Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I prayed about everything and while I feel time makes a difference, I have to wait before I write about the rest of what has happened to me and my son. I am asking some specific questions and waiting to get an answer to my questions first, or better direction. It is inevitable, but while I may sense urgency in my own "flesh" or natural spirit, I sense in the supernatural, that I am not ready to write whatever it is that God wants me to write. I decided this this morning while praying. I put on Pandora and chose Sandi Patty and the first song was "Via Dolarosa." And then I looked up the reading today from Oswald Chambers. I also read several chapters from the book my mother sent to me this morning, about the power truly being with God in us and not belonging to the powers of the world. And so, I believe God has a few more things to reveal to me before I write about things. I guess a few things I could write about, impressions I had while praying--they may be from God, maybe not. Maybe just random thoughts, but I didn't get answers to the questions I asked specifically so I don't know how great my connection was this morning. I feel alright though, in general. I prayed for, mainly, things having to do with my life, my son, others, and my family. Didn't get into the whole world prayer though I did pray for the U.S. and the first family and I also prayed about the English royal family since they are sometimes on mind, since whenever it was. I actually think someone wanted me to think about the Queen at least, bc I started having dreams about her while having no special interest or readings (from books, online, etc) at all. I was wondering why I had more dreams about the Queen E than I did about Diana when for a long time I was very narrowly focused on D alone. I prayed for her for a moment, and it was prayer, it wasn't trying to "get anything" and I saw her putting a box under her bed. It was this fleeting impression, but it was when I prayed briefly about her and she put some kind of a medium sized box under her bed. Then, because it was just a flash and happened so fast, I doubted if it when she was the age she is now, or if it was from when she was younger. It must have some significance in some way. I don't know, though, if it was a box of special papers, property, or chocolates. It wasn't like a huge packing box. It was sort of rectangular, maybe more rectangular than squarish and had a lid. I believe it had a lid. It happened so fast, I just got this impression of the movement. And for some reason, I thought she was IN bed maybe and then put it under the bed. Or got out of bed to put it under the bed. I didn't see her walk across the room to put it under the bed. I guess it looked like the size of a medium to large box of chocolates, but it could have been made of wood or any material. I don't know what it was for. Then, I was praying briefly about William and Harry and I prayed they would know what direction to take and not have confusion and then I saw a rhino horn. All I saw was mainly the horn of a rhino as if the rhino was facing me directly. I avoid looking things up about them but sometimes I think I should and maybe I am supposed to. Then, after I was done praying altogether, I was in the sauna and I was resting there and this impression of a very large snake skin was in front of me. Curved into a horseshoe kind of shape and in front of me, and I believe it was a skin but it was so large, I don't know of any snakes that big that shed skin. So I wanted to look it up. It was dark, a dark color with a spotted or geometric design I think. Black or dark brown. I hadn't been thinking about anything like that at all so that one was totally random but I thought maybe someone I'm connected to in some way viewed this and then I picked up on it. I don't know. I want to read and write about this healer who heals people and ministers in Uganda but I haven't received an email from my mom about it yet and don't recall the name. When my mother sends me the information I'll look it up and write it down. I guess, out of my own curiosity about why I saw a rhino while praying for William and Harry, I looked up "william and harry, rhino" and found something about them rhino watching (but it said black rhino and I saw what looked like a grey kind of rhino I think) and then some club they went to called the rhino (I didn't read the article) and i don't know...they've probably seen rhinos. Have no idea what it means. I would love to know, but I have no clue. And I don't know which of them it pertains to either.

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