Friday, April 1, 2011

Technology Affecting The Liver & Heart (Directed Energy Weapon)

I wondered why this one form of technology used is mainly centered on, or affects the chest cavity region. I looked at the body anatomy and it is the liver and the heart that I feel affected. Not just the heart. Both the liver and the heart. These are the body's 2 largest organs. They are muscular and dense, but they also contain more blood and fluids than any other organ. The brain is a muscular organ but it is not full of blood and liquids to the degree that the heart and the liver are. So this particular form of energy and technology focuses on, and is attracted to, liquid. Maybe the bladder contains liquid, but it is much lower and it would have more water than blood. So it is a different kind of liquid composition and also, the bladder is not as large and dense. I don't have any metal "parts" that are in the chest cavity region. I have what everyone else has--2 very large muscular organs: the heart, which pumps blood, and the liver, which cleanses blood. Both of these organs maintain the blood and some other liquids as well (bile, water, etc). With this burning sensation from the technology, it never affects my brain, or my stomach, or bladder. It is specific to the liver and heart, so someone has been using technology that attracts to these organs. All that I really need to do now is combine what my testimony is about what has happened and what I've witnessed with my son and I both, and then show how many different men who wanted me to stay with them worked for the Army and U.S. military. And then how fascinating it suddenly is to think about how every single person on the CPS case keeping my son from me has a strong military background. All of them. Every single person except for the Judge, and Judge Hotchkiss was willing to roll with the highest bidder. He blocked me from audio recording visits to prove the truth and contradiction of reports about me, and in my mind, that was the clearest indication of obstruction anyone could get.

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