Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Florida Killing of Teen

I don't know if someone is editing my blog posts or if I wrote about this on an email and not my blog, but part of something I wrote might be missing.

I referenced how what I and my son were going through was like being beaten and thrown into a pit while a whole group stands around watching with no one coming forward.. Which is sort of like the FL killing. I had actually almost written "beaten, shot, and then thrown into a pit" but then erased it thinking, "shot wouldn't be right bc we weren't killed, but tortured instead." and then this article comes up about a FL teen and how a witness came forward after this happened to a teen.

And then I read something about 2 James' in FL as well, from London, who were killed.

In the post I wrote about "terrorizing Oliver Garrett and his mother" which was a few days ago, i refer to being in the "Wenatchee pit" but I had also written somewhere that it was like being beaten as a group stands by in silence and then puts me in a pit. And then I refered to how it was like being stoned, because I was about to write "shot" and then I changed it to being stoned instead.

I think someone is editing and deleting parts of my post.

I just checked my email and yeah, I had written this on my post and someone deleted the whole thing.

I don't know why anyone would delete that unless they were afraid it made me sound like I was honing into something in FL, unconsciously, and for some reason, didn't want anyone to make the connection.

I probably was picking up on something, without my knowing what it was, because I did even write "shot" or had the idea of being shot and then this pit with a group standing around it. I even had an impression but didn't think it was of a crime scene in reality. I figured it was my imagination as I tried to describe by metaphor is happening to me and my son. I imagined it as flat ground and dirt and a group standing around.

And then I read the news today and there was such an incident on Sunday and the guy came forward. I looked back and I wrote my post on the 14th. The FL guy was killed on the 17th. Maybe I had sort of a premonition or maybe it's just coincidence.

I'm glad the one guy came forward. Oh, I found it. I wrote about a "pit" in general on the 14th, but yesterday I wrote a post and it's all still there, about what Wenatchee having what amounted to a grave digging party and throwing us in after beating us and stoning when a group stands by and says nothing. I had started to write something about shooting and then changed to stoning. I probably had my own things going on and then maybe picked up a vibe from something else too--I don't know. In my mind's eye, when I wrote it, it was a dug out pit of dirt and then people almost standing around in a circle or semi circle and first I had the idea of a handful of people (like in the FL killing) but then I thought, "Why am I thinking it's just a handful when for me and my son it's a large group) and then expanded my thought to think of a large crowd that extended back. What popped into my mind was much smaller though so maybe I was picking up on something. I got it from the perspective of actually being near or in the pit, as if the group was opposite me.

I think I was maybe doing some unintentional automatic writing if I wrote shooting and then didn't know why I was writing that and erased it and changed it to something else that fit me. I wonder if some man or woman--I don't know how I would pick up on this at all.

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