Friday, April 1, 2011

CIA History of Human Experimentation (thumbnail)

This is just a quick look at what kinds of things the CIA has done to humans. And this list goes up to 1997. There is so much more. This is only a small idea of what has been done. In this list, none of the experiments which used children as mind control subjects is listed. But other sites show this happened. I found this on It gives an idea of how the CIA uses other kinds of groups and auspices to conduct their work and how they use even other government officials to cover for their work. I write this only as a preface to try to create awareness of what is literally happening to me and my son. Because of the CIA and the Army and other military, who use other groups to cover for what they do. Here is a list of some other sites that came up on just the 1st page when I typed in a search for "The Army, experiments on humans": 1. 2. (by the way, is it strange, to anyone besides me, that I am having this problem with Blogger spacing when no one else has these problems? Maybe it's that someone in the U.S. or elsewhere has a problem with what I'm saying and wants to make what I'm saying difficult to read) 3. 4. unethical human experimentation in the U.S. (wiki) 5. Unit 731 (wiki) 6. 7. 8., 9.

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