Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Crime (Poisoning of My Mom, Son, and Me)

More crime occured tonight and instead of ignoring it as usual, I called 911. And I have nothing better to do tonight, than write about crimes that have occured and continue to occur and how the U.S. law enforcement and FBI seem to be totally worthless.

Before getting into details, what is incredible is that I felt this hope from somewhere, that I was going to start going into bars and listen to bands and comedians and music and


There is nothing in me that wants to party or "have a good time" when my son and I are tortured and held hostage in the U.S.

This is not ME-In-D.C. This is ME-3-Years-Later without my son. And knowing now, what I know, you have got to be kidding me if you think I'm going to go out and join in on social things with people who have their kids and are not tortured and try to relate to them and joke around while my son is suffering and wants his mother.

I will start up a Union of activists and civil rights protesters before I will ever set foot in a bar or comedy house to joke around. I have zero interest in anything romantic with anyone and no desire to be superficial when I have incredible things happening to me and my son.

And crime occuring on a daily basis with no checks or oversight.

What I did tonight, was call a bunch of private forensics people. Well, let me back up a little.

First I was trying to just go to the shelter to sleep tonight. But someone thought it would be more fun to have me leave and track what I do and where I go, because I was sitting there, and someone zapped the heck out of my heart. It felt like a very fast laser voltage and there was something that was pulsing before that. I looked behind me and it was all black women, which is fine, I mean, I was the one choosing to sit there, but it's not fine when I'm being assaulted again.

I have been assaulted on such a regular basis I don't even report it anymore. I just let it happen. It happens all the time and has been happening all the time since I moved here a couple of months ago. Someone has been trying to control my family too and I finally figured it out--that some of the advice they give me they don't even want me to take. Someone is pressuring my family to say things or recommend things to me, and to withhold assistance from me. It's not just what they want to do. They're being forced into it.

I went to the shelter and was totally zapped there and more than once and then this one time it was so strong I turned and looked behind me and then these women were smirking and I saw that they knew and expected a reaction from me. They wouldn't have had the looks on their faces that they had if they didn't know. A couple of them even hurridly looked out the window in a dramatic way, as if to suggest it was someone outside of the building on the other side of me.

I got up and didn't know what to do. They hadn't started chapel at all. They only took roll and I wanted to stay there and sleep and get a good night's rest and this assault made that impossible. Then this woman came back and said I had to go to chapel and I was standing there and about to leave and had my bag with me and then the movie with the "Katherine-with-allergies" came on. I would have stayed there and watched it, and gone to bed, if someone hadn't been torturing me and assaulting me while I sat there. There is this one woman there who is Catholic and she is on staff and stared at me like she HATED me when I was leaving. Then another staff person, whom I've already talked about before, was there.

I had to leave because I was being tortured. So I left and then called 911 and reported having been the victim of a crime and wanted someone to check out the metal detector. I said, "Someone got in with a device and that metal detector is not working--I just went through it with my cell phone and a pocketful of change and it didn't go off at all, and someone got in without having their bags checked or the detector working. I had to leave because I was assaulted.

How long do I have to live like this?

I may as well be dead.

The United States has allowed citizens and employees of the U.S., along with foreigners, to assault and intimidate my family, my son, and me. They have been targeting and using my son and my son has suffered horrendous things. I have been attacked by some of the most violent people in the world, who decided to torture me and let me live rather than kill me.

I have to deal with corrupt people on every single level. I couldn't go to work without being tortured from the first day. I think I had a week of training free of torture and then immediately they started it up and I worked in the middle of these conditions for months.

I'm not staying in Nashville. There are too many Catholics and Jews and then idiots from out of the area coming through whenever they want. I am in the Catholic-Jewish hood and this is not going to go away. I thought I could make a new start here and at first, the ones here hadn't figured everything out. So I guess it took a month or so to be fully indoctrinated and trained and then commissioned to commit crime against me. I should have done a map-check of temples and churches before I decided to come here. Some of the Baptist or Methodist have been hateful but then I usually find out they're not even really christian at all, or they are even other religions and just claiming to be Methodist. She was Jewish and she didn't know I knew until maybe now, since I've written it out. This was just NOT well-thought out. I looked at wiki statistics first, I did. And it really was AMAZING for a month. I am telling you, I went from 100% torture almost all the time to NOTHING. I wasn't tortured at all except for once on the bus. I couldn't believe it and my energy started to come back. Remember? I was feeling so good, I was working out all morning at the gym and then WHAM. The criminals decided I was a threat and that my escape didn't look good for them.

I wore purple nail polish on my nails until I realized it was hiding changes in my nails that were obvious and could be witnessed by someone who might be curious. So I took off the purple nail polish about 2 weeks ago and left my nails bare, with the odd discoloration and grooves, and noticed most of the thick white lines had grown out but there was another faint one halfway through on my nail.

I realized something today. They're not going to medicate me anymore. They only wanted to medicate and bother to drug me up until the wedding and then they're going to let me go on the medication thing. Which is part of the reason they don't need me at work anymore. It's also why they don't need me at work for their military and church psychics to pick my brain and report on everything. The wedding acheived, it doesn't matter anymore if I'm doped up. You watch. And they don't care to have me there so they can torture me all day and dope me up and do research because they got what they wanted out of it. They don't want me to keep getting money now. They only allowed me to have a little money while they had a motive to have me in their watch and control. I have never spoken like this about a workplace in my life, but I knew that's what was going on with this one and the Jersey Mikes job. Possibly the Post Pub one too. I have to move fast to get the testing done because they are not going to medicate me anymore. Not that I'm taking chances, because today I made myself a bowl of oatmeal and then I realized, after pouring real maple syrup over it, "I had that maple syrup opened up in a location where I already know someone has accessed it and could poison my food or tamper with things if they wanted to." So I took the whole bowl and dumped it out. They didn't need me around to mess with anymore so they got a couple of complaints underway a week or two before the wedding date and planned to harass me and bring in customers to lie about me and fire me on a convenient date. And they did exactly what I thought they were going to do on the first day and I only stayed because I needed the money. The other odd thing, is that they fired me, but I had made complaints of workplace harassment which they did nothing about. They never wrote up anyone on the complaints I made and never talked to even one of the coworkers, even though they went out of their way to harass me. I thought, "If this is a legitimate company, they would recommend a transfer to a different location, not a firing." So I might approach the overseeing corporate offices and find out if I can try out being transfered to a different location. If they refuse this, after all the harassment and assault I experienced there, there is something wrong with the company at the very top. Which would mean it goes back to California and in that case, I would find out who is involved.

I left the shelter and walked to a place to charge my phone. Everyone knows who I am by now so it's weird, but still nice when someone is pretending they don't know who I am but let me into their gated community anyway. So they let me in and all I wanted to do was charge my phone using the outlet and that's what I did. So I charged up my phone and then called a bunch of numbers for private forensics testing. It got sort of weird because I was calling a number and it ended up being more about handwriting analysis. Then I was talking to "Charles" and asking if he was with the Cosa Nostra, the FBI, or just a regular forensics lab guy (he had an italian last name). I left a message on his cell with that much and asked him to call me back and let me know. Then I called and got the weirdest message about having called an anatomical diagnostics lab in the UK. I realized they meant university of kentucky but they said UK. So I left a message with them saying I was wanting to test for an unknown substance. After this, I thought I'd take someone up on their idea to call a mortician or dead person's forensic person. I was told they do they kind of work all the time and if I'm looking for a private one, to call them. So I asked the operator for a number and was connected and the phone reception was so weird--it was all crackly and sounded sort of distant and then they said, "We are a funeral home. We have morticians, and funeral home director--one moment will you hold please?" I said yes and I was listening to classical music and I started laughing out loud. It was the one funny thing of the night. I laughed as soon as I heard it and then kept giggling and then later after I was walking to get to a computer, I was still smiling here and there. It asked the woman, "Can I ask--what was the name of that classical piece playing?" because it was so inappropriate. It was hilarious. It was some over-excited swirling and whirling joyful piece. I mean, it was as wrong as you could be for funeral home music. It sounded like a frantic and excited rush to pack for a trip to London brimming with hats of every color and a rainbow trunk of outfits. It sounded like a dozen small whirlwinds bouncing off of eachother and hopping around like fireworks on the fourth of july, each complete with its own joyful and spunky, cheerful personality. It sounded like an Eliza Doolittle running into Gigi and deciding to taking speed together while they made a lavish dinner for company and then peeking out the window every 5 minutes while flitting around the kitchen, waiting for big news over dessert. It was as up-up and happy as it gets and light too, as though all cares just flew out the window, or right into the grave, liberating some tired caretaker.

So it was very inappropriate but funny because it was so bad. I loved thinking about how it doesn't have to have words at all and can be classical and still be so "off". Then, the woman started saying "alrighty" which made me think about Anne Crane. The Catholic woman with Middleton-friends-of-friends ties who screwed over my son and I by false reporting.

So it was funny but then I was having to walk to a computer to find someplace to write on a Saturday night and I'm not partying and have no desire to party. I have no clue what people expect of me. Here's an idea--EXPECT BORING.

Because I am not going to jump into a bar and start drinking, I want no boyfriend or hook up, I have no reason to trust women, I'm being tortured and ridiculed daily, and I'm not going to try to hitch a ride out of Tennesee with the Mennonite group that was singing on the corner this evening. I did desperate things and took higher risks when my son was first taken because I was trying to think of anything I could do, that would be fast enough to get him back to me FAST.

I have no one to thank in this country that is in control of Washington politics or CPS or the justice system. I know there are people who were on my side and my son's side and trying to help, because if there was no one, the other group of total criminals and torturers wouldn't have spent billions, 1,000 at a time, to trash me and kill and take out others who were trying to help.

These Middleton backers KILLED people. Killed people who were trying to help me and my son.

I started feeling positive energy just after saying "to trash me and kill and take out others who were trying to help." As soon as I wrote that much, a rush of good and positive energy again. I do not know what in the world that is about.

I can't say "christ" so I would say criminy in response to "christ". Thank you God for being close enough to somehow confirm this hard thing for me to understand. I don't know who did all of it or has been doing some of it but I swear to God, the Holy Spirit cares. Really truly cares. Whoever suffered or knows someone who died, has to know this--God must really care because I feel it so strongly in my spirit and don't give up hope. The odd thing is that I say "killed" and "murdered" and yet the weird thing is I don't know of anyone in particular but it was like the Holy Spirit just fell upon me and showed me this was true and then a peace, a feeling of deep peace and reassurance came over me at the same time, and this very smooth and seamless feeling of calm and "my cup is full" feeling. It wasn't like "joy", it is this other feeling of, it feels like love. It's like the feeling of having a glass of wine after having been hugged and kissed and then relaxing in the tub feeling very at peace with head back and just thinking of good thoughts from the day. That's why it's so weird to feel this, because it's the exact opposite of what I would think I should feel. Or, how you feel after talking to someone you really love, after having cried a long time and then talking to someone who makes you feel better and then you have a cup of cocao or coffee with chocolates and are looking at this newborn baby who you love more than words. This is why it feels so bizarre and is such a contradiction that I think it has to be the Holy Spirit. If it was weird meds or something, I would feel this up and down feeling at any random time, but I just keep getting it when I speak this out, each and every time. Like something is praying, praying, to be let out. Maybe even the dead or harmed are crying out from the grave relieved that someone cares and hears them. I love you. It's I love you too. That's what I sense, with the confirmation.

I'm going to come back to this in a minute.

I also, for some reason, see my mother suffering and being unable to say anything.

A few times I have been worried about my mom. I've heard what sounded like someone holding a dog, my mom's dog, captive and my Dad would never do such a thing. He doesn't even hunt and is kind to animals. Also, my mother got some kind of poisoning while traveling last. She became very ill to the point of throwing up. My mom doesn't get sick easily. All of us, in the family, we very rarely throw up. We throw up maybe once every 5 years, it's that rare. I threw up one time in my life the first time after having too much champagne and never cared to repeat that mistake and never once got that drunk again. It's very rare and my mother got so sick, and it was only by something she was given to eat or drink. The only other thing that happened was she had a lab done, with my Dad, and they both had their cholesterol checked. So that was an injection with a needle but done to withdraw blood. My mom doesn't get queasy over this kind of thing either. What was concerning was that while I was on the bus back from Madison after shopping for toys for my son (the same day I asked the question in the store), she told me this and I was sitting right next to some black guys who smirked in a disconcerting way and pushed a newspaper article over to me that was about "bad water". This, along with a clip from a paper about "3 women test the waters" and then it was about nuclear poisons, about traces of radioactive waste in the water. These men looked like perfect gangsters and there was a woman too and they were all staring at me and smirking. These men were not worried about my mom. They were leering and happy that my mother was sick and had articles with them, ready to show me, to make a point. This was a bus going from Gallatin/Madison to Downtown Nashville.

Why would they have these articles ready to show me unless someone over on the other Coast was telling them what to do while my mother got sick? I asked my mom, "Where did you eat?" "What did you eat?" "When was this" and she kept saying she was sure it was just food poisoning and said "salmonella" or something but I could tell this was not just her speaking and describing it this way and it wasn't my Dad. It was something else. She asked why I wanted to know and I said, "Because I will be faithful--" and then it cut off because my minutes ran out. I was trying to say bc I would be faithful to keep all the facts and present them accurately to someone if anything happened to her.

She had only been a couple of places. She had breakfast in Ephrata.

Like there are no gangs in Ephrata or people in Ephrata that might do something to my Mom to send a message or just make her sick or to get to me. She claimed no, it was none of that, but I know better. She said, "We have eaten there before and didn't have a problem." That doesn't mean that eating there safely one time made it safe all times. I asked which Diner or restaurant and she wouldn't tell me. It was a place where you can have coffee and breakfast. I asked, "What did you have?" and she said, "An egg." All she had was an egg there and then later in the day, around 2 or 3, she had a peach pizza pie, from Brian's which is a downtown place and she said everyone had that (her brothers, sister, and she and my Dad). This was pretty much it.

I know and I am sure my Mom had her food tampered with somewhere. I am positive. She doesn't get randomly sick like that. In Ephrata, it's mainly white, hispanic, and Russian people. I wanted to know what restaurant but it wouldn't be too hard to find out probably. Someone over there was coordinating things with gangsters over in Nashville because they were ready.

I am not the only one who has been poisoned and I've been repeatedly medicated too. My son has been poisoned more than once. More than once. I've been poisoned. My mother has been poisoned.

Why, exactly? Unless there are criminals in the FBI covering up for criminals outside of the FBI and sponsoring some group that wants to kill, embarrass, and torture my family.

I fault the FBI until the FBI gets involved. The CIA and military have also allowed others to have free access to my family.

Do you hear this?

While I have hordes of people swarming around me and mocking me about Kate this and that, and then acting a lot differently after she's married off to their satisfaction, I have these people in my family being poisoned:

My son, Oliver, just a child,
My mother

And who else that I don't know about?

I just started sensing the very good energy again. It is the truth.

People tortured and maimed my family and are still doing it, and a lot of this has to do with Middleton's backers. They are powerful and they have bought out a lot of people and paid people off to torture us.

For all I know, someone was interested in me all the way back to the litigation and then a group organized to go after me from that point on, once they found out. Then they kept it on the low as long as I didn't know anything.

It's big enough for my entire family to BE POISONED without penalty.

My family is being tortured in the United States by criminals within and outside of the justice system and by international people too. What is so "big" that my entire family is poisoned over it? These people who were on the bus, were showing me these articles about women being unlucky enough to try out radioactive waters and what is the point, other than to deliberately intimidate me or try to silence me, after coordinating a poisoning of my mother?

They decided to poison my mom, put some gangsters on the bus in the direction I would be going to get back home (only 1 bus, not too hard to figure out) and knew that I would be calling my mom because I do, every single day and I would do this after shopping. Not only that, before I ever called my mom, I had a few people acting out retching and throwing up in front of me. Then I call my mom, and she had become suddenly ill and said she couldn't talk because she was about to throw up. This was right after I had talked to the Irish guy who has traveled all over the world that worked at "Books-a-million", a store that has black with a cream or beige trim bag and store covering. Kate started wearing these colors together, over in the UK. This is the store where I was tortured with technology the entire time I was in that store. An Asian man followed me from the Toys r Us to the bookstore and it was a John something-or-other who took my order and I didn't have a good vibe from him at all. I came out of 2 stores in a row where I was being tortured there the entire time, and then I found out my mother had been poisoned and was ill. I believe both the man at the Toys R Us and at the bookstore were Catholic. Then there was the Asian guy following with an interest.

I don't even know if my mother is fully okay. She threw up and then said she had been feeling better the next day.

I know for a fact that my son has not been okay, even though my family has become good at hiding when he is not okay.

It was Irish or Russian following me and my son into Canada and then around with a van. They were Catholic. There are so many Catholic and Jewish in the FBI and law enforcement, they have been blocking us from having any protection or access to help. They have been supporting the IRA in supporting the Middletons, and a Jewish group as well. Which isn't a surprise when the FBI supported the IRA anyway as did the CIA. Who do you think was arming them? Little known fact that one. Then every single time something hideous happened on the East Coast or when I was being driven to the psych ward in Nashville and I sat up to see who was happy about this and remember, it was mainly people who looked Italian.

Someone was in bed with the Catholic church. And some of them worked with Jewish and others who deliberately wanted to support this. It was some East Indians (who support the Jewish) and some Muslim too (that support and work with the IRA).

Then this woman who is staff today and never liked me, said to me, "It looks like you're just completely out of luck now."

I might say so.

When I realize at the very last, last minute, why my son and I are tortured, and realize my entire family has been poisoned and in danger, I should say so, that when the U.S. stands by idly and allows this to happen, there is something wrong.

Then I was wondering about some other things, just at random, finding things out later...This one journalist, on the day or night before the wedding, kept saying, over and over and over, "It's going to be ELECTRIC!" and "This is just electric!" and all this stuff about electric this and electric that and I had wondered then what is the DEAL with electric? and I found out just today that the worship group my father started awhile ago which I didn't even know about has the acronym "WATS". It stands for Worship At The Shop (a place where it's held). It's not psycho to wonder about this and everything else when you're entire family is being manipulated, threatened, and poisoned.



Again, poison.

Poisoned in Washington State. Poisoned in Oregon State. Poisoned in Washington D.C. Poisoned.
Poisoned. Poisoned...

An almost 5 year old boy. A 4 yr. old boy. A 3 yr. old boy. A 2 yr. old boy. A 1 1/2 yr. old baby.


I have been poisoned so many times I have almost lost track. The first time started with the guy from St. Andrews. Who was going to St. Andrews, whose girlfriend was already going to college at St. Andrews. That was in...? what year? That had to have been in 2004 or 2005. That was the first time I can say for sure I was poisoned but I'm not saying he did it. I went out with a blond woman who asked me to go out with her and it was either her or the bartender. I had thought I might be pregnant though, and after voicing this, someone put something in my drink. The young man is the one who I met at Portland State University in the library. I sat next to him and started chatting and we were intimate and his father was from Iran was all I knew. He told me later that he was going to England and that his girlfriend was going to college at St. Andrews. He said, "Have you heard of St. Andrews?" and I said, "No." I probably thought it was Catholic, because it had "St." as a preface or maybe I did know. If I did know, I don't know how I knew. I am pretty sure, remembering, that I said no because then he explained where it was and what kind of college and showed me a photo of his girlfriend later. I became so violently ill after going out with this blond sophisticate, at a bar where the bartenders were Italian or hispanic, I knew without a doubt something was put in my drink. I had extremely bad stomach cramps as if I'd taken one of those pills for abortion. It was exactly like the symptoms that are described for that pill. I had then, back then, looked it up online because I was so sick and thought maybe that's what I had been given. I wasn't psychotic or paranoid.

Then, that's when police came up to us when we were together in my car, and said to me, "Do you know who this IS?" and I looked at the officer and said, "What? Why?" and the officers were acting so bizarre as if this was Hot Shot and did I realize I had been with Hot Shot.

As if I haven't known Hot Shots in my life. Why do you think they have liked me in the past? Because I could care less about their status as Hot Shot.

I got poisoned for being with Hot Shot and possibly becoming pregnant by him and someone put an emergency birth control solution into my food or drink. There is no other explanation.

When I think about it now, this makes me wonder who the girlfriend was that he had at St. Andrews. She was blond and he was, at that time, 19 or so. So he was significantly younger and so was his girlfriend but she was a little bit older. She has to be between 25-28 years old now. I might remember what she looked like. The police documented the visit. However, it was never anyone Iranian who did anything to me. Maybe the blond did something on behalf of me. Actually the bartender could have been Irish now that I think about it. If I check into it I might be able to find out which bar or club it was. I remember exactly how the interior looked.

How many people go to St. Andrews anyway? I was with him a few times but then not after the FBI showed up. The FBI decided to pay me a visit about an hour after he left my apartment. Less than an hour later. More like a half hour later. It was to interview me about my Bujanda and Garza misconduct claim. They ignored me until someone was watching me hang out with the St. Andrews guy. I met the St. Andrews guy right after the FBI agents, Bujanda and Garza. The FBI that came to my door after St. Andrews left, were the Special Supervisory Agents from California and the East Coat. They didn't ask questions about him, just about my complaint. I have been denied everything and any normal thing ever since. I have been deprived of FOIA multiple times and refused any kind of validation to protect myself and my son with. The U.S. has left my family wide open to be tortured.

My car vandalisms happened with the Catholic church problems and that was it, but then I wonder when other things were also coming into play and made my entire family a subject for harassment and torture.

Some of the staff at the shelter seem evil to me as well. I know exactly which ones have not wanted me to succeed at all. And twice I was poisoned with food there and I haven't had a bite to eat there ever since. I bled after being poisoned but never bled as badly as I did after being poisoned in Seattle. That was extremely severe bleeding.

It is 1:18 a.m. and I sense good energy right now. Some of it is technology and I don't appreciate it but before this I noticed real energy. I met a few Irani after that and I thought they were all nice, generally, and I loved their food. I had also almost taken Farsi all on my own, which is maybe more Pakistani than Iranian, but I liked the cursive and curling script of the middle eastern languages and thought it was pretty and that was the draw. And, I researched things because I thought if I'm taking a language other than Spanish, I want something that has a lot of beautiful poetry to read in that language and I found out it might be Farsi. Anyway, he was part Iranian and maybe his mother was? I don't know, possibly Catholic, I don't know and I don't remember. She may have just been white. He was very handsome, had very dark hair and eyes and tall with a fit psychique and wore glasses. I always wondered, when I was sometimes harassed by a middle eastern group, if sometimes the only reason for a few of them was this idea that I had almost been pregnant.

The blond woman I met sought me out somewhere and wanted to go out with me. This was before I was defamed by the major newspaper publication. I went out, dancing with her and I remember what I wore. I don't know why I remember this but I wore a negligee under my shirt that I had worn only one time before and it was the most scandalous thing I ever bought for myself. It was bright bright red and lace. I normally wore modest undergarments and had only a lace bra that I was embarrassed one time to find was glowing in the dark under black lights when I wore it once. But this one thing, was a full piece solid lace red negligee and I just wore it instead of separate bra and underwear and even though I wasn't a scandalous dresser when dancing, if my shirt went up a little, all these people noticed. It barely went up and I remember it was this big deal. I was wearing full length jeans, boots or heels, and a casual shirt and I went out with this woman and was fine before I had a drink. Afterwards, I noticed she was smirking at the bartender and they were all watching me carefully. It was right after saying to him over the phone I was concerned I might be pregnant. She took me out and I was cramping over with pangs so badly I couldn't dance and had to go back to her house. She wanted me to stay the night and I said no and took a taxi home because I didn't want to stay at her house after I suspected her of being involved in putting something in my drink. I don't remember if I just had a drink or also shared an appetizer. I was very sick. I was bent over sick. The other thing I remember though was that possibly someone got into my glovebox and tampered with something in my car because things were arranged differently. It was the looks on the faces at the club that sort of gave it away though.

The FBI has refused to give me any discovery of anything. I have no way of knowing how I've been defamed and who is responsible.

This many years later, my whole family is being poisoned and we all know the CIA is responsible. The CIA is responsible in the sense that they were interested in me from the time I was a personal assistant for Rabbi Rose or worked for The Thebaults in New Jersey. The CIA and FBI were interested and they have never lost their interest. Filing my lawsuits on my own, against the Catholic church, was another feat for notice. I am papered all over the place and never been allowed an opportunity to correct anything or find out who my accusers are, to protect myself and my son.

I have been medicated and drugged since 2004 and no one has protected me. They all just wanted to say I was mentally ill and invalidate me.

The U.S. has allowed my life, my son's life, and my mother's life and who knows who else to be endangered. The U.S. stood by, always knowing what international politics were going down. The U.S. arms militia groups but can't figure out how to give one of their favorite subjects a job and a safe place to live with her son. There are excellent people in the U.S. and in the system, but whoever they are, they have been intimidated, pressured, and blocked from assisting us. Each group having an agenda of its own. Then someone decided to use me and my son for research on top of everything else. I was a waste product to be recycled for use by the U.S. military and tapped to figure out why I was getting involved with people they paid attention to. Kidnapped my son. You kidnapped my son and hold him hostage from me and dictate to my family what to do and say.

You are criminals.

You have killed, maimed, tortured, have been murderers of lives. You have supported others who wanted to put others in positions of recognition because you were afraid of me. If you were not afraid of me, you wouldn't have brought in your military and other psychic research to get a handle on me before you had me fired. You wanted to get as many as possible to tap me and read me to keep tabs on me because you have been afraid of me. It's been for yourselves, not for me.

I am not done here. I have more things to write about, with regard to being tortured in the workplace and other things. But you have been trying to hide and cover for a lot more than you even want the public to know about.

What you have done has been like taking a flask or bottle of wine and hurl it with all your might to break into several pieces and spill out across my things. But the flask is blood. You have taken the blood of me and my son and others as well, and waved it under God's nose. You tore us apart and wanted to keep pieces of me and my son for keepsakes. It is no different from what they did to Jesus on the cross. But you have done this to a boy and his mother. And tried to shame, kill, and punish anyone that tried to help us and defamed me to make them feel embarressed or nervous about helping.

You know who you are and I am figuring out who you are too.

I am also thankful to some of those who have tried and for those who even tried to help me and my son and, I am guessing, died because of it. Someone died for us and others have just died when they got close enough to figure out what was happening. You killed others just to advance your own chosen ones.

Countless numbers have been tortured and poisoned. I am one who was targeted over and over and over again but I saw what was happening in Seattle to people and anyone suspected of helping. The CIA knows who robbed me of my voice. They keep quiet about it and they know.

My Granny said today, over the phone, "Grandpa was just telling me that the Pope helped to restore someone's vision." I said, "Oh." and then something about "I believe it's possible but I think what is more important than restoring vision is administration of justice. How much does he know and conceal?"

I am not trying to get something back that I late discovered was there. I am getting validation and warning others before worse happens. It is important that people know who they have been dealing with. A lot of false faces were dropped after this wedding which showed me a few things. A group of tall jewish men, for example, walking past me and saying "5" with their hands up and looking very guilty. Some of these people literally looked afraid of me because they realized I was finally figuring some of this out.

I just went to CNN and looked at the news because I haven't had a chance to do so yet. Of course, an ad about "don't let alzheimers steal your dreams" came up. In Spokane, the main form of harassment was being done by jewish. It was all over the place and some catholics too, but this one guy at the very start, was horrible. He kept telling me he wanted to recommend books about alzheimers for me. Supposedly he didn't know me at all and gave me his number and name: Jonathan. People there had staged so many mean things it was unbelievable. It was nothing but mean and that was following great harassment in Walla Walla and being literally blocked from even leaving the town by the bus people. I guess some knew what was going on bc by the time I was on a train to Spokane, the attendent even told me, straight out, "The people that care about you are sitting on the other side." So I moved and then thought about it. The side I had been sitting on was the one with the hill that had all the catholic hospital buildings and charities. When a total "stranger" is telling you, you're sitting on the wrong side, and it's the catholic side, you start to wonder how many other people know. I have people being so mean and degrading me all the time, I start to think everyone must feel that way about me. And then I realize, no, it's just a large group going out of their way to harass me. There was some very mean joke going around about my having alzheimers because I forgot some things because I was being medicated all over the place. Literally.
I had no problems with technology all night until now and I look behind me and there are 2 women here now that were not here before. The only other person to wonder about might be the male attendants. It's definitely a thing, this is, where proximity is necessary. It's 2 dark haired women and then there are a couple of attendants.


Anonymous said...

If your mother had food poisoning (which is NOT the same as being poisoned) from breakfast, she would have been sick by mid afternoon. If everyone else had the same thing as she did later, it was not food poisoning. She could have had the flu. Food poisoning takes about 4-6 hours to take affect.

Mama said...

I think you're missing a very serious point.

If my mother was sick from natural causes, why were there gangsters sitting there with articles about women who got sick from nuclear waste in food in Washington state? These were people in Nashville, TN and it wasn't a coincidence.

If my own mother didn't know she would be getting sick why would they or anyone else?

She didn't have the flu. She wasn't sick with flu and while a lot of people get flu and throw up, it is extremely rare in my family. Our genetics, for whatever reason, have allowed for us to throw up on very rare occasions.

We do not throw up. In my immediate family, my Dad has thrown up maybe 1x in maybe 5 years and the same is true for my mother. My brother is the same way and so am I. I have thrown up maybe 3 times in the last 5 years and after or because of surgeries. We might get flu but we don't throw up.

There is no flu that causes delayed and then extreme vomiting and then sudden recovery. It was too quick of a recovery to be food poisoning but I'm not sure hw she is now.

I know that my mother was poisoned. She doesn't even argue with me anymore when I say I am only eating things that are packaged.

My son has been medicated and poisoned several times. Several times.

If you want to know more, you can ask the CIA because the CIA knows all about it and backed the Middleton marriage and my inability to get my son or back on my feet. They will allow torture of my son if they think it will tear me apart and they are trying to dismantle everything.

Mama said...

I will repeat myself.

If my mother got any kind of natural poisoning or illness, no one in gangs would be positioned on the opposite coast to mock me with this and rub it in my face.

I know 100% my mother was poisoned and I have been repeatedly. My son as well.

Do you think my family would admit to being poisoned if they already know the CIA and FBI are not helping me? No, they would feel there is no one to turn to.

Why? Because there is no one to turn to because the CIA and FBI employees who have been control are criminals and work for criminals and protect criminals.

Mama said...

Here's something else.

On the same morning that I picked out the Little Mermaid lolipop, shortly after, my mother was poisoned.

I put it on the counter with some things and then had to go all the way back and come back for it. It took several hours and I shopped all over again.

My mother meantime, then went to eat at a restaurant and by early evening she was throwing up. Her symptoms didn't show up for many hours. However, next to me on the other coast, people were in my face making retching motions and comments about being sick. Then I talked to my mom after being at the store where this man behind the counter took a clock and threw it out. He said, "We don't need this anymore do we?" and there was nothing wrong with it. He had a slavic last name. Then a short Asian man followed me to the bookstore where I was tortured again and then on the bus, I found out my mom was sick, but hadn't thrown up yet.

These people sitting around me, at least 2 black men and 1 black woman, and a man who was Irish and white, looked at me and pushed over article, a bunch of them, about women who were exposed to radiation poisoning. They were smirking and exchanging looks with eachother as I talked to my mom and became increasingly worried.

Then I got off the bus early bc my phone battery ran out and I got off early to call my mom and the bus driver, a white woman, made some odd comment. I tried to get a phone and the woman was refusing to give me a phone or phone card.

According to radiation sickness pages, the severity of exposure is measured by how long it takes for symptoms to appear. If someone throws up within 1 hour, it says death is usually imminent. My mother got sick that day in the evening. Actually, it was about 10 p.m. or so I think. Or later. Because it was the last bus of the night and I got off to be there for my mom even though it was the last one running and I was going to walk.

Mama said...

Part of the reason I left the shelter was not just because someone assaulted me with some kind of device there, but also because I am afraid for my family and wanted to make more posts about what is happening and call to get testing for me. I also had just read something in the Bible after reading about the 4 horses of 4 winds or whatever, I was worried about my family and we had talked about Joseph earlier and saving the family, and I then later turned to Esther and started to cry, thinking about what is being allowed to happen to my family. I sat there, having just picked honeysuckle and I opened to this and then dropped it into the section and cried because my family and my son have been tortured, poisoned and in danger and it's being covered up. I turned to Esther ch. 4, where her uncle tears his clothes and knows Haman has promised the king great sums of money if he will only get rid of his people. The king was paid off and tricked into agreeing to do something that was going to affect the lives of many and put Haman in a positon of great influence.

I cried, knowing what is done to my family and my own son, and I cannot do anything.

Mama said...

My mother was poisoned.

My son has been poisoned several times.

I have been repeatedly medicated, doped up, and drugged for the last several years. Drugged once or twice possibly in Oregon and then tortured shortly after and then after I left Wenatchee, medicated and drugged several times and then to a severe degree in Wenatchee and then continuing in Nashville after about a month break from it.

My father has probably suffered too.

Even homeless people in Wenatchee know my son was poisoned. They confirmed to me that he had perm solution poured down his throat. Anne Crane gave my son something to cause him to throw up in our visit and I found out about other things too. Some homeless people hear and know a lot more than one might think.