Friday, April 1, 2011

Army and CIA Stuff (nervous bc I don't know where)

I am nervous because I don't know where or how to start. I need to finish writing about what happened after they put me in the plane to go to the detention camp in Canada. So I need to finish writing about that, and then I also need to write the connections between several people I've been forced to stay with, who have had connections to the Army and other military and, I believe CIA. It has to be CIA. One thing I am coming to terms with today, is what I believe had to have been a sexual assault on me by someone who was supposedly Protestant, and a drug I had to have been given that caused me to black out and not remember a single thing. The next day, a knife was laid out on the counter, extended (not a kitchen knife) where I would see it and then I went to see my son at a visit and my son had 3 cuts on his fingers. He kicked me out right after this and wouldn't look me in the eye. There were so many things being done to both me and my son, and so much intimidation and corruption, I hardly know where to start. But government officials covered for eachother. When I think about how many horrible things were done, it is only possible if the CIA was orchestrating and allowing these things to happen. I guess the purpose was, with my son, to try out all kinds of horrible military techniques and torture to see what the reaction would be. He also was exposed to the same biological and poison stuff I was exposed to. It looked like the work of gangs, but government officials were lined up along with military, to BLOCK me from reporting things. I was designated as mentally ill because this is the only way they could continue this experimentation and get away with it. It is called "Denial". This man went to an Assembly of God church, and worked with the boys in the church group. He said he'd been accused of being a pedophile by someone before just because he worked with boys (the "Royal Rangers") and had dated a woman in Canada. He seemed like the better person, compared to so many others that had access to me or my son. He never tortured me with anything at his house. Not once. And there were others who did. He had a photo on his fridge of some people that were on the fridge at Mykal Holt's (the "messianic jew" who frequented Brazil and lied that I was crazy) house, where I had stayed with my fiance until she messed around with him. She and this other guy knew some of the same people. I would never imagine, in my life, that this man would do anything. He took me to Mykal Holt's bar one time, where her brother worked, and they wanted me to get really drunk. I later had felt that it was to videotape it and show it to someone. There was another dark haired woman there who had the same name as Will Wagler's wife. The only thing that tells me something is very wrong, is the fact that I ate something and I was totally out of it and then the next day, groggy and not myself. This was when I woke up to find something very wrong with my body that could not have possibly happened unless I had been sexually molested in some way. There is no possible way and then after this, the knife thing and I was kicked out. I pointed out the cuts, the deliberate slices across my son's fingers, and CPS people ignored it. At the same time, I had my computer being monitored at all times. There was also a video camera attached which was removed when I was about to move out. I was moved into Steve Mays house from there, and tortured. There is a whole list of things and connections between people. Some, many, are Catholic, and there are a few others too. And it would not have been possible without serious government help and support and corruption. In the visits with my son, they were not normal visits. It was like someone was torturing me and my son separately and then putting us together into the same room to then have a dishonest monitor write down what we said and did, and see if it matched govt. predictions. Then she would throw in things I never said or did, to make ME sound nuts, to at least document something for the government research people and make me sound crazy at the same time. She was Catholic and wore the same kind of saints bracelet my fiance wore until one day he took it off and wouldn't wear it again (I don't know who gave it to him). My son and I were not having CPS visits. We were lab rats with CPS visits as the auspice or excuse for documenting things for the CIA. One day, when I noticed my son was being attacked by a psychic, and feeling sharp pains in his back which I knew were from this source, I went to the bathroom and prayed, because this monitor, Anne Crane, had been the one to suggest she knew about it because she smirked and brought it up to me one day in a threatening manner. I went to the bathroom and prayed to God that God would quit what was happening to my son and immediatel...oh no, now I remember, I didn't even leave the room. I kept my eyes open and started praying to God, with my eyes open and pretending to listen to my son, but directing my prayer to Anne, that she would be the one afflicted. And then right after I prayed this, she jerked her head up and looked at me sharply. She knew. Anne Crane either knew what I had prayed, because she was part of the "select few" who enjoy experimenting with children for psychic and mind control reasons, or it started happening to HER and she somehow thought I was the reason. I focused all of my energy on her and sent it right to her, in the name of Jesus. Anne Crane was an agent of the government. She tampered with my records to keep my son from me and hold him hostage and she lied about me to keep me discredited. One woman I stayed with for a short time, who seemed pleasant and nice, was a child of military parents. Her boyfriends were military (the father's of her children). And she had first approached me when I was still only pregnant with my son. I hadn't even had my son yet. He was taken from me, she disappeared, and then I didn't see her until later I realized she was part of some kind of that work. (long story to flesh out later). It has mainly been Army--the men I've been with and then forced to live with even if I never willingly or voluntarily slept with them or was intimate in any way. A few others from other groups, but predominantly CIA and Army with cooperating doctors and gang/mob/mafia persons. Since I've been staying in the women's shelter, I have checked to see if anything even slightly resembling what I went through and what I would discover on my body was still happening. It's not happening. Because no one is doing anything and I wasn't doing it to myself. I thought, "Am I doing this to myself in my sleep?" and wondered and then as soon as I was in a women's shelter, it never happened. It hasn't happened once, and not for 3 months. So this calls into question what was really going on before and why I don't remember anything actually occuring at all. I don't sleep that soundly. I had to have been drugged or under such severe hypnosis (which seems bizarre) that I don't remember. I never got drunk and slept with him. I didn't sleep with anyone of my own accord after my fiance. I would have had to have been drugged through food or something. I don't recall feeling like anything was done the "regular way" like v. inter. What I need to do is line it up but I'm feeling like I need to eat or take a break again or something. The CIA and military has allowed crimes to occur to me and my son and I want my son back. The FBI has obstructed justice for their own reasons and some of their personnel is very corrupt.

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