Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Dark Side OfPsychiatric Drugs (by USA Today)

I included in links, a link to an article that describes how even a couple of days on these drugs will cause permanent brain damage and permanently "deranges the brain". It also talks about how these drugs create such sensitivity, it can render healthy persons permanently insane. Some of these doctors who did this to me were Muslim but my feeling is that most of the idea came from the Jewish and Catholic groups that have not wanted me to have my voice or be attractive in any way. I say Catholic because that's where this started--with defamation by Catholics who tried to cover for priests and that kind of corruption. Secondly, by Jewish and Catholic who wanted the world stage to look a certain way and felt that I was a threat to this. Finally, I guess some Protestants who felt no allegiance to God or their ethical code and ran with the money and self interest.

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