Friday, April 8, 2011

Electronic Signature For Petitions

I read on wiki about electronic signatures. So far, the case law is allowing this to be done as long as there is some way to ensure against signature fraud. It makes sense that if lawyers and Judges are permitted to electronically sign documents, and if citizens can electronically sign for FAFSA and other things, that it's permitted for getting petitions for new measures or bills. I guess there is a measure by Paul Schumacher though, from Nebraska, and he's trying to pass a bill to allow collecting signatures electronically only if the party or person collecting these pays $5,000 first, for "costs". That would make it easy for those who have money to collect signatures, and not for those who are the common people. Which is one more way the plutocracy ensures people making the laws or getting bills passed or proposing measures, are part of the plutocracy. If a petition can be signed personally without cost, it should also be allowed that others can sign petitions electronically without cost. This makes it easier for the people to have access to what they want to sign. Not everyone has time and effort to walk all over the place, either, to get signatures signed. And why would this Nebraska bill about electronic signatures be going to the Department of Defense anyway? I mean, it's being referred to the Government, Military, and Veteran's Defense committee. I guess if that just includes Government, that makes sense.

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