Friday, April 8, 2011

Google Customer Support?

I'm trying to find a number for Blogger customer support. I don't think it exists. There are a bunch of links for reporting things by email but none are effective and it just sends you to a section of "commonly asked questions and answers". I don't think it's "common" to have HTML disappear from ones blog medium. There is really no excuse for my blog posts being interferred with so that it's all one long block paragraph. And there is NO effective means of getting ahold of someone with Blogger to report it and have it fixed. So I got the number for Google, since Google owns Blogger, and will call later to have someone look into it. I looked at other Blogger blogs today and no one else is having this problem. Basically, everyone who uses Blogger (a lot of people) know too how the "Edit Html" function is supposed to work or look and I would think all of them might think it's odd that my Html capabilities have been interferred with. I suppose there are some who, at Google, maybe believe in "Selective Free Speech." Which means, if you've written something unflattering about Google at some point, they wait a couple of weeks and then retaliate by attacking someone's blog. Why wait? Because if they did it the day after I wrote a blog post about them, it would look like they were retaliating. So they wait and don't do anything, and then after a few weeks, out of the blue they attack the blog. Someone at Google (in one of the various countries that they have their offices at around the world) did. And I sense good energy when I say this, probably because it's right.

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