Friday, April 8, 2011

My Second Blog: Alliance Against CPS

I made a new blog today. It is called "Alliance Against CPS" and is found by typing into a search: I had the name "Acrobat" come to mind for it, thinking about my visits with my son where I read to him from Margaret Wise Brown's book "The Runaway Bunny" and how this mother was even walking a tight rope, or would walk a tight rope, just to get to her bunny. But then I thought allianceagainstcps is easier to find in a search, though I might add paintings of people walking tight ropes, who represent single mothers and fathers and also whole families. I thought it doesn't exactly represent a whole family to use a tightrope walker, but might come up with other ideas. In the process of looking up tightrope paintings, I found a lot of gorgeous paintings. And some interesting photos and even a necklace of this fat man standing over a pearl that is suspended from the chain (meant to be the tightrope). I also might use an idea of a triangle thinking about an email my mom sent me about how to protect in an earthquake. I found Mucha, and lots of paintings, just gorgeous, with themes of justice and using a lot of circles ('o's) too. I also read that the word 'acrobat' is derived from 2 words which mean "high" and "walk". Which also represents to me, the high road. I will have to learn how to put up images from other sites because I want to put some paintings and art on the site. The purpose or idea is to assemble all of the links that others have made online, to "abolish cps" and "fight cps" and "petition against cps" and maybe, when i have time, find a way to gather everyone together on a joint page. it doesn't have to be my page, it could be someone else's who has a lot of time and wants to do it and has their site already, but the purpose is to gather people who are fighting and trying to expose CPS in different states, altogether as one unit. To have everyone keep their page and focus but bring them together so the smaller "cells" have one collective base to launch from. Too much of the CPS movement, or movement against CPS, is disorganized. It's the disadvantage of many that most of the money supports those who have more money who don't have to deal with CPS. However, I think that the poor and rich can unite by appealing to the poor who have been exploited and taken advantage of, with the idea of getting justice for the return of their children and exposing who is corrupt, and then the rich can be appealed to with the idea of justice, and then also money as supporting corrupt organizations with tax monies doesn't help anyone. It's a waste of time and money. Republicans could be more likely to support getting rid of the organization altogether and Democrats can be appealed to by proving the organization has facilitated further harm, abuse, and torture of kids. After what I've seen of CPS, they never should have had this kind of authority in the first place. Anyone who has an agenda of any kind, against a parent, can retaliate against the parent by calling CPS. And if the parent(s) are poor or don't go along with certain social standards that have nothing to do with parenting, they are punished and can't fight back. Meanwhile, you have states like Washington then begging to the citizens for money to soften their budget problems, when THEY created the problem by improperly removing a child to begin with and then spending millions of taxpayer money to cover up for crime. Then their AG dares to insult citizens by proposing immunity from lawsuits for the government workers. I am sure this is not just happening in Washington state, but other states too. What was there for kids who are truly abused before CPS? Before CPS, there was Social Security and this is the branch that handled all true child abandonment issues. Before CPS, it was the police and Social Security services. If police found crimes were committed against a child, the child was then handled through foster care through Social Security services. CPS became an organization where suddenly it was "okay" to investigate the "crime" complaint of a nurse claiming a mother didn't allow her child to have a popsicle at the hospital. Not only does this enable others to HARASS a parent with complaints that are frivolous, it is a WASTE of taxpayer money. Taxpayers in Washington State, PAID for CPS workers to "investigate" a complaint like this. And that was just one of the frivolous complaints. How was money wasted? First of all, a social worker spent time, in her workday, being paid to take a call about a mother not wanting her kid to have a popsicle (true or not). That conversation was paid for by WA citizens. Then, WA citizens paid, with their own money, for this worker to make a visit to the mother who "may" have committed the offense of denying a popsicle that the child didn't want anyway and was trying to refuse on his own. Then they paid for someone to write this up into a report. Then they paid for the supervisor to look into it. Citizens pay for the full investigations of even frivolous complaints like this, and then they pay for the cases where a social worker is lying and trying to defend the organization or justify it. Meanwhile, a kid is being raped in an upperclass household. CPS does nothing. A kid turns into a cutter because the upper class parents are punitive, cold, and demanding. CPS never knows and if they are called about it, they never do a thing. Not ONCE has CPS been called to task about why they have persistently gone after poor families. Where are their statistics? Meanwhile, a kid dies after being chained in a basement because CPS was too slow to investigate. CPS has no place in the lives of families at all. If there is a crime against a child, it should be the police that investigate, not CPS. And anything else that comes up as a complaint, like "You should check out the Wilson family because they homeschool all their kids and I feel sorry for the kids because there is no way they will be socially adjusted"...should be ignored. Kids are taken away from homeschoolers, from young single moms, from fathers, and anyone who is deemed to be vulnerable enough and a good target for retaliation. And that's besides those kids used for human trafficking and for exploitation and use as human subjects for research by U.S. government personnel.

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