Friday, April 8, 2011

Blogsite of "A Polar Bear's Tale" & Margo Selski 2007

I found a blogsite through a painting I clicked on that is called "A Polar Bear's Tale." It's by a woman from Copenhagen, Denmark, which is interesting to me since I was thinking about Copenhagen today. I clicked on a painting that was circled with tightrope walker paintings, and this one wasn't tightrope walking but called "A Burning Desire" (June 24, 2010 post on A Polar Bear's Tale) While I didn't absolutely love it, something pulled me in to look more closely. I felt drawn to it and then I wanted to see what was at the feet of the woman. I am not sure but I think it might be mandrake or some kind of bleeding heart flower? It was by a Margo Selski (need to look it up to be sure) and then I clicked out of it and I was on the site by this other woman and on the page from June 2010 of a woman coming out of the sea with the title of "Mermaid". So then I clicked to find the current date and got to April 8th (today, April 8, 2011) and it was of a painting by Henry Rheam called "Queen Mab". Then I scrolled down and found "The Boer War" by Byam Shaw, which I like for the purple string she is holding while standing at the river's bank with her hand to mouth. At least in this lighting, my nail polish is the same color as the rope or string she holds, but I like how vivid it is in the painting. I looked up Boer War because I didn't know what it is. Looked it up on wiki. Obviously, a symbolic painting. ahhhh...good energy flowing again. No, I think I like her. I looked at some other things and I think it's sort of interesting. She only started when she was in college, after she had kids. She reminds me of Frida Khalo, a little bit. I couldn't find anything about "A Burning Desire" anywhere else online except finally through Ellensberg, Washington. Did she paint it there? It lists this painting with the 2 pink roses and then I think 2 bleeding hearts, and it says under her name: Ellensberg, Washington and then: 2007. She painted this in 2007? Anyway. The green dress is the same color as my silk green dress I wore in some photos taken by an art student while I was still in high school. I found the year it was made on a site that just says "32".

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