Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sharon With Office of Administrative Hearings in Washington

I called to speak with the Judge Robert Krabill, about finishing the hearing I was cut off from a week ago. I just called, at about 2:48 a.m. and "Sharon" answered and said he was out to lunch and said he had mailed an order. I said no Order should be mailed without the completion of a hearing. We were in the middle of the hearing when it was cut off, and I was the one to call back and ask to be reconnected and NO ONE returned my call that day, even though I called 2 different offices in Washington. There is a law regarding "Fair and Full Hearing" which means each party has a chance to ask questions that are relevant to the matter and then cross-examine. The Judge asked what kind of disability I was on, and then I asked the woman to please describe. The reason I asked is because I encountered some dishonesty with the DSHS offices in Wenatchee on more than one occasion. I told them I would agree to sign for migraine headache, but not for anything else, because they wanted me to sign up for mental illness. So they told me they were designating this for migraine but then another worker slipped up and said it was for something else. I asked for my records and they never gave them to me. Ever. They had me on benefits but were unwilling to even tell ME what these benefits were designated for. So this is pertinent with regard to the hearings and then the phone went dead and it honestly didn't even sound like Judge Krabill was the one who disconnected. It was like going through a tunnel when you just lose the signal and all parties are lost. I asked Sharon what the Order says and said the hearing has not even been finished and she was then trying to tell me no one was there. No one. In the entire OAH offices. I'm sure. So I called back and the receptionist Sharon decided not to answer the phone at all and put the call to VM.

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