me, the JUDGE tried to cut me off. Which led me to wonder who HE was trying to protect and why. Why would Judge Kreble (CRAY-bull) (from Administrative Hearings Offices in Tacoma) be okay with getting my testimony on the audio record for my being involuntarily sent to the psych ward, but not want to have anything on the record about the FBI being party to this? I mean, it's relevant in establishing why I was there and how it wasn't my fault. I started to cry in the middle of telling this, which, I guess, is evidence (some) of my damages. Then the Judge asked what kind of disablity I was on and the State of Washington has me designated by a number but I don't know what it means so I asked "Yeah, I would like to know too...what does 8 mean?" and then my phone line went dead. It was cut off and at first I thought maybe my batteries had run out or my minutes ran out. Neither was true. My phone was charged, my minutes were fine, and no one on their end disconnected the call (to my knowledge). My phone just went dead, after being fine for over 2 1/2 hours with no problems. So I never got to hear the answer to my question and I never got to finish my argument either. I figured, after spending over $30 on a phone call to the State, having to prove the State did not give me either timely discovery OR sufficient notice, that the least they could do was continue my benefits until we had a hearing to establish other matters. Instead, I tried to call back and no one returned my call. I guess no one really wanted to address my questions. I was told, on another day, that the Judge was taking the matter into "Consideration" until April 15th (Tax Day?). So is the Judge friends with FBI personnel, the Jewish community, or the Catholic community? What is the point of delaying this at all? Not only that, I had some idea he had his mind made up from the start in how HE wanted to rule and then my argument was sound enough that they now just want to stall on it. If he was fair and objective, he wouldn't be delaying continuation of my benefits. My argument for why I was not able to be present at the hearing was good, and it is RELEVANT what kind of "disability" I am on, because this would help determine whether or not the State is providing sufficient accomodations or NOT. Someone either didn't want me to make a good point with this, OR they didn't want me to find out what category I am under, if they have been hiding anything from me. Which is why the phone call was cut off abruptly. With no one really caring to call me back to finish the hearing. ************************************************************************************ I have also had some individuals recently try to humiliate me but I'll write about that later. Just to satisfy someone's sadism I guess. It was like a combination of torture and humiliation. At least, I am documenting some things and have figured out a few things I CAN write about soon. and I WILL write about the rest of the Canada thing later and I called to ask some people how much I should say about the Army and other stuff. I then had someone call, won't say who, to ask about forming a group of support for me, maybe for my fight in getting my son back and going against the U.S. officials that are standing in the way. Stupidly, I might add. It is very unwise to continue this way with what I know and can use. It is much better to take some heat and release my son to me and admit his removal was illegal or improper and just give him back than it is to risk any damage to other reputations that are in jeopardy of serious damages. How many times do I have to say this? My son was kidnapped. We have both been tortured and treated in cruel and degrading ways. U.S. officials have covered for other U.S. officials and non-officials and some international persons. I demand an investigation and the return of my son. I demand an investigation and the return of my son. This does not mean someone starts an "investigation" that is secretive and meant to go on for 4 years while people cover up more things and I lose more time without my son. It means, anyone who has any integrity at all, can discover within 1 week that my son was illegally removed. My son should then be immediately returned to me and you can continue whatever investigation you want to continue down the road. I have LOST TIME with my son. I have people OBSTRUCTING justice, obstructing even my ability to document damages by counseling. I have asked for counseling ever since my son was taken and I was refused this by persons interested in keeping MY COMMENTS out of the record. I WANT MY SON BACK. IF YOU WANT THE SECURITY OF U.S. PERSONNEL, FIGURE IT OUT.

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